And Pip, Too!



Or can they?

Meet Pip and Big Guy! Pip is the little sister – full of sugar, lots of spice, and a zest for life that will keep young audiences howling with laughter. 

Big Guy is her patient and loving big brother, who just wants to get through the day without another disaster. 

The book is written in rhyme, with engaging and hilarious illustrations. While pure fun, it also opens up conversations on the joy, love, and even frustration that can happen between siblings. It closes with a gentle reminder at the end that, even after a crazy day, coming together is what counts.

Reminiscent of the loving sibling dynamic in Little Miss, Big Sis, the humor of the Olivia books, and the naughty antics in No, David!, Pip and Big Guy’s mishaps and adventures will be a delight for children of all ages.

If you’ve ever had a little sibling, if you’ve ever been that little sibling, if you’ve ever raised siblings… you will LOVE these books. 

Grab one today, and join in the fun!

From the creative team behind the acclaimed Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped, this rhyming, rollicking, hilariously illustrated story is a charming book that will have both boys and girls cheering. Perfect for all children ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and up. Most suitable for Pre-K, grade 1, grade, 2, grade 3, and parents and teachers who like an entertaining and funny read for story time.

The Deceased Miss Blackwell and her Not-So-Imaginary Friends


Young Martin is your average 9-year-old boy, just one who happens to frequent graveyards and reads books about spells and monsters. He happens upon one such spell book and finds a spell that allows him to bring back the dead, and the one he brings back is one Young Miss Victoria Blackwell.

Miss Blackwell had no real friends to speak of when she were alive so she had to make ones out of her own imagination. The problem was no one else could see them. With Martin’s Book of the Occult, though, that was a problem of the past. There just so happened to be a spell capable making her friends visible to the rest of the world. It also just so happened that her friends are real monsters with particular peculiarities.

A new problem arises when Miss Blackwell’s now visible friends are set loose on the town one Halloween night causing all sorts of trouble for Martin and Victoria.

Written by and featuring colorful Illustrations by K. N. Parker (The Death of Death) The Deceased Miss Blackwell and her Not-So-Imaginary Friends is a macabre Children’s tale about true friendship, which, unlike people, never dies.

For ages 9 and up.

Woodland hide and seek


This book offers a reader the opportunity to walk through the wonderful forest and meet funny woodland animals participating in an engaging search-and-find game.
Aimed at children aged 2-8, the book can become a perfect bedtime story, as well as a fun or educational activity. Every page of the book contains a short amusing poem about an animal, which can help your child find out more about forest life. The rhymes are easy to remember, that is why your baby will want you to read them numerous times. The text is short and simple, and, therefore, it is suitable for beginner readers as well.
Book illustrations offer an unforgettable experience of immersion into the magical woodland world. Each picture is like a colorful patchwork of woodland animals, plants, flowers, and insects complemented by funny and surprising details. All these details make sense in the book: discuss them together, making amazing discoveries. Cute animals are hidden in the intricate floral pattern, offering your child the chance to play hide-and–seek, practice recognition, and matching and counting skills.
Take your child on an exciting woodland adventure. You are sure to spend great bonding time together and return to this book again and again!

Because Emily Dared. Children’s Book About Kindness, Supporting and Loving: Kid kind


Cute book about kindness for kids in bright and beautiful illustrations will help your children to be mindful to each other and help to show love and respect.

Will Emily dare to help the new girl in the kindergarten, especially when others aren’t?

Charlotte is a new girl in preschool. She has unusual appearance: coppery curls, big wide open eyes, and funny freckles. The other children aren’t sure what to make of her and are not very friendly.

Ben is a pugnacious, mischievous boy.  He has a bright jumping toy that accidentally hits right into Charlotte’s hands & then breaks! Charlotte knows she didn’t break it. But Ben is sure that it is her fault and, clenching his fists, he goes to Charlotte!

Emily is a sweet and very kind girl. Will she be able to help Charlotte, how to dare to be brave and resist the offender?

From children’s author Rachel Jones, this gentle story shows how to respond when a friend needs help.  Rachel provides examples of kindness – empathy, mindfullness, paying attention and confirms that it is not always easy to be kind, particularly when others aren’t. It’s okay to be different!

And colorful illustrations help a child better represent the whole story and tell it in his own way.

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