Soldier at the cross

Soldier at the cross is combines detail explanation of the norms in present day church, the causes and solution to resolve the issues. A combination of prayer points that will help a believer who want to make changes to develop and grow in Christ Spiritually.I began writing this book as an observation as I study the word of God; the Holy Spirit illuminates the word of God in me so I am sharing with you a portion of my blessing.It is of vital importance to study the word and show thyself approve, everyone spiritual gifts and assignments are different; we study the word to overcome our daily battles to be saved and to stay saved.I encourage you to forge a personal relationship with God through the way of salvation by developing a prayer life, fasting and spending time in the word.We should always pray forgiveness for ourselves and others; this helps us to develop balance in our own inadequacies.Learn the things about God that you do not know through his word practice what you learn daily and always remember affliction is your anointing oil.

Meet Courtney Spence

I am Courtney Spence , a man who has been called to walk before God in righteousness, I am a Gospel artist who speak to the Holy Ghost on a daily basis . The God has blessed me with different gifts which all of us was given from the beginning, however for them to manifest in you , you will need a relationship with God. I pray that by following the prayer points in this book your gifts will come to the fore front , that will bring glory to the name of God, we appreciate you. You can find my music on Reverbnation and Spotify etc. in my name. Blessing! Courtney E. Spence