The Crowd of Distant Echoes: A Novel

It’s summertime in California’s Central Valley and a county fair is underway. A kooky new attraction is at hand. A carnival amusement from another world has snuck into a corner of the midway. A lionlike carnival barker draws forth huge crowds for the new amusement. Inside the cavernous tent, a manlike beast locked in a cage asks the paying customers a chilling question that pries open their souls.

Eleven-year-old Cheri Mullen, despite her trepidation, casts fate to the winds and answers the beast’s outrageous question. This begins a night of deviltry and terror, as this is no ordinary carnival amusement and this is no ordinary beast. The beast escapes his cage and begins a murderous romp through the night, guiding Cheri and other intrepid souls on a quest to wake the sleeping masses from their own enslavement.

Reading age 10 years and up.

Alice in Wonderland (If It Was Written by Shakespeare)

What if the whimsical, widely popular tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll, was instead written by none other than the legendary poet, William Shakespeare? Of course, while we could never truly, 100% match the genius of good old Shakespeare’s poetry, we’ve certainly done the best we can. So kick back, relax, get your kids or get your snacks, and join Alice on her timeless adventure in Wonderland! Whether it’s the grinning, mischievous Cheshire Cat, the cryptic hookah-smoking Caterpillar, the tyrannical and head-offing Queen of Hearts, or the incredibly strange, incredibly mad Mad Hatter, you can now experience all of these characters as if they were in a Shakespearean drama! Down, down, down the rabbit hole we go…

Meet Lit Fusion

We poetically reimagine classic stories!

Beyond the Garden Gate

When Mattie and his pet hamster find themselves sucked into a vortex, they are transported to another world. In this world animals and insects are super-sized, towering over Mattie. As Mattie tries to find his way home, he must confront many dangers. Gigantic spiders and poisonous plants are only a few of them. The most terrifying of all are the Creatures of Darkness. While Mattie finds help along the way, he and his friends are no match for the forces they face. Will Mattie find the one person who can help him return to 

Meet Kimberly Hammer

Kimberly Hammer lives in the beautiful wine region of northern California. She has spent many years teaching, both high school and on the elementary level. Writing is a passion she has pursued since an early age, and one that she has shared with her students over the years. She derives great pleasure from seeing her students develop their own voice as writers. In her free time, Kimberly enjoy traveling all over the world seeing new sights and meeting others.

Journey to Jumbalot

A glowing doorway. A lost friend. Will one loyal pet turn out to be the hero of the hour?

Alby the housecat has no desire for adventure. Rescued from the street by the kindly Professor Wizoom, he’s grateful to be safe and lazy. But when his master vanishes through a magical door, the scaredy cat summons what little courage he has and races in after him.

Stuck in a strange land of mixed-together animals, Alby teams up with an irritating froguar to locate his missing owner. But when he’s mistaken for a spy, the lonely feline finds himself caught in a war between wolvaraptor pirates and noble tigeroon knights!

Can the timid feline conquer his worries in time to save the day?

Journey to Jumbalot is an award-winning, action-packed middle grade fantasy novel. If you like talking animals, daring deeds, and enchanted worlds, then you’ll love Ryan Wakefield’s illustrated quest.

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Meet Ryan Wakefield

Ryan Wakefield has worked primarily as a graphic artist for the last 20 years, but he always dreamt about creating a fantasy world young readers can escape to. Since grade school, he was fascinated with animal hybrids. He loved the idea of blending two or three animals together to create a magnificent new species. This fascination and his love for fantasy inspired him to fulfill his lifelong dream to breathe life into a new world middle grade readers can explore – Jumbalot.

He’s also the proud co-parent of a silly pug named Lily, and a sometimes difficult feline named Rocky. The book’s protagonist, Alby, is based on Ryan’s first pet: an oversized black and white housecat named Albert. The only thing larger than Albert’s appetite was his heart and he is sorely missed. Also, the character of Queen Lola was based on his wife’s first pug named Lola. Sadly, Lola recently succumbed to poor health and will also be deeply missed.

Ryan and his wife encourage everyone to open their hearts and their homes to adoptable pets.

The Case of the Ugly Bug Virus

The Case of the Ugly Bug Virus

Book One of the Dirk Beetle Detective Agency series

Talking Insects. Webmaster spiders. Dragonfly Airways. The Dirk Beetle Detective Agency has to uncover the secret of the Ugly Bug Virus. Like, where it came from! And, how to stop it!

It’s Snail Mail, but not as we know it!

This hilarious children’s fantasy book draws on the tradition of talking animals, comedy fantasy/sci-fi and a child’s simple love for spiders and wierd insects. The characters have real personalities, to the extent that as you read, you can end up forgetting they are even insects, they seem so human-like!

There’s a tug of war going on between the snails and the spiders, and it’s all about communication systems…

A castle…secret passages…and maybe even a ghost!

You will never look at a spider’s web in the same way again!

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Meet Julian Barritt

I have always loved writing, even as a child, and I was given a wonderful variety of children’s books to read by my family during my formative years.
So it was that in the ’80s, I wrote two children’s adventure books of my own: “The Secret of the Mermaid’s Treasure” and “Sea, Snow and Spies”. These were set in Cornwall – my favourite part of the world! Later in the ’90s I wrote “The Case of the Ugly Bug Virus” (about spiders’ webs!) and its sequel, “The Invasion of the Ants.” Currently I’m in the middle of writing a science fiction book, this time for grown-ups, called “Perchance to Dream”.