Nighthawk Crossing

Nighthawk Crossing - ASIN B00CKWTUPC

The story centers on people, drugs and weapons smuggling and the ruthlessness of a well-entrenched criminal organization. The smugglers are mainly Native American Indians and motorcycle gang members led by a chieftain with a Navy SEAL background. Although the smuggling is within the aegis of the Border Patrol and various ICE sub-agencies, the FBI steps in when two Border Patrol agents are killed by smugglers. The pursuit of the killers not only uncovers drug and gun distribution rigs in America but also unveils a major plot to supply a secret weapon to the Taliban and Al Qaida and sub plots of the State Department, Canadian spy agencies, NATO and the CIA. The story transports the reader from the Okanagan Canada-U.S.A. border region to England, Kyrgyzstan and the Maldives. Action scenes include: murder of two Border Patrol Special Agents; ambush and murder of Korean human trafficking gang members; a winter ambush and destruction of two FBI helicopters while attempting to intercept a smuggling operation; a gun battle between smuggler and FBI helicopters; and a Navy SEAL underwater approach assault on an armory and meth lab on a remote island in the Maldives.

The story and the persona are complete fiction but ideas have been gleaned and exaggerated from some “life experiences and characterizations” and events. For example, trans border drug smuggling by helicopter in the Okanagan is well known and some aircraft have been confiscated. In another example, the Taliban and Al Qaida used a resort in the Maldives for conferences when your author was working in the Maldives. Some towns have been fictionalized but other well-known landmarks are retained.

The Chieftain is portrayed as a sociopathic “anti-hero” – well respected in his environmental activities and leadership roles with no remorse for killing adversaries. He is not “killed off” in the story – although much of his well-ordered world is lost – as your author has at least three more episodes in mind.

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THE COBRA CORRIDOR: A Spy Action Thriller Inside The CIA & NSA’s War On Global Nuclear Terrorism

What happens when an intercontinental ballistic missile is launched from the plains of Nebraska to annihilate Beijing?

How come it deliberately returns to American soil killing over 4,500 people on Mother’s Day instead?

Who is in control of The United States’ nuclear arsenal?

More importantly, why is a CIA Special Operations Group’s mission in Lebanon being sabotaged?

Inside the White House, a terrified Situation Room has the Secretary of Defense, championed by his military Pit Bulls from the Pentagon, at the throats of the NSA Director and Secretary of State. Chasing espionage answers, NSA spy satellites pick up chatter between an Oriental and an American accent. Syrian terrorists have control of the United States’ land based ICBM arsenal and threaten to obliterate Washington, D.C. unless their ransom demands are met.

An exclusive Special Operations team is called in to hunt down the unprecedented black threat. Consisting of ex Seals, pilots, specialized snipers, assassins and ex-prisoners, they are lead by two brothers John and James Cable, who hate each other. Why was James, besides currently suffering from post-traumatic stress, not their first choice?

President Harold Willis is trapped in a whirlpool of lies and deception with his clandestine intelligence and the NSA as the encrypted secret Golden Codes cannot be hacked. With no cooperation from MI6, Mossad, counter intelligence or any other covert agency, war game nuclear bomb analyses declares treason and the hunt for a traitor is launched. The initial threat of external Cyber warfare is eliminated. DEFCON 2 is authorized, the first time since the Gulf War and only previously in the Cuban Missile Crisis during the cold war, in a race to prevent any warhead exiting a silo and avoiding a self-inflicted first strike. All is not what it seems.

Boosted by the Air Force the Special Ops team cruise through international air space targeting Beirut, Lebanon. Their combat mission spirals out of control when James disobeys orders in an explosive F-22 dogfight and the whole team gets blown out of the sky. How is it that John and James are the only ones able to escape and eject over the southern countryside of Lebanon?

Can they avoid being taken hostage? With only eight hours left, are they able to save the lives of millions?

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Blood, Fire and Ice

Blood, Fire & Ice - ASIN B00NH0LM52

BLOOD, FIRE AND ICE takes the reader into the realm of corporate terrorism. The global Association of Petroleum producers resorts to murder, sabotage and political bribery to prevent the development of an abundant new fuel source that threatens their existence.

Members of an international Arctic research team developing an abundant new fuel source are targeted. Labs are destroyed and members killed. Canadian team members have their funding cancelled at the request of 3 Senators who are on the payroll of “Big Oil”. Police ignore the researchers’ pleas for help when some are murdered. They are rescued in a joint FBI-CIA operation seeking to protect the new technology.

Surviving team members are moved to safety and recruited to complete their project jointly funded by Japan, Russia and an American scientific foundation. Sabotage continues with a seaborne attack on an offshore drilling platform off Japan and blocking attempts countering patent filings. The Japanese Government considers itself at war with the oil interests.

A blackmailing Canadian Senator is killed by “Big Oil” and his legacy of secrets are a ticking bomb waiting for discovery threatening both the Prime Minister of Canada and the oil association. The secrets eventually surface and all hell breaks loose.

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Escape to Love: A Romantic Comedy Adventure


A sheltered billionaire heiress.
A mysterious, protective stranger.
A serendipitous love story borne out of a tragedy.

Megan Montecillo’s peaceful life suddenly turns upside down as she finds herself the target of a murder plot and accused by her own kin of crimes she never committed. She stands to lose all the wealth she inherited, and worse, suffer in prison for life.

Unexpectedly, she receives protection from a secretive but skillful Richard Peterson who made it his personal business to save her and clear her name of all charges.

Richard’s shady, suspicious background aside, wild sparks fly between them even as their personalities clashed.

Scared and alone with no one to trust, Megan has no choice but to depend on him and his four friends, who look up to him as their ringleader.

All together they find ways to evade the killers on various occasions as Richard and Megan struggle to come to terms with the strong physical attraction they feel towards each other.

But what if he is exactly the kind of man Megan is running away from?

Will Megan survive with her life and wealth—and heart—intact?

Set in the Philippines, follow Megan and Richard as they roam the streets of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, hide away in a suburban Laguna rest house, escape to a private luxury resort in seaside Zambales, and finally, come face to face with death in an exclusively private island estate in the middle of the Sulu Sea in Northeast Palawan, realizing that they have a common bond that brought them together.

ESCAPE TO LOVE is a no cliffhanger romantic comedy adventure with a crime/suspense twist about two people from very different backgrounds whom fate has destined to meet out of a tragic serendipity. This is Book 1 of MEET THE PETERSONS Series.

MEET THE PETERSONS Series follows the adventures and misadventures of Richard and Megan, from their first meet-cute/disaster encounter to falling in love, to getting married, to pregnancy, and beyond. Intertwined with their romance are humor, not-so-cozy mysteries, relationship ups and downs, and whatnots!

Book 2: HUNTED HONEYMOON is now available for Pre-Order here on Amazon!


What readers are saying:

“For those readers who are looking for a romantic story with some action, suspense and many plot twists, (this) is the perfect book.” — Sheree Tagle,

“Great plot with quirky characters. If not for some mature themes, I think the story has entertaining elements of a G rated movie. Funny and action packed, as promised!” – Amazon reviewer

“This would likely make a good movie.” – Bookblogger

“Great fun romantic read!” – reviewer

The Last Angel To Fall


Good vs. Evil is not what you thought it was.  Get ready to challenge your entrenched beliefs.

Kirkus Reviews call this novel “an extremely winning variation on the … model of Dan Brown’s 2003 bestseller The Da Vinci Code that offers a compelling combination of interagency thriller and supernatural fantasy.

Federal Agent Jubal Stone was put on a desk after the death of his wife and the disappearance of his best friend. Given a chance to redeem his career, the former Diplomatic Security Service ‘top gun’ is assigned to apprehend a special target: a Fallen Angel who was imprisoned inside a meteorite that struck south-central Michigan.

Paired with his former mentor and antagonist, Jubal learns the shocking truth about a top-secret agreement between the State Department and the ruler of Hell, who demands the Fallen Angel be delivered to him immediately. Jubal is torn between duty and faith when he learns the reason Lucifer is desperate to have this Fallen Angel delivered to him.

What is the surprising truth behind the origin of Hell?

Jubal Stone is about to find out!With his elusive prey on a killing spree, a beautiful and mysterious ‘Angel expert’ joins Jubal’s hunt – a woman born and raised in Hell – but a rogue CIA agent is also in pursuit, and he has a very different plan for the Fallen Angel.

Jubal Stone is caught in the middle of the never-ending war between God and Satan, but things are not what they seem.To make matters worse, Jubal’s teammates are keeping secrets from him – secrets that could get them all killed.

Jubal has been ordered to capture the Fallen Angel and deliver him to a top-secret transfer station where he will be sent to Lucifer to avoid war.

War between the United States of America – and Hell.

If you like James Rollins, you will love this story.