Hoarfrost to Roses

Hoarfrost to Roses is a mystery entangled with a touch of paranormal, history, and romance. Set in 1879, Adele is a young woman whose parents are murderers sentenced to hang. She is taken in by the charity of an aunt and uncle she barely knows in a society where she doesn’t belong, Grai Madison is on the verge of inheriting a fortune but is attacked, stabbed, and left for dead. His spirit, now detached, saves his life and takes him to the ruins of his deceased grandfathers’ estate – a property that borders Adele’s uncle’s home. When Adele stumbles upon Grai and his spirit, her curiosity, and compassion involve her in his healing, and in solving the mystery of his would-be killers.

Meet D.L. Gardner

D.L. Gardner is an award winning author, artist, filmmaker, and screenwriter with over 27 novels, novellas, and short stories to her credit. Writing and painting are her passions and fantasy her forte. “I believe a book should be memorable enough that it passes from one generation to the next.

A Country Kind of Love

Second chances … and the secrets that sabotage them.

CeCe Bixby’s life is in flux. After being abandoned by her husband six years earlier she’s managed to cope by focusing on her work as a reporter and on being a good mom to her young son. When her name is leaked in connection with a dangerously controversial story, a fresh start in small town Huckleberry Ridge, Idaho feels safe … until she meets her new landlord, a handsome widower who just may wield the key to her tightly sealed heart.

Shane Wickham is shackled with regret. Ever since playing an unintentional role in his wife’s death, he’s denied himself a second chance at happiness. But once he meets his attractive but fearful new tenant, he feels compelled to help her, and his firm resolve to keep his distance begins to crumble.

Despite an undeniable attraction to Shane, CeCe is terrified to lower her guard and expose herself and her son to the risk of more heartbreak. And though Shane secretly longs to put yesterday behind him, his guilt won’t allow him to pursue the possibility of new love.

Can they find a way to forge a future together, or will regret and deception doom the chance to repair two damaged hearts?

A Country Kind of Love is the heartwarming first book in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance series. If you enjoy clean, feel-good stories with relatable heroines and swoon worthy heroes, then you’ll love K.T. Raine’s tender tale.

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Meet K.T. Raine

Always a sucker for a happy ending, K.T. Raine pens clean, contemporary romance with swoon-worthy heroes, smart, capable heroines, and a good dose of suspense. Oh … and always a dog. She lives in the beautiful mountains of north Idaho with her hubby of 30 years and their beagle mix rescue, Stella. She’s the author of the Huckleberry Ridge Romance series as well as the standalone, Holding Out for Special.

The Desk & Mountain Escape: Two Clean Romances

THE DESK: When Rachelle Jackson and her brother prepare their father’s house for sale, they discover an old letter stuck in the back of a desk drawer. The letter takes Rachelle on a search that will lead her to all kinds of discoveries, including meeting a man who might change her life. A grown up fairy-tale story of mystical, magical happenings. MOUNTAIN ESCAPE: She planned her escape perfectly. She would hike far into the mountains and disappear, somewhere where her abusive boyfriend would never find her. Of course, that was before a late spring snowstorm in the mountains came up out of nowhere and threatened her life. Then a strange man rescues her. As time passes, Kathryn comes to the realization that all is not as it should be in this place where she finds herself. Eventually, she discovers she is no longer in the 21st century. This is a story of a love that transcends time.

Meet C.M. Morgan

C. M. Morgan is the pseudonym of an author popular in another genre. His stories are paranormal romances–without all the gratuitous sex scenes found in so many others. Just good, clean enjoyable reading!

A Wing and a Prayer

She’s dead-set on giving everything to the war overseas … Even if it means losing everything in a war of the heart. A street orphan abused and abandoned by an alcoholic father at age five, Gabriella (Gabe) O’Connor has never let a man stand in her way yet. So when a handsome flight officer thwarts her plans to become a Women Airforce Service Pilot, she’s determined to join the war effort anyway she can. Her chance comes when she “borrows” foreign correspondent credentials from the Boston Herald—where her father is the editor—to stow away on a medical ship to the front. Lieutenant Alex Kincaid pegs Gabe O’Connor as trouble the moment she steps foot on Avenger Field as a WASP cadet. As the eldest brother of a boy whose jaw Gabe broke in grade school, Alex is familiar with her reputation as both a charismatic ringleader and a headstrong hooligan who’s challenged every male and nun from grade school to college. As her WASP flight instructor, Alex eventually expels Gabe when she pulls a dangerous stunt. But when he is an evacuation pilot in France eight months later, their lives intertwine once again, exposing them to a danger as perilous as the German tanks roaming the Reichswald Forest: a love that neither expects.

Meet Julie Lessman

The Whispering Sentinel

This Christian Romance is a true ‘coming home’ story that will touch your heart. It is said ‘you can’t go home again’, but after a canceled wedding and the death of her father, Sandy Martin makes the decision to do just that when she returns to her hometown of Bradford Mills. She buys her grandmother’s old house, and in the process of remodeling the house with an old friend, Tom Brannigan, Sandy discovers her house has a story to tell. While she continues an internal struggle to find the faith and relationship with God she’d had in the past, she begins a journey to find not only her history, but that of another. This is a true ‘coming home’ story that will touch your heart.

Meet Ruth Kyser

Ruth Kyser is a native Michigander—wife, mother, and grandmother—who writes Christian Inspirational Romance. Ruth has had a wide variety of careers in her lifetime—ranging from accounting, working at a YMCA Summer Camp for kids, owning and operating a hardware store with her husband, to being an insurance agent for twenty years. She recently retired (for the second time) from a part-time job as a church administrative assistant. Now her focus is centered on writing Christian Fiction. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys sewing, quilting, gardening, and searching out her family genealogy. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and enjoys reading almost as much as she loves writing!

Courier’s Test

In the aftermath of war, his kingdom knows him as the weaker prince, too sensitive to do what’s necessary. His family knows him as the second son, loved but not understood. Elven Prince Keliar has more important things to worry about than his reputation. He’d rather negotiate peace for his people, serve his too-serious brother, and ensure safety for his entire family. All three purposes call him to visit a faery court, and he’s prepared to put his diplomacy skills to the test. Finding the hidden court? No problem. Getting locked in a guest chamber? Well, that’s their right as hosts. Hiding the bruises from their ridiculous, twenty-mattresses-high bed? All in a day’s work. What he’s not prepared for is meeting a people whose convictions align with his own. A pretty faery guardian, a secretive servant, and an unexpected ally offer approval where Kel’s own people would have shown tolerance at best. What place will he find among these faeries who call him sensitive and mean it as a compliment? Readers who enjoy messages of faith mixed in with their fantasy will love this gender-swapped retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Grab your copy now!

Meet Lynn Renard

A fantasy writer on the east coast of the U.S., Lynn Renard has been telling stories since she learned to speak. She adores clean fairytale retellings and fluffy healthy fantasy romances, balancing this sometimes overly sweet diet with any sort of noblebright story that invites its readers to think and to polish themselves and the world around them into a kinder glow. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys crocheting, cross-stitching, and pottery-painting. Her vision is to inspire her readers with stories that embody hope and compassion.

Stuck Together With The Next Door Single Dad

Trust is not an easy concept for me, Colby Sommers, thanks to my ex. It’s been three years and I still can’t open my heart to another man. Daniel Franklin, a.k.a. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome New Neighbor, may just be the one to melt my icy heart. Just when I agree to let down my guard, in walks the gold digger ex-wife, crashing our impromptu dinner date. What was I thinking? I cannot trust Daniel or any man. Plus, his son DJ was just assigned to my class. Dating a student’s parent could put my job in jeopardy. Now I’m stuck together with Daniel coordinating the third grade science fair. He is determined to win my trust, while I have resolved to keep my distance and not get hurt. I deserve to be happy and find love again but that will require a leap of faith. I just don’t know if my heart is ready for the risk.

Meet Bertie Stein

Bertie Stein has been a passionate reader of romance novels her whole life. Especially romance stories from the World War II era. She has stepped out of her comfort zone of reading about these amazing, true to life characters to now writing about them. Her first book, Welcome Home Billionaire, is now available. Buy it today for your Kindle or in paperback.

The Blessing Giver

On the day of their birth, everyone receives two blessings and a curse…

A remarkable Blessing Giver and daughter of the esteemed Ambassador, Rayelle is fated to devote her life to the Goddess’ realm.

Her world is tipped on its head when an enigmatic intruder from an opposing enclave disrupts her sacred consecration in the Temple of Glass.

Paladin’s mixed blood spells a death sentence under the Goddess’ unyielding laws, but Rayelle finds herself bound by a secret that will change the course of her life and shape her every decision.

She cannot escape the haunting vision of her future intertwined with his.

As the wheels of fate turn relentlessly, Rayelle finds herself torn between the pull of her heart and the Order’s unyielding command.

Question expectations, and she’ll be cast out of her enclave.

Ignore her vision, and she’ll risk offending the Goddess.

Act against the Order, and she’ll fulfill the prophesy that leads to magic unraveling.

Will Rayelle find a way to reconcile the inevitable collision between love and duty? Or will a destiny etched in the stars themselves lead to a bitter end?

Thrilling and heart-wrenching, The Blessing Giver is a tale of forbidden love and sacrifice. Fans of epic fantasy will keep turning pages long into the night as romance and magic collide, and destinies are etched in the stars themselves.

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Oatcakes, Tea, and Me (The Scotand Romance Series Book 1)

Ann Grant is in a rut. Her grandson just got married to the love of his life, and as a widow, Ann is now all alone, living in her little house in South Haven, Michigan. Then her best friend deserts Ann, and she can’t help but wonder what God has planned for the rest of her life. At almost seventy-years-old, is Ann’s life over?

Then Ann decides to step out in faith and go with her grandchildren to Scotland to stay at the sheep farm of her new granddaughter’s grandfather and meet the man himself–Sandy Murray. Never in her wildest dreams could Ann have envisioned what God had waiting for her in a small fishing village on the west coast of Scotland.

A story of faith, lost loves, and the undying legacy of family and home God has given to each of us–and a firm reminder that no matter what our ages, God isn’t finished with us yet.

Meet Ruth Kyser

The author of more than two dozen Christian novels, Ruth Kyser is a native of the State of Michigan in the USA–wife, mother, and grandmother She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and enjoys reading almost as much as she loves writing!

Tooth & Claw

New Release! Meet Mia Flannagan: introvert, undertaker… Vampire. But when the ghost of an elderly woman leads her to Liam, a wounded stranger with a dark secret of his own, Mia’s decision to help him will intertwine their fates in unexpected ways, and place her in the crosshairs of a relentless hunter who will stop at nothing to catch his prey… Even if it means driving a stake through Mia’s heart!

Meet Antoinette McCormick

Antoinette McCormick is the author of nine novels, including The Haunting of Sky Hollow, the award-winning Dead of Winter, Nobody’s Daughter, and The Butterfly Girl. When not writing fiction, she works in the healthcare sector as a registered nurse. You can connect with Antoinette on Twitter and Facebook.