This is the story of one Prince Tarantino Coleman. A young college Kid from Houston Texas and his escapades with his friends family and most importantly his relationships. However he has encountered a new face into his fold and that is…himself or also known as Solodolo. It’s an inside battle between the ego and the self within. The question is, will Prince keep running away or we learn to accept himself.

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Knight of Cups: A Fae Magic adventure


A ghostly medieval knight and a creepy curse spoil the summer.

Brigit, a fae dryad, and Jib, her talking cat, become trapped in a haunted French chateau. They quickly become embroiled in a creepy family mystery with ties to the medieval myths and legends of the Holy Grail.

“I also had an interesting time,” the True Beast said, ignoring the materialization of the knight. “This family is under a curse.”

“Duh,” said Brigit, warily eyeing the ghost who was floating about a foot off the ground. “This guy probably knows something about it.”

Taking Brigit at her word, the knight began to speak, “For three days, I shall warn those at the Château du Puis. On the third night, one of you will die.”

The púca commented, “Sounds like we will be leaving tomorrow.”

Between the bizarre dinner ritual and unearthly screaming from the cellar, can the two break the Dupois curse before it claims another victim?

A contemporary fantasy – this Fae Magic adventure short story is a standalone tale using characters from the YA fantasy, Never Date a Siren – the College Fae Magic Series, book #1.