Courier’s Test

In the aftermath of war, his kingdom knows him as the weaker prince, too sensitive to do what’s necessary. His family knows him as the second son, loved but not understood. Elven Prince Keliar has more important things to worry about than his reputation. He’d rather negotiate peace for his people, serve his too-serious brother, and ensure safety for his entire family. All three purposes call him to visit a faery court, and he’s prepared to put his diplomacy skills to the test. Finding the hidden court? No problem. Getting locked in a guest chamber? Well, that’s their right as hosts. Hiding the bruises from their ridiculous, twenty-mattresses-high bed? All in a day’s work. What he’s not prepared for is meeting a people whose convictions align with his own. A pretty faery guardian, a secretive servant, and an unexpected ally offer approval where Kel’s own people would have shown tolerance at best. What place will he find among these faeries who call him sensitive and mean it as a compliment? Readers who enjoy messages of faith mixed in with their fantasy will love this gender-swapped retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Grab your copy now!

Meet Lynn Renard

A fantasy writer on the east coast of the U.S., Lynn Renard has been telling stories since she learned to speak. She adores clean fairytale retellings and fluffy healthy fantasy romances, balancing this sometimes overly sweet diet with any sort of noblebright story that invites its readers to think and to polish themselves and the world around them into a kinder glow. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys crocheting, cross-stitching, and pottery-painting. Her vision is to inspire her readers with stories that embody hope and compassion.

Avenging Love

Sometimes heroes aren’t very heroic. . . Sometimes heroes fail. . .

David had always fought to protect others, even before he knew who he was. He defended those that could not defend themselves. In the eternal battle between good and evil, he balanced the scales. He saved countless. . . but he couldn’t save her. He failed the love of his life.

After three years drunk in an alley, he still refuses to listen to the truth his heart is trying to tell him. But when. . .

the tequila no longer numbs his guilt,

can the mysterious two-thousand-year-old Emma, or the Archangel Michael, get David to wake up in time?

Join David and his battle companion Saint Bernard, Duke, as they embark on an epic tale of loss, guilt, and possible redemption. As the darkness that has settled on David’s soul slowly lifts, a battle that he cannot win awaits. Can David and Duke avenge thier loss?

To do so, the very gates of hell await.

Avenging Love is the first novel of the trilogy in the Trinitarian Knights Collection. Filled with fast-paced action sequences, a strong love story sub-theme, supporting characters that will have you cheering, and a pompous prideful Satan that may just have you rolling on the floor laughing, Avenging Love is a must read.

Meet Kevin M. Mansoor

Kevin Mansoor is obsessed.
He is obsessed with becoming one of your favorite authors by writing character-driven stories you don’t just read but feel and experience at a deep level. When your favorite character sweats, he wants you to wipe your brow. When they laugh, he wants you to laugh, and when they have chest pains . . . well, he prefers if you just stay calm at that point.
He lives with his amazing wife within the epicenter of the agricultural side of Washington State. He loves a good DIY project and isn’t afraid to take anything apart. Plus, he is smart enough to hide the left-over pieces when he puts them back together. If he isn’t writing or taking something apart, he is likely covered with flour in the kitchen, making his granddaughter a nine-layer birthday cake.

Cradleland Chronicles: The Complete Series

Renowned author Douglas Hirt takes you to wildly imaginative places and quests in this complete fantasy series.

Step back into the days of Eden, where Giants dwell, dragons fly and the battle between good and evil still rages on. There will be great obstacles to overcome — some that surpass human strength and understanding, and some that even reach beyond the forces of evil, threatening the very heart of human love and hope. Cuts through the mist of history and myth, creating a poignant tale of ancient culture, complete with biblical history and sheer literary magic.

“Blends authentic biblical details with fabulous fantasy. The result is a dynamite read stirring the heart as well as the imagination.” – Donita K. PaulThe Cradleland Chronicles includes: Flight to Eden, Quest For Atlan and The Fall of The Nephilim.

Meet Douglas Hirt