Best practices in Toddler Discipline from 1 to 5 without tantrums: Effective Strategies for Developing and Helping your Child


Best practices in Toddler Discipline from 1 to 5

Do you know your unique toddlers?

This is about them: screams, stomping feet, tears, protests, unwillingness to listen and cooperate… or you just don’t feel your kids? If you want to raise a happiest and respectful child, and do no harm –  this is the best book for you!

This book was created to help parents and their children to grow up and thrive. Here you’ll find other parents’ experience and advice from best modern psychologists and educators as well as teachers of more conventional views. This is not just another book where all the psycho-types of children are thoughtlessly collected. Children’s behavior is very different and it’s impossible to find a simple solution for every situation, you need an effective combination of techniques and strategies. Why our book is different from others and why it’ll help you ?

Why our book is different from others and why it’ll help you ?

  • Brief theory
  • No trivial & superficial information
  • No old-school parenting methods
  • Examples from day-to-day life
  • Practical exercises
  • Age 1 to 5 characteristics

This book is a real guide for raising children!

We studied a lot of questions in our book. Let’s think, what situations do parents face? There are various everyday life situations, so we tried to describe the most popular problems with children aged 1 to 5:

  • Going to bed
  • Mouthing everything
  • Gadgets and TV
  • Helping parents
  • Fight over the table
  • Toilet Training
  • Fights with siblings

and many MORE

We have put a lot of effort into creating that guide and we hope our book will become your real assistant.

Are you still in doubt?

Do you think you can handle tantrums on your own using old methods?

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