Three Little Pigs and The Good Wolf: The real story behind the famous fable

“Three Little Pigs and the Good Wolf” is a contemporary children’s book with a straightforward storyline and vibrant illustrations. The classic tale is skillfully retold, offering a fresh perspective on the timeless lesson of resourcefulness and trust issue. The wolf might not be as bad as what they told you about. The author’s creative narrative adds a touch of whimsy, playful story to spin the story and make it feel new and exciting. Overall, this book is a wonderful addition to any school’s and child’s library, combining the magic of a cherished fable with modern storytelling flair.

Meet Avery Smart

Avery Smart, a vibrant author who resides in the heart of the lively family chaos with her three energetic kids. Nestled in the midst of parenting, she channels her passion for nurturing well-mannered children into delightful tales. It is within this dynamic environment that she draws inspiration, transforming her deep-seated passion for fostering well-mannered children into captivating tales. Avery’s writing becomes a heartfelt expression of her commitment to instilling values in the younger generation. Her three lively kids not only serve as a source of inspiration but also as eager test subjects for the lessons embedded in her stories.

Where I Get My Super Power: (children’s book about inner strength, friendship, love, overcoming bullying and children helping each other)

“Where I Get My Super Power” is a must-read for parents, educators, and children alike, delivering a crucial message about overcoming bullying and the enduring power of kindness.

Meet Ageno H Monica

MONICA AGENO is a Melbourne based Author and illustrator. She has a genuine love for life, and her passion, drive, and wild imagination seep onto every written page. She also paints in her spare time. She writes both childrens’ books under the pen name Ageno H Monica and New Adult romance books under her name Monica Ageno. She believes in the importance of reading to children from an early age to help build their confidence and her children’s books are both imaginative and lesson based.

Owls Can Dance

Owls Can Dance

By Anya Enright
Illustrated by Rebecca Bush

Erin the owl wants to dance. But it’s harder than she thought. As she trips over her feet and falls down, the other animals laugh at her.

Erin is determined and doesn’t give up. Will she learn to dance?

Her friends — raccoon, bunny and beaver — are in for a big surprise.

This endearing tale highlights the power of positive thinking, determination, and the value of kindness as Erin discovers that she can make her dreams come true!

Meet Anya Enright

Anya Enright is the author of children’s books.
Inspired by a passion for reading and storytelling, she loves to create magical characters and enchanting settings for her readers.
Anya enjoys writing happy stories with enduring themes, such as teamwork, self-reliance, persistence, optimism and love.

Counting Zoo Animals 1 to 10

Looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your child how to count? Look no further than Counting Zoo Animals 1 to 10, the perfect book for kids ages 2-8. This book is filled with colorful illustrations, fun activities, and amazing zoo animals that will keep your child engaged while they learn important math skills.

Meet Rahl Books

Rahl Books is a dynamic publishing company dedicated to creating engaging and educational books for children of all ages.With a focus on counting books, I spy books, coloring books, diaries, journals, and more, Rahl Books helps countless children develop their creativity and imagination.

A Big Fat Tom Lost His Cheese Underwear (Kids’ Funny Book for 3 to 12 yrs)

Tom is a big fat boy who has chubby cheeks and a very huge butt. He really likes to eat and do as he pleases and harms others with his big butt, but one day he receives a very special Birthday gift from his Mama. What is this gift? Let’s Find out more by reading this book.

Meet Debris Ron

Hi I, Debris Ron a writer, who loves to write children’s books, especially humor type of books which entertained the fantasy world of children providing them happiness and smiles on their faces every time.

A Big Butt Tom Lost His Underwear

Tom is a chubby boy who has chubby cheeks and a very huge Butt. He really likes to eat and do as he pleases and harms others with his Big Butt, but one day he receives a very rare Birthday gift from his Mama. What is this gift? Let’s Find out more by reading this book.

Meet Debris Ron

I am an enthusiastic children’s humorous book writer who likes to create happiness in children’s worlds of fantasy.

If Not You Then Who? Book 4: We’re Going Green!

The Inventor’s Fair is finally here and this year’s theme is Going Green! Noah has been tinkering for weeks but he’s worried…Can one invention make a difference? Join Noah and the rest of the Young Inventor’s Club to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place.

From solar energy to water conservation, the children of the Young Inventors Club explore the bright future of conscious environmental practices, and how every family can participate. Perfect for the child who is passionate about contributing to solutions to one of the world’s most pressing challenges.

If you like fun, informative, and factual kid’s books like The Magic School Bus, then you’ll love the new STEM series If Not You, Then Who?, a recent Amazon bestseller. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels. Younger children will relate to the main storyline, while older children will enjoy diving into the backstory of the inventions. All children will be invited to imagine their own creations. The series aims to show that no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small to succeed.Written by David and Emberli Pridham and presented by Dominion Harbor, a leading intellectual property firm, If Not You, Then Who? aims to teach children about the inventions and patents in everyday life, inspiring them to create their own. Available in both Kindle and hardcover formats. The latter is a 9.5″ x 9.5″ hardcover book with sturdy paper and vibrant illustrations. Spark your child’s curiosity and imagination now!

Meet David and Emberli Pridham

We’re Going Green! is written by Emberli and David Pridham, and part of the best-selling children’s picture book series “If Not You, Then Who?” The books are designed to help kids learn the backstory of everyday inventions and realize that anyone can be an inventor. The authors invite children to use their curiosity and imagination to solve the problems around them. After all, no dream is too big, no dreamer too small to make a difference.

Bedtime Stories: Little Bunny and The Magic Lantern (Japanese Edition)



Una Bo the Magic Tree of Love


Imagine a world without SUGAR! Podero lives that truth in Darae, a town that hasn’t seen sugar in ages. His biggest wish is to taste sweets. Imagine his delight when a Wizard comes to town and brings in a magic tree, a tree that grows sweets.
They soon learn the tree does much more. She knows and shows love. They soon start calling her Una Bo – the Tree of Love. See how she changes lives and makes dreams come true. But how far will her love go when the town faces danger?
Get ready to go on a magical journey of learning to give, pursuing dreams and growing up.