BILLY 9F Like Orwell’s 1984 — but even funnier! In 15-year-old Billy 9F’s world, the School is the centre of government and the Principal is the despotic Big Brother figure. All forms of humour have been outlawed. A smile, a laugh, even a single HA! is punishable by an excruciating electric shock to the neck — or worse, banishment to the deadly Clown Wars. All Billy 9F has ever wanted is to make people laugh. But in such a world, what is a natural-born class clown to do? BILLY 9F is about the importance and power of laughter. For readers 12 years of age to infinity.

Meet David Finley

David Finley is an award-winning television Screenwriter and Story Editor, Filmmaker, Playwright and published Author. In 1996 he received a Gemini Award nomination for Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program. In 2003 he was the recipient of an Award of Excellence from The Alliance for Children and Television. In 2005 he wrote, directed and produced a 21-minute film, “My Last Confession”, which screened at 41 International Film Festivals and won several awards. Also in 2005 he won the 2005 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Musical for “Aladdin”. In 2006 he received a Nomination for the same award for “Snow White and the Group of Seven.” He wrote, directed and produced the 2009 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival hit comedy, “Donny’s Day.” Most recently (2017), he co-wrote and Co-Executive Produced Cody Westman’s comedic short film, “It Could Be You.” He also Directed and Produced a behind-the-scenes Documentary, “100 Proof Musical Theatre”, about an intriguing new Musical Theatre format. “Billy 9F” is his first novel, aimed at readers 12 years of age to infinity.