Germs! Germs! They don’t care!

The germs have made Miyam rather sick. He has all the horrible symptoms, from a scratchy throat, to a sore head. But what is a cat to do when he’s managed to get so sick? Will he get well again? As children start to learn about the world around them, personal hygiene and keeping themselves and others healthy are important concepts, but sometimes hard to explain. This book is a fun, rhyming story where children can follow the journey of Miyam, a toy cat, to understand some of the symptoms of being sick, where germs might be hiding out, and what we can do to avoid getting sick and not spread germs to others. The germ characters in the story are entirely imaginary (and perhaps even cute?) but allow a child to start understanding the concept of germs and some of the ways to stay clean and healthy such as sneezing into your elbow, washing your hands and staying home so that the germs are not spread to others.

Meet Kellie Speechley

Kellie Speechley is a writer, illustrator and a mum of two. Whilst she has always been a creative at heart, the urge to write and illustrate children’s picture books ramped up when she started reading to her young daughter. She lives in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, on small acreage where she loves spending time outside with her children, gardening and talking with the ducks and chickens. You can find out more about Kellie on her website –

A Leap into Darkness

Magic stirs and a little dog speaks: the kingdom will fall. But will humans listen?

Jake is a fluffy little dog who just happens to be one of the Sculptor’s “wise ones” . . . but nobody’s told him. He’s certain he’s ordinary, and he knows he doesn’t deserve living in a rags to riches fairy tale where he’s been rescued from his hardscrabble life by the King of Gorseland and pampered and loved by his two royal children, Janice and James.

But the good life is threatened with the arrival of the sorcerer, Beezeldorn, and his raven. Beezeldorn is a seeming charlatan: a crowd-pleaser with his sleight-of-hand and cheap spectacle. But his power from dark magic runs deep, on display in town when he heals a leper.

The queen senses the danger and pays for her instincts with her life.

Jake knows something is wrong, but what can he do? Beezeldorn is always one step ahead, moving into the castle, earning the king’s confidence, and befriending James. Even Janice is drawn to him.

Now it’s up to Jake to protect his family . . . before it’s too late . . . for the king . . . and his kingdom.

A Leap into Darkness is an unforgettable, epic fantasy that will capture the hearts and imaginations of middle grade readers, teens, young adults, and adults alike, encouraging them to embrace hope and leap into life.

The book is perfect for fans of C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia and S.D. Smith’s The Green Ember and those who love uplifting fantasy and adventure stories that celebrate courage, honor, virtue, loyalty, sacrifice, friendship, and family. Still on the fence? Well, then consider this: dogs, cats, horses, hedgehogs, house sparrows, tortoises, squirrels…a veritable parade of talking beasts…and they all have something to say. Don’t miss a word…buy the book today!

Based on the same-named award-winning screenplay, a recipient of several script competition accolades:
—Two-time Coverfly Redlist Fantasy Feature Top 20
—Semifinalist, StoryPros 14th Annual Awards Screenplay Contest (2021)
—Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 – New Voices in Animation Screenwriting Contest (2021)
—Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition (2021)
—Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters – Genre Screenplay Competition (2020)
—Top 100 (Feature or TV Pilot), Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition (2021)
—Quarterfinalist, Creative Screenwriting Animation Screenplay Competition (2021)

Meet Ray Petrolino

Ray Petrolino lives in North Carolina with his wife and family and their dog Jake (not just any dog, but a talking bichon with an unfulfilled set of demands). When Ray is not writing, he’s listening to his dog (and sometimes his wife); or he can be found working on film sets, playing drums at his house, or playing drums at someone else’s house.

A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t

A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t, by Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen, is a 34-page-long children’s picture book about Luna, her parents, and two naughty scribbles. The artwork is mostly watercolor. As the book opens, it appears as if the parents are demanding and rigid, laying down a lot of laws and rules for the home. But as we look closer, we find they are loving parents with a great sense of humor. Luna isn’t exactly the most well-behaved child, just one most would think of as normal. One night she is filled with an artistic urge and decides to mark her bedroom wall with some crayons, just to liven things up a bit. But while she sleeps, things start to happen, and the scribble on the wall comes alive, and soon starts its own merrymaking. What will happen in the morning when everyone wakes up? This story is clever, cute, and sweet. It is written with the imagination of a child in mind, and that, I believe, is the biggest reason for its success. It is filled with humor and creativity that simply made me want more. It even pulls the reader in, with an invitation to count all the creative, newly-made works of art! I also appreciate the grace and patience of the parents as they deal with the aftermath of the artistic experience. A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t, by Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen, mixes humor, color, love, and the imagination of a child to whip up a magically wonderful tale for young readers.

Meet Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen

Paul Wennersberg-løvholen is the founder of Paul’s Books and author of the very well- received childrens book, Super Farty Pants, alongside several other childrens books. He is a former filmmaker, and published horror writer, turned childrens author, following the birth of his own little monsters. Originally from Wales, he now lives in Norway, where he divides his time between his family, writing, and working with teenage refugees.

Deep Sea Diver Dave

Who will Deep Sea Diver Dave meet as he dives deeper into the sea? An octopus, a shark? Or perhaps even a big scary… SEA MONSTER!

Deep Sea Diver Dave meets lots of sealife as he dives down deep into the ocean, where each creature is both bigger and scarier than the last. But none of the animals wants to swim any further because they’re afraid of getting eaten! On Dave’s way back up, he persuades the creatures that maybe they shouldn’t be so afraid after all…

READ ME, COLOR ME – Two books in one! Picture book + coloring book.

The second part of the book repeats the same story again without the colors – so you can color it in and make the story your own! (Ebook readers can screenshot the pages and do the coloring straight onto your tablet unlimed times!)

The story introduces the idea of a simple food chain and encourages you to face your fears and make new friends.

There is also a secret starfish hidden on each page… See if you can find them all!

Max the Gorilla

Max the Gorilla was born in Germany in 1971, which is a very long time ago. He was a Mountain Gorilla so he was absolutely enormous and very hairy, which made some people think of him as just big and scary. But Max the Gorilla was a very special animal. He had hidden talents that people would only find out about much later.
One day, the people who were caring for Max at the zoo in Germany decided to send him to another country, where he would be very happy. So Max waved his other gorilla friends goodbye and made the big move – all the way from one continent to another.
He quickly settled into his new home at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa and before long, he met the love of his life, a gorgeous gorilla called Lisa. The two fell in love and got married.
One could say that Max was no stranger to adventure. He had already moved halfway across the world and had to start again and make a new life for himself in a foreign country. He was content and enjoying a peaceful married life.
However … Max the Gorilla had no idea of what lay just around the corner!
One night, he and Lisa were getting ready to go to sleep, when something terrible and totally unexpected happened. The couple found themselves in grave danger and poor sleepy Max had to think on his feet and act quickly.
What will happen next? Will soft-hearted, romantic Max be brave enough to confront the danger? Will he manage to protect his beloved wife and save the day?
Read on to discover what happens next and to learn why there is a statue of this exceptional gorilla at the Johannesburg Zoo to this very day!
Max the Gorilla is a truly inspirational story that will appeal to all young readers, particularly those with an interest in the animal kingdom. It will give hope to any children who have found themselves having to move to different countries and leave friends behind, illustrating that one can make a new and happy life anywhere in the world … as long as you have love and fresh air!
This is a story of immense courage and bravery, and its triumphant ending teaches children that whenever we come face to face with bullies in life, we are always stronger than we (and the bullies!) think we are.

Meet K.A. Mulenga

My name is Kalenga Augustine Mulenga aka K.A. Mulenga. My passion is writing. I started writing when I was 10 years old and my passion was reignited by my 11 year old son. Writing runs in my blood as my late father was a journalist and the first black editor of the Zambia Daily Mail and my late brother was a poet. To date, I have published 12 children’s books . They are available on Amazon and also from my website. I love writing children’s books with a positive message and also to make them laugh and entertained. I am a prolific writer and currently have 9 edited and completed manuscripts.
I am busy with a memoir and have started writing short stories.
My short story , Striving To Be Number One won a Creative Writing Contest in April.
Three of my books, Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys , Chuck the Cheetah and Will and His Best Friend Whale have been # 1 Amazon Bestsellers in different categories.

Down the Rabbit Hole, A Mystical Adventure

This short story is an enchanting tale with a message for all ages, that real magic is not an illusion but something we all possess. “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” —Goethe The title of this story, “down the rabbit hole,” is of course from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), a wonderful children’s story by Lewis Carroll in which a charming young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a strange, dreamlike world. “It was much pleasanter at home,” thought Alice, “when one wasn’t always being ordered about by mice and rabbits. I almost wish I hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole, and yet, and yet…” “Down the rabbit hole” has become a term used for referring to a situation that is strange, confusing, or illogical, often mystical or magical, and, in this story, an encounter from which one will emerge with increased knowledge, widened horizons, enriched imagination, and a sense of greatly enlarged possibilities. In Carroll’s sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass (1871), near the end of her encounter with the White Queen, Alice protests that “one can’t believe impossible things.” The White Queen famously retorts, “I daresay you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Unlike the White Queen, I do not advocate believing impossible things. But it is much to be hoped that this short story and the anthology that follows it will encourage the reader to consider all the possibilities and therefore believe at least one magical thing—perhaps even “before breakfast.” This charming fantasy will have you and your children engaged and laughing. Even better, it will leave them with the message that they have within them all the spirit and magic they’ll ever need. Mystical, whimsical, and richly entertaining from the opening scene to the unexpected conclusion, this inspirational short story will transport you to a wonderful place and resound in your heart long after the last works have been read. For more information please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. 2020 Edition Short Story. Includes a bonus Anthology Section, e-reader page count 97 (estimated, actual count varies depending on the reading device used). Thank you, and enjoy!

Meet M.G. Hawking

M.G. Hawking is an avid traveler, adventurer, and writer. Devoted to exploring remote areas of the globe to discover regions unknown to the Western world, always in search of extraordinary people and experiences, he has found many, especially in the Great Range of the Himalayas, the setting for most of his books. His focus is documenting profound wisdom traditions and revealing the knowledge and power they convey. Hawking is the author of the book series, ‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters,’ along with its associated companion volumes. When not traveling, he spends his time working on projects related to presenting books of an esoteric nature with his wonderful team in Northern California. Heather Cantrell, M.Litt., contributor and editor for Wisdom Masters Press, is an experienced world traveler. Having been born in Nepal to British parents who were teachers in various parts of Asia, she has extensive experience in the Himalayas, and is a devoted equestrian and animal lover. Amber Chellings, M.Phil., contributor and newsletter director, is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast and ardent equestrian. Jenna Wolfe, Ph.D., our exceptional research expert, contributor and book content supervisor, is a primary link to our numerous academic technical advisers.


Pibbin the Treefrog hops into his most puzzling adventure! He can’t solve it alone, so he heads up a team to figure out mystifying clues, search a booby-trapped tunnel, and rescue his squirrel-friend’s little brother.
~Full-color illustrations, map, and reference color photos of frogs. 
~An easy-to-read story for ages 7 and up.
~Also available as an audiobook.

Clumsy Nelson: A story of Self-esteem, Bravery, Grit, Friendship with an Environmental message

Nelson, once the clumsiest seal in the sea, is always needing his friends to get him out of trouble. When his friends are trapped, can Nelson find bravery inside himself and save the day? 

Follow his journey in this modern fairytale to find out.

Poor Clumsy Nelson, he’s always stumbling, bumping or crashing in the plastic polluted sea. We all have times where we feel uncomfortable about who we are. Being clumsy isn’t always easy.

Nelson is a master in getting into trouble. But when a terrible danger captures his friends, Nelson discovers he can DO IT.

Clumsy Nelson is a message of positive self-esteem, courage, perseverance, and friendship for any child who has trouble finding the hero inside.

Clumsy Nelson is also a fun and engaging adventure into environmental awareness,published by Save the Planet Books.

“An inspiring and beautifully illustrated picture book that teaches kids about courage and determination.” – Kate Lobs, teacher.

A story that inspires kids of all ages to never give up and empowers them to find the hero inside.

About the Author

Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher. She writes books for children concerning the future of our Planet.

With Clumsy Nelson, The Butterfly Inside and Stinky Super Skunk, Serena introduces young readers to the important lesson of respecting differences.

About the Illustrator

Giorgia Vallicelli was born in Bologna in 1984 and at a very young age, she discovered she had a talent for art.

Drawing was her first passion, since then she became a highly talented and requested artist for children’s images, poetry and picture books.

Giorgia is already a multi award-winning illustrator.

Meet Serena Lane Ferrari

Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher.
She writes books for children concerning the future of our planet.
Serena hopes her stories will encourage future generations to be aware of and engage with environmental issues.