Purposeful Work, Blessed Rest

Do you feel burnt out? Overwhelmed? Like you’re constantly striving? Mama, God loves you! He wants you to live an abundant life of rest in Him. God wants you to work purposefully in His Kingdom. The world will often tell you that to find rest, you need to focus on yourself. Or that to find purposeful work, you need to look within. Don’t believe it! You will find true rest and purposeful work when you turn to God and focus on the beauty of His splendour. If you’re a busy mama, this 6-week devotional is for you as it explores both rest and work in light of God’s word. Each week contains six days — each day containing a focus verse, a devotion based on the verse, questions for reflection and a prayer — and a seventh day, called Rest And Praise, which contains a recap of all the focus verses from the week, a short reflection to lead you in praise, and a prayer of thanksgiving. Mama, I pray God’s truth will permeate your mind and heart and bring you to a place of rest. May You know Him more. May you make Him more known.

Meet Anna Hawkes Cabral

Anna Hawkes Cabral is wife to Luís, a local church elder, and mother to three beautiful children named Abigail, Priscila, and Daniel. She hosts the Unique Mums blog and podcast and writes Christian devotionals and books for women. As well as writing, she works as a freelance English teacher. She was born in the UK to British parents, and at the age of three, she moved with her family to Portugal. She loves libraries, walking in beautiful parks and going to cafes, if only to get away from the never-ending pile of laundry!