The Bad Manners Monsters & The Kindness Keys

Something is wrong.
Something is terribly wrong.
Suddenly, everyone in town has become grouchy, whiny, wiggly, grabby, slobby, and messy!

Zack and Zoe to the rescue!
As professional Bad Manners Busters, they must save the town from the Bad Manners Monsters before it is too late.

Children and parents love Judi the Manners Lady’s Bad Manners Monsters song from her award-winning CD, and now they love learning how to use their three Kindness Keys to capture and lock up the Bad Manners Monsters that are invading our communities, schools, and our families.

Sing along with Judi The Manners Lady and then enjoy The Bad Manners Monsters book with your children, grandchildren, and your students at school.

Children are both inspired and empowered with the attitudes, words, and actions to capture the Bad Manners Monsters in their lives and to live with Kindness.

Kids of all ages 2-102 love this delightful allegory.

Coming soon in French and Spanish. Teachers’ and parents’ resources are available by emailing Judy at [email protected].

Take a listen to “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners!” by Judi The Manners Lady

JUDI THE MANNERS LADY Live in Concert! with Lyrics

Hey Rick! Don’t Be So Rude !!! A Child’s Lesson in Manners

Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!! A Child's Lesson in Manners - ASIN B088Q2QL73

Cynergy Kids Press™ introduces Furio the Frog and Rick, best friends at a young age who experience life together.  In our first book of our ‘Life Discovery Series’, Rick learns the importance of manners from Furio, who learned manners from his parents earlier and passes his lessons onto his best friend Rick.

Rick is not familiar with good manners until after Furio informs him of his behavior.  After a couple of lessons from Furio, Rick is on his way to being the one of the most well-mannered boys that anyone can know.

“Hey Rick! Don’t Be So Rude !!!”  is a useful teaching tool to introduce positive lessons about manners to children. 

It also ‘checks the box’ on the following types of books for young children:

?Level 1 reading for kids books
?Childrens books on manners between ages 4-6
?Prek (pre-kindergarten) childrens books
?Preschool books on manners

As a gift for purchasing our book, you are eligible for a ?complimentary copy of our audio version? of “Hey Rick! Don’t Be So Rude !!!”.  Just turn to the page with our logo and visit the link displayed on the page to download the free audio book.

We hope your child enjoys our book and have fun learning good manners!

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