Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas

No other time of the year has more of a magical feel about it than the Festive Season and in Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas there are seven unique tales that will remind you of the hope and magic that it provides, as well as its true meaning and how God can sometimes work his magic to make dreams come true.

Meet Darrell Case

Darrell Case in an American Christian writer who has been creating stories for some 26 years. He has worked hard over the years to perfect his craft, reading numerous books on writing and taking several courses. With 12 books in print, 10 in audio and 6 that appear in other languages, he has won best mystery 2020 with Author Elite Awards and also writes devotions for Call to Glory, which has a circulation of more than 33,000. Darrell lives in central Indiana with his dog, Abby and cat, Lacy. He relaxes by flower gardening, reading, feeding the birds and wildlife that abound in his neighborhood and walking in the woods near his home. He has also ministered to prisoners for the past 39 years, helping them to find God and transform their lives.

Ebenezer Jenkins’ Christmas in Chicago

A very soulful and satirical version of the classic: “A Christmas Carol.” Narrated by a pair of jive-talking “Dozens” Players named Madd and Dog2020 aka Maddog2020. Even if you don’t like Christmas, you will love these characters. They introduce Ebenezer Jenkins the miser who owns Glad Wrappings Funeral Home and Barbecue joint where it’s likely you’ll enjoy your uncle’s ribs after he kicks the bucket.

Jenkins, of course, hates Christmas and giving to charity. He schemes with a midget who goes around attempting to clunk men upside the head and cause their demise. But being a midget he can only reach so far which earns him a dubious name and causes his victims much pain. 


Christmas Eve snow, lacy like Victoria Secret panties caressed Ebenezer’s window. Folks carrying Christmas hams and bags of yams tripped and stumbled along the broken sidewalks. Some carried toys from China bought lovingly from Wall of the Mart. A few got full from cheap vodka and fruit punch and commenced to singing Christmas carols. They mixed up the Christmas songs with bits of old-time Gospel melodies.

Swing low silent jingle bells

As Mary weeps all ye faithful come

A rumpa dump rump. A rumpa dump come.

Oh Come ye to precious lord

Taking my hand to Jerusalem

A rumpa dump rump. A rumpa dump come!

“Dead cats,” Ebenezer yelled at the carolers outside. They went away. But there was a thump and loud yowl at his window. When he peeked out, he stared straight into the dead eyes of a dead Persian stuck to the ice on his window.

Original Title: Christmas in Linken Park Chicago

Meet Charles Harvey

Charles W. Harvey is a native Houstonian and a graduate of the University of Houston. In 1987, Charles was a 1st place prize recipient of PEN/Discovery for his short story Cheeseburger, which went on to be published in the Ontario Review. In 1989 Charles Harvey was awarded the Cultural Arts Council of Houston Grant for Writers and Artists. Charles has been published in Soulfires, Story Magazine SHADE, High Infidelity, The James White Review, and others. He is the author of the novels The Butterfly Killer, The Road to Astroworld, Antoine’s Double Trouble, and Maura and Her Two Husbands. He is also the author of several story and poetry collections.