Gracie The Groodle

Gracie the Groodle isn’t naughty she’s just playful! Come on just some of Gracie the Groodle’s everyday adventures. Each day with Gracie is an opportunity for fun, mischief, and a whole lotta laughs. If you love dogs (and even if you’re a cat person), Gracie will find her way into your heart and make it just a little bit bigger. No plain pup, Gracie licks ice-creams…and toes, rolls herself up like a sushi roll, and loves to leap tall buildings with a single bound when visitors come to stay. A special book with hidden hearts to find in every gorgeous illustration. Gracie the Groodle is sure to touch your heart and bring a smile from ear to ear. Groodle: Golden retriever crossed Poodle Known as Golden doodles.

Meet Karen Brough

Karen grew up in a small village community in Melbourne Victoria. She has always written and as strange as it might seem – would choose to write, ‘just for fun.’ There have been some unique life-changing events that have marked her outlook on life. Including living in Papua New Guinea on a short-term mission trip building houses for missionaries, running a number of entrepreneurial businesses, and owner building their own home. She has worked as a checkout chick, amusement park rides attendant, insurance claims officer, before and after school care attendant, kindergarten and primary school teacher, she can now add author to the mix. Karen and her husband Craig started their own signwriting business in 2002 and she has been a bookkeeper and general lackey since this time. They raise their 3 lovable children on a semi-rural property on the Peninsula. After an intense period of stress in 2010-2011 her body had had enough and physically crashed. This required years of recovery, which turned out to be the perfect recipe for growing intimacy with God. ‘The Be Held By Him’ Series of books are the fruit of this time. Karen relaxes in her glasshouse and sunroom, reading her bible, worshipping, and observing the little things that no one else seems to notice. She gets enjoyment from watching plants grow in her garden, doing puzzles and spending time with those she loves most. The beach and water in general are places of peace and restoration for her. She loves nothing better than spending time adventuring with God in life. Often having God conversations with whoever she meets or speaks to, whether it be the online banking teller, the tradesman working on their air conditioning unit or the register attendant at the local supermarket. Whether she is sitting in a waiting room or flying interstate for a holiday, God presents daily opportunities to bring encouragement and helps to those she meets, despite any limitations she might have-God fills the gaps. Because of this ‘excitement,’ a quiet life, with plenty of time for refreshing and filling helps her to flourish, so that she can bring God’s flourish to others. The writing of these books has been a seven year heart investment. She has poured out her heart and inner world, and desires to bring others walking through tough times some hope, through them. Karen has experienced God as her Ultimate Redeemer more times than she can count, and as such, has been gifted an intimacy with Father that blesses, inspires and encourages others in their own journeys with Him.