Little Christmas Tweet

A little yellow bird’s life is never the same after hearing the really Good News of Christmas. One day a little yellow bird is told some really Good News. An unstoppable excitement grows inside him and he has to let it out. He races around tweeting to everyone about this Good News and can’t help but get louder and louder… Until he happens upon a small family with a newborn baby.

Meet Andy Smart

Andy Smart has a life-long love for great stories and artistic expression. He has published ten books and has many more on the way. He’s a beloved artist who studied Animation at Sheridan College and Capilano University. Now he brings his education, experience and passion to every story he crafts. Stories that parents can trust and truly enjoy reading with their children.

Little Tim and the Magic Apples

A magical rhyming picture book perfect for building confidence and friendships. Little Tim feels too small to join in with his friends until one day an apple lands on his head… Together Tim and his newfound friend, a magic tree, build up his confidence, kindness, and sharing skills until Tim is playing happily with lots of friends. Eventually, Tim discovers that really, the magic power of friendship was in him all along. Perfect for children starting school or preschool, this beautifully illustrated rhyming book is a fun way for children to learn about growing up with confidence and self-esteem.

Meet Hillie Jeffery

Hillie Jeffery has been writing stories and poetry ever since she can remember. Her first book of poetry for little ones was published in 2016, inspired by the birth of her beautiful niece. Full-time Content Director, half-time dreamer, and part-time blogger, she does her best writing under trees or in bustling coffee shops. When she’s not strolling the streets of sunny Tel Aviv, she can be found reading, hiking, practicing yoga, cooking, or sharing interior design advice.

Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

On his adventure, Peter discovers treasures on the beach. Little does he know how harmful litter is to a turtle. Alone on his journey, he gets stuck on the shore and has tummy troubles. Who will come to his rescue? Will Peter the Turtle be able to poop? Find out in this rhyming story that captures attention with giggles and teaches the importance of friendship, healthy eating, and putting litter in a bin.

Meet Kim Wilch

This award-winning author lives in Nebraska with her husband of thirty-five years, two precious pooches, a litter box-trained bunny, and a duck that quacks her up. She is a mom of two and grandma to three amazing grandchildren she adores.

A Reason to Shine

Lucy has a problem when she discovers that she is just a little star in the night sky, among thousand of other stars. Follow Lucy on her adventure to discover if she can find her purpose and if there is a reason for everyone to shine. “A Reason to Shine” is a adventure story aimed to help children understand that it takes only small actions to leave an positive impact on the world. The book teaches children how to stop comparing themselves with others and accept themselves as they are.

Meet Thea Eliss

Liam Lion Lost at the Bloomsburg Fair

After falling out of the stroller, Liam wonders if he will ever see Eric again. Will his new friends help reunite him with his family before it’s too late? Or, will he remain a lost toy forever?

Meet Jessica D. Adams

Jessica D. Adams writes children’s books about The Underground Toy Society that aim to teach children to love and appreciate what they have, think of others, and hopefully clean their rooms. Jessica’s two daughters are the inspiration for the books, as well as co-illustrators for many of the books. Jessica also wrote short time travel books, Meeting Grandmom and Back to Grandmom, which are great stories for kids as well as adults to remember or talk about lost loved ones and family history.

Carl’s Fish Farm: An Introduction to Aquaculture

Spend a day with Carl the Channel Catfish as he gives a rhyming tour of his daily life on a fish farm in South Georgia. This educational book contains real-life environmental photos as well as illustrations of Carl, our narrator. Children will learn: -What aquaculture is -What kind of organisms can be farmed in aquaculture -How fish are farmed -What equipment is used -There’s also a hydroponics activity in the back …and so much more! Whether you’re an experienced fish farmer or just a curious reader, this book is perfect for any and all little ones! Created by the fish farmer’s daughter, kids will get up close and personal with the daily aquaculture life through the pictures of “Edge’s Aquatics Farm” in Soperton, GA and the beautifully illustrated cartoons by the author-illustrator. There’s so much to learn in this book!

Meet K. Michelle Edge

K. Michelle Edge is the author & illustrator of numerous children’s titles, including her autobiographical series, “The Adventures of Sissy Dog”. Michelle does her best writing in the bathtub and likes to create digital art on rainy days. The fish farmer’s daughter spent her childhood in nature, growing up on the family farm in Soperton, Georgia. Swimming in the creek, hunting, fishing, climbing trees, and playing with the animals on the property were her favorite things to do. As an adult, Michelle’s love for the environment and being outside quickly turned into falconry, SCUBA diving, rockhounding, sea turtle conservation, coral reef restoration, and wildlife rehabilitation. Ms. Edge has a B.S. in Natural Resources from Oregon State University and graduated Cum Laude as a first-generation college student. Michelle’s books focuses on phonics by rhyming on every page, which is catchy for young children and enables memory through. Phonics is a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters in an alphabetic writing system. Teaching phonics and rhyming to a child develops their phonological awareness skills – which play an important part of becoming a good reader. She is self-published through Amazon, but you can also find her books and social media at

Love Makes The World Go Round

Love is at the heart of everything that is kind and good. Love is what makes the world go round.

Meet Avianna Lemonier

Avianna Lemonier is an American author, singer/songwriter and spoken word artist currently residing in Tallahassee, FL. With an educational background in psychology, Avianna Lemonier uses the gift of writing to uplift individuals of all backgrounds. Instilled with a strong sense of faith and hope, her work is created to encourage. For more information, visit

One Wish

Three beautiful fairies visited three little puppies. A wish was granted to them But they each wished for the same. What did they wish for and why? This is a vibrantly illustrated story book containing a wonderful story about being selfless presented in the form of a rhyme. This book is meant for all age groups be it toddlers, preschoolers or primary school students.

Meet Meenakshi Mallik

Meenakshi Mallik is a mother who has been creating new stories for her young child regularly. This is the first time she is sharing her creativity with the world her maiden book ‘One Wish’ .

Craft the Draft

Craft the Draft is a simple and straightforward guide for aspiring writers, with examples from well-known books to help readers understand and put their newfound knowledge into context. Everything from what a zero draft is to how to format dialogue and avoid common writing mistakes will be covered. Readers will also learn how to create a zero draft using the resources provided in an easy-to-follow exercise.

Meet Dawn Jones

I’m a nonfiction author who focuses on writing and writing craft. 100 Writing Prompts, my first nonfiction book on the subject, was released on October 18, 2021.

Bubble Head, HO! HO! HO!: Merry Clean Christmas!

A SQUEAKY CLEAN Christmas story with snowmen, and Santa, and elves, oh my! For ages 2-7.

Meet Misty Black

Misty has been winning awards for writing since fifth grade. She enjoys reading, playing board games, gardening, and spending time with her husband and 3 children. When asked why she writes, she said, “Books should be fun and exciting. Children deserve to love reading. I want to be a part of that.”