A Place Called Grace

Leah McPhillen is unlucky when it comes to love… every man she has ever cared for left her without explanation… When she finally meets a man who piques her interest, a horrendous crash interrupts their date…

Meet Fran Driscoll

Fran Driscoll (formerly Roberts) was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although she loved the people and her Green Bay Packers, she relocated to the Gulf Coast to enjoy six months of summer and NO winter. She currently teaches middle school in Pascagoula, MS, and truly enjoys a challenge. Her first two books were devotionals, brought about by a curse she prayed upon herself as a young child: “Lord, please don’t ever let my life be boring.” The first book is “31 Prayers for the Addict I Love” written after the untimely death of two addicted loved ones. The second is “31 Prayers for When Life Isn’t Fair” at the request of a fellow teacher. Driscoll’s first fiction novel, “A Place Called Grace,” is an action-packed Christian Romance. The sequel, “A Place Without Mercy,” was released in December, 2016. Following that were several short stories, three in Mobile Writers Guild Anthologies “Pieces,” “Mardi Gras Pieces,” and “Valentine’s Day Pieces” as well as a short story in “The Trouble With Cupid: 10 Short Mysteries Spiced with Romance.” Novel number three, “A Broken Place,” is loosely tied to the first two “Place” novels, but can stand alone as can the 2019 novella “No Second Place.” Other McPhillen stories are still to come, since just about every day something happens that would make a great story (back to that aforementioned curse). Driscoll has also published several poems and short stories, and loves to read as much as write. She lives in Pascagoula with her sweet husband, two talented daughters, & four dogs (the amount of animals could vary at any time, though). She has a grown son in South Carolina who also happens to be her favorite preacher & who has recently married a wonderful girl named Kim. Driscoll is a former member of Gulf Coast Writer’s Association and Mobile Bay Writer’s Project, co-Vice President of Mobile Writer’s Guild, and is forever indebted to the wonderful and gifted West Mobile Writer’s Group. Visit her website at: https://frandriscoll.com/

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments

Do you need help in the present crisis?

Are you looking for a life changing devotional book that will strengthen your faith and give you hope? Do you want God’s love alive in you?

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments is a devotional helps you overcome life’s real issues with peace and happiness. You will learn how to experience the lavish blessings of God even was you walk through life’s rough spots.

If you are experiencing loneliness, grief, anger, loss, or are fearful over everything, dealing with guilt or shame and more, then this guide is for you. Here is an example of what readers of Tender Mercies for Tough Moments are saying:

With each daily reading, I was moved and at moments filled with God’s presence, and the feeling of his joy and love.

This book is full of encouraging passages for a hope-filled life. It is just what we all need to grow our faith and equip ourselves as a Christian in this challenging life.

When you can’t bear your situation another minute, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments gives you Bible verses and prayers for strength, peace, and happiness, and provides beautiful blessings for God’s love and presence in your life. Most of all, it shows you how to know Jesus Christ and have a relationship with him as a friend and Savior.

After a life-time of public service and ministry, author Teresa E. Nelson has written a go-to manual for anyone who believes they need a better life.

Step into the blessings. Walk in peace.

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Meet Teresa E. Nelson

Teresa E. Nelson resides in rural Minnesota where she pastors a small rural congregation. Her one passion is for people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Friend and to see lives transformed by the Holy Spirit. For the past ten years, she has also been active in her local jail, teaching both academics and the truths of Scripture. Her life has been full of social services work, helping people survive and overcome difficult life circumstances. For extra curricular activities, Teresa serves as a volunteer auctioneer and public speaker in various venues. For enjoyment, you can find her camping, fishing and telling stories. And yes, drinking extremely good coffee with great friends.