The charming adventures of The Hungry Fox continue with another original episode.

After the cold winter comes the long-awaited spring with its legendary tasty treats. It’s the time of celebrations in the fantastical forest and everyone throws a feast. Except for our fox who’s hungry for one particular thing and nothing more: a juicy and sweet watermelon he never tasted before.

On his way to get one, he soon discovers that he’s not the only one with a special craving; his neighbors seem to have an appetite for something else than the food they have been saving. And so, to help everyone satisfy their appetite, the astute fox goes on a journey inside the woods, discovering and trading various foods.

A clever and fun book for children of all ages!

Suspenseful storytelling, clever rhyming, humorous situations and a cast of adorable characters all return to make a great sequel to an already favorite book.

The Hungry Fox Adventures series include:

  • Book 1, The Hungry Fox 1: a Fable Told in Rhyme
  • Book 2, The Hungry Fox 2: Tasty Treats 
  • Book 3, The Hungry Fox 3: Family Values 

If you’re looking for the perfect children’s book series to keep your little ones entertained, then go no further: you’ve just found it. Author and illustrator Cole Adams has created the perfect series to make any kid fall in love with literature.

** Each entry in the series can be read as a standalone or in series order **


The eBook is free with the purchase of the paperback or for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

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It’s spring break and the Gibsons are going camping at Beartown Campsite! They meet the camp director, Mr. Willis, and start having a blast. But almost right after they get there, things start going wrong at the camp. From robberies to wreckage, the campsite is falling apart.
Is it a string of bad luck? A mere coincidence? Or is someone trying to hurt the camp?
Find out if the Gibsons can catch the thief in this fun, illustrated, children’s book!

If you enjoy reading The Magic Tree House, The Boxcar Children mystery series or A-to-Z mysteries, then you will definitely enjoy this book.

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Cassidy and the Lost Fairy of Allerton

Cassidy is bored. Very bored. None of Mommy’s and Daddy’s ideas sound fun, certainly not taking a walk in an elaborate park full of art and colorful flowers.

When no one else is looking, though, Cassidy spies a fluttering fairy peeking out from an evergreen hedge. Can Dayana help Cassidy see all the beauty and excitement around her?

This fairy tale is set in the beautiful Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Central Illinois. It will spark the imaginations of children and young readers age 4-8.

Early praise:

“I am an elementary reading teacher in Albany, WI and have three grandchildren in (or almost in) this age range.  My granddaughter would adore this book.  She has a vivid imagination, so this book would certainly spark her interest.  I love the dialogue between Dayana and Cassidy.  It would make for a great writing lesson on the skill. I also enjoyed all of the adjectives that describe actions, feelings, and objects in this story.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and contribute greatly to the story. This book is one that I would genuinely enjoy sharing with the students at my school.  It is well written – and just an enjoyable story.” ~ Melissa

“It was absolutely enchanting. The illustrations are lovely and have just enough detail to drawn a young reader in, but not overwhelm them.” ~ Susan

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ABC Ability

Margo Pargo is only five years old – she can’t possibly know how to read!

…or, can she?    

Meet Margo Pargo, the girl with secret skills.  She knows how things work and she knows her ABCs.  She knows that each letter in the alphabet has a name, it makes it’s own sound, and when you put them together, you get words.  Her brother and sister think that the word games are just for big kids, but Margo Pargo is about to show them how big she really is.  

Join Margo Pargo as she explores some fun and rhyming three letter word combinations.  Could this really be the beginning of independent reading for this feisty youngster?  Join her and you’ll see. 

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Silly Animal ABCs

Silly Animal ABCs combines adorable animals with humor to bring joy to readers of all ages. Each animal features the same sounds for each letter that your child will focus on in kindergarten and was carefully hand-drawn with colorful pencils on paper. Help your child master the building blocks of reading while creating happy memories with these silly, one-of-a-kind illustrations!

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The Fastest Kid in the World

What happens when Willy takes his brand new soapbox car to the highest hill in town?

Adventure is in the air when Willy Nilly and his dad decide to build a soapbox together. However, Willy’s wild imagination gets the better of him when he tries to think up some ideas on how to get his soapbox to go faster.

Willy Nilly takes his soapbox to the highest hill in town and then coats the wheels with slippery, soapy water. His creativity backfires with hilarious results as Willy Nilly navigates his speeding soapbox through all the obstacles in his home town.

Can Willy use quick-thinking, reflexes and racing driver skills to safely navigate his soapbx home without crashing? Well, you’ll never guess where he ends up!

The Fastest Kid in the World is the fun-filled third adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly picture book series. If you and your child like creative educational stories, exciting outdoor activities for children ages 3-8, and colorful illustrations, then you’ll love Chris Stead’s hilarious racing caper.

Buy The Fastest Kid in the World to join in the super-charged race today!

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Little Lu the Dreamer


A sweet and imaginative book that celebrates a child’s dreams and daydreams as meaningful and inspiring.

Little Lu encounters several challenges throughout her day, but there’s one thing that always seems to help. Little Lu is a dreamer. She dreams at night and also finds herself having daydreams while awake. When Little Lu encounters a difficult situation, sometimes her mind begins to wander and she thinks about the situation in a new and fun way. That gives her just the encouragement she needs to take on the challenge with newfound strength and a better attitude. Her dreams and daydreams help not only herself but also the people around her as she spreads the inspiring thoughts around. 

Join Little Lu on a journey through a normal day with its challenges, dreams, and creative solutions. 

Nighttime dreams and daydreams are full of creative solutions. Did you have a good dream last night? Why not go ahead and let it put you in a good mood today?

Are you a dreamer too? Is your child a dreamer?

Then you will definitely relate to the way Little Lu navigates the maze of a normal day through dreams and daytime dreams. 

Would you consider yourself more practical and less dream-full? 

Let this fun story about Little Lu and her dreams give you another perspective on the potential beauty and significance of dreams and wandering thoughts throughout the day.

Little Lu the Dreamer is illustrated with darling and fun pictures that are sure to draw you into Little Lu’s sweet perspective on life.

This beloved children’s book is perfect for children of all ages and all those who are children-at-heart. 

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Where is God? : God is Everywhere!


Where is God?
A question asked by many children to parents, guardian or school teachers instinctively.
To answer that question- We can’t see the wind, but we hear it, feel it and know that it exists. God’s presence is in everything and everywhere.
Where is God – in the trees, animals, lakes, oceans, and rain, in all things!
Let’s take a look at just a few!

Habu and the Lost Zebra


This fun and colorful storybook will teach your child about friendship

What would you do if you saw a zebra in your backyard?

Would you run away? Would you shout at it?

Or would you try to make friends with it?

This is exactly what happened to Habu, a little boy somewhere in Africa.

Do you want to know what happened next?

This book will tell the entire story of Habu and the lost zebra.

This book is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. You can read it aloud to your little one, talk about the pictures, and discuss the story. Friendship is a very important topic in the early years of your child’s life because at this age, they’re just figuring out how to build relationships with others – and they need some good examples.

Here’s what makes this book so special:

  • A timeless story about friendship

  • Irresistibly cute pictures that are guaranteed to fascinate your child

  • Lots of opportunities for discussing the story with your little one – this will provide added educational value and strengthen your parent-child bond

  • Large, easy-to-read letters that are suitable for beginners

  • Fun and memorable language – in no time, your child will know the entire book by heart!

With its charming story and carefully crafted illustrations, Habu And The Lost Zebra is a valuable addition to any child’s library. By teaching your child how to make friends and how to maintain friendships, it will boost your little one’s social skills and emotional intelligence, paving the way to a happy and emotionally fulfilling life.

Don’t Paint the Cat


Nyla loves to paint.

But then one day she paints, and she paints, and she paints some more, until she runs out of things to paint. Or does she?

Don’t Paint the Cat is a silly story about embracing the things we love, but also recognizing that even fun things must have their limits. It also teaches that even mommies can say, “I was wrong.”

Perfect for kids from 4-9, and parents of all ages.