Hio the Hedgehog What’s in a cupcake?

Come along Hio, the hedgehog on a journey of curiosity about cupcakes. Uncover a subtle lesson of patience with an engaging story and stunning illustrations. A perfect book for cozy bedtimes or inquisitive classrooms!

Meet Noah Jones

Hi, I am Noah Jones. I am a passionate children’s books author who loves to see little minds through an emotionally sensitive yet intellectual lens. I love to write books that happily stimulate young budding brains and deliver life-skill messages in fun, interactive ways. I live in New Zealand and when I am not playing football or puzzles with my boys, I love to write while sipping tea and gazing at the mighty Waitakere Ranges. Thank you for reading my books and If you enjoyed them, please leave a review as it encourages me to write and create more meaningful books that bring value to all readers.