Tender Mercies for Tough Moments

Do you need help in the present crisis?

Are you looking for a life changing devotional book that will strengthen your faith and give you hope? Do you want God’s love alive in you?

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments is a devotional helps you overcome life’s real issues with peace and happiness. You will learn how to experience the lavish blessings of God even was you walk through life’s rough spots.

If you are experiencing loneliness, grief, anger, loss, or are fearful over everything, dealing with guilt or shame and more, then this guide is for you. Here is an example of what readers of Tender Mercies for Tough Moments are saying:

With each daily reading, I was moved and at moments filled with God’s presence, and the feeling of his joy and love.

This book is full of encouraging passages for a hope-filled life. It is just what we all need to grow our faith and equip ourselves as a Christian in this challenging life.

When you can’t bear your situation another minute, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments gives you Bible verses and prayers for strength, peace, and happiness, and provides beautiful blessings for God’s love and presence in your life. Most of all, it shows you how to know Jesus Christ and have a relationship with him as a friend and Savior.

After a life-time of public service and ministry, author Teresa E. Nelson has written a go-to manual for anyone who believes they need a better life.

Step into the blessings. Walk in peace.

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Meet Teresa E. Nelson

Teresa E. Nelson resides in rural Minnesota where she pastors a small rural congregation. Her one passion is for people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Friend and to see lives transformed by the Holy Spirit. For the past ten years, she has also been active in her local jail, teaching both academics and the truths of Scripture. Her life has been full of social services work, helping people survive and overcome difficult life circumstances. For extra curricular activities, Teresa serves as a volunteer auctioneer and public speaker in various venues. For enjoyment, you can find her camping, fishing and telling stories. And yes, drinking extremely good coffee with great friends.

Healing is Here—Week 1: A 49-Day Devotional Journey of Healing Through the Bible

The daily devotions on prayer for physical healing begin! (Healing Bible Verses PDF available for free in Introduction)

Sickness and miraculous healing are shrouded in mystery. Not many know how to pray for themselves or a loved one when they are sick. Not only that, most people don’t feel confident that God is willing to help them when they pray.

After John W. Nichols (author of GOD is HERE) discovered his daughter had many symptoms of autism, he began reading the Bible with new eyes, trying to understand healing for today. Soon he felt impressed to fast for 7 weeks and pray through Scriptures about healing daily.

Healing is Here: A 49-Day Devotional Journey of Healing Through the Bible, compiles the author’s notes and prayers during his fast. It has been organized to apply to anyone who wants to learn about healing at their own pace, with Scriptural support, suggested prayers, and journaling prompts. (There is no requirement to fast while going through this devotional)

John systematically teaches the mysteries he has unlocked over the course of four years of studying and applying Biblical Christian healing. He wrote this devotional with the hope of helping others who are in similar circumstances: those who desperately need healing, aren’t sure how to pray, and are wondering if God is willing to help.

The first week covers verses that reveal:

  • God’s healing nature
  • Why people started getting sick
  • Our need to connect with Him despite our pain
  • How Jesus represented God as He healed
  • The importance of asking God for what we need, and the promises in His Word regarding asking
  • The depth of provision in Jesus’s sacrifice
  • Jesus’s example of speaking to what needs changed, instead of speaking to God about what needs changed

Over the course of the full 49 days you will discover:

  • What is God and Jesus’s will regarding healing
  • How Jesus fulfilled prophetic verses of healing
  • How God’s will is accomplished
  • What we can learn from the remarkable similarity between salvation and healing
  • What do covenants have to do with sickness and healing
  • How to receive the same blessings God promised His people in the Bible
  • How God disciplines and teaches us
  • What faith has to do with healing
  • What we can learn about God by looking at Jesus in the gospels
  • How sin and righteousness affects healing
  • What the Bible teaches us about evil spirits
  • How Jesus showed us to fight the enemy, and how to be equipped for that fight
  • How Satan attacks, and what we can do about it
  • What Jesus told His disciples (and us) to do
  • What is the right atmosphere for healing
  • How to exercise and apply Jesus’s name, authority, anointing, and blood
  • How fear and doubt play into sickness and how to overcome them
  • How to heal the soul (thoughts and emotions)
  • What are the promises and benefits of God, and how to claim them
  • How fasting affects healing
  • Many surprising (and practical) elements of healing seen in the Bible which can be applied today

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Meet John W. Nichols

At the mention of books, John W. Nichols’ ears perk up, he gets a spine-tingling sensation (no pun intended), and he can’t help but find out what read is on discussion. With his first computer at twelve years of age, John began writing, and he is an avid reader, always with a stack of books by his bedside and listening to as many audiobooks as possible when working on mindless tasks. When Jesus saved him at the age of twenty, John started reading the best book you could ever read, over and over, recognizing the Holy Bible as a letter from the Creator of all things.

He thought one day (when he was old) he might write a book for God. But God thought he should write something sooner, and told John in a prayer session on January 1st, 2016 to write his book. Since then John has written several drafts of books and completed GOD is HERE: Finding God in the Pain of a Broken World, it’s accompanying workbook, and the 7 week devotional Healing is Here.

In other prayer sessions, God called John to preach His Word, seek His face, and go into the land He would show Him. He and his wife, Trinna, and three children, are following this call to show the love of Christ to the world. This was first exhibited teaching and leading worship in their local church, then by working with people with disabilities, then going to preach at the state prison, loving their neighborhood community, reaching out to women and children enslaved in human trafficking, and now making disciples of Jesus, who make disciples, who make disciples.

When John caught a glimpse of how God saw him, everything changed, and he has since sought to show others this good news. He’s recognized most people, Christian or not, feel unfulfilled and don’t know their life’s purpose. This has led John to help people find their calling and have a life of adventure with God. To be encouraged in the way God sees you, go to: GodAndYouAndMe.com

If you’d like an update on what God is doing with John and his family, and would like to support them in prayer or financially visit: GodAndYouAndMe.com/Ministry-Partner

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Spiritual Courage: How to Find Stregth and Happiness

Are you a frustrated Christian? Do you work hard at your faith, but find little joy in it? Do you feel like your faith should’ve made a bigger impact on your life? Do you keep falling short of your own standards? Do you find yourself thinking that this just isn’t working the way it should? Where are the peace and joy?

You’re not alone. The church is full of frustrated Christians, and it has long been obvious to outsiders. It’s no wonder that attendance is declining in almost every congregation. How often do new people join the church, only to lose interest when they witness all the fighting that plagues us? It frustrates us to see how the Church is depicted on television and in films. But we secretly fear that Christians might be the hypocrites everybody says we are.

The problem is real, but there is a solution. By purposefully practicing the spiritual disciplines in new, practical ways, we can make real changes in our lives. I’ve experienced it myself. If enough Christians learn these techniques, we can change the cultures of our congregations… Into something much more like the body Christ envisioned.

Meet Pastor Steve Humphrey

Steve Humphrey is a United Methodist pastor and a practicing Stoic. He has led churches and nonprofits for over twenty-five years. His passion is helping people grow closer to God and closer to each other.

When he’s not preaching, he’s either driving his four kids to various places, reading Wikipedia, or hitting the gym.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park, as well as M.Div. and D.Min. degrees from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. His doctoral research is in the field of leading organizational change in churches and nonprofits.