The Tooth Fairy Quits

Suzie loves spreading joy to children, but being a tooth fairy is no easy task. Annoyed with gross teeth and a scratchy tutu, Suzie turned in her tooth fairy wand. She QUITS the only job she’s ever known! While Suzie doesn’t miss her tutu, she misses spreading joy to children. When one child wishes for a Birthday Fairy, the other fairies don’t know what to do. Suzie flies into action with a new look for a new job.

If your child loves beautifully illustrated books with fabulous fairies, then The Tooth Fairy Quits is sure to delight. Suzie used her grit and determination to find her true joy.

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Mooseberry Mooseberry Gooseberry Pie

What can you teach a moose to do? Well, lot’s of things. How about swimming, climbing a tree, dancing, drawing… singing? You bet. See what these children teach the best moose on the plane to do.

Meet Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

Hi! I am a children’s author, but I also write fiction and nonfiction for adults. To date, I have published 20 books! That’s a lot of writing and editing, but I love it. Check out my children’s, middle reader, YA, mystery, science-fantasy, and nonfiction books at Amazon, and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

The Antics of Carrot, the Ferret

The untold story of what owning a ferret is really like – in verse for ages 3-7. This portrait of a funny ferret tells many of the actual situations ferret owners discover when they get their first ferret. Based on real life, the humorous ferret named Carrot (because he’s orange, with a long pointy tail) becomes a source of entertainment and humor for his owners. In reality, ferrets are not really orange but you’ll discover how orange fits Carrot quite nicely. The book can be read to and by children ages 3-7 and as a bonus, a full page of Fascinating Ferret Facts is included. In addition, a picture of a small carrot is hidden within the pages of the book for kids (& adults) to find. When they report their findings to me, I’ll email a surprise! Written in verse and brightly illustrated, the book is designed to encourage literacy and makes a great, fun book to read to toddlers. Read less

Meet June Van Klaveren

As a child growing up on a rather isolated Iowa farm, June Van Klaveren spent many days outside playing with creatures she found and developed a love of animals, large and small. A graduate of Iowa Wesleyan College, June’s interests in education and communication have continued throughout her life, both personally and professionally. Her love of communication through writing is an essential aspect of her life. Her earlier writing endeavors included a book on customer service for service related companies called The Edge Up and one called Prayers for Parents for new parents. Combining her love of insects and her love of children, June Van Klaveren wrote her debut children’s book, Me & Smugg, the Bug, A Story of an Unlikely Friendship. Her second book, The Antics of Carrot, the Ferret is now available.

Rocks and Rhyme 2 in 1 Fun: Crystals for Kids and Rocks with Socks and Fox

Kids love rocks, and this book combines two rockin’ books for children to enjoy.

“Crystals for Kids” shows 17 rocks and minerals, one page with each stone’s name and the other with rocks arranged in a magical village scene. This book has hardly any words; the pictures are the focus.

“Rocks with Socks and Fox” is a fun rhyming book showing 30 different kinds of rocks. This beginning reader book also teaches positional words.

Why read just one book when you can read two? This double book will bring out your “inner geologist” and your imagination!

*To best view the colorful photographs, please read this Kindle book on a device with color capabilities. Enjoy!

Meet Brenda DeHaan

Brenda DeHaan is a K-12 librarian. She loves collecting rocks and writing books about them. Even though these books don’t have very many words in them, she adores reading and hopes that you do, too.

The Flower Fairies Meet the Talking Rainbow Rocks

The Flower Fairies Meet the Talking Rainbow Rocks (Rockin' Fairy Garden Tales Book 1)  - ASIN B07PH538L7

The Flower Fairies Meet the Talking Rainbow Rocks combines magic and science in a fun, meaningful way! Readers learn about seven kinds of rocks and the seven colors of the rainbow in the correct order. One fairy garden, four flower fairies, seven talking rocks, and one owl spark imagination while sharing a gentle message about diversity, acceptance of others, and friendship.

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Pug with a Passport: A Kids’ Travel Guide


Jump into this exciting kids’ travel guide series with Kipling, the Pug with a Passport!
Ride along with Kip as he takes his first trip away from home. Learn with him as he discovers the many countries and cultures of the world.
Explore with Kip as he takes his first airplane ride and makes new friends along the way. Tag along as he tastes new foods, learns new words, and tries new things!