She thought he was neurotic. He thought she was psychotic. The Navy thought they were the perfect pair. Shelby Ryder is a loose cannon. A Kansas farm girl, she became a Navy SEAL to avenge her parents, who were killed on vacation when a Russian sub torpedoed their catamaran. Earl Bernstein, from Chicago, became a SEAL to get away from his over-protective parents. Earl’s the sensitive type. He writes poetry and worries about his teeth enamel eroding. The Navy thought by pairing them together they would balance each other out. They were wrong. After brushes with the law and staying just this side of sanity, Shelby and Earl are on the verge of being de-SEALed. Now they’ve been given one last chance to redeem themselves. It’s a simple enough mission: they’re tasked with finding a United States senator who disappeared in Cuba while playing golf. But then one day the president tweets that the Russians are responsible, and things get perilous in a hurry. Soon it becomes clear—if Shelby and Earl don’t get the senator back, the situation will escalate into a nuclear war. So into the steamy Cuban jungles filled with snakes, spies and a German tuba band, the pair ventures, breaking every rule of civilized behavior known to man as they desperately try to find the senator before the missiles fly or Earl runs out of anti-cavity rinse.

Meet Gregg Bell

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Gregg Bell spent his formative years playing 16″ softball, hanging out, and trying not to get into too much trouble until college when he absconded for the University of Florida. There, he took creative writing classes and spent his free time bodysurfing at St. Augustine’s gorgeous beach. After his sojourn in the sun, he was drawn back north and attended the University of Notre Dame. Through jobs ranging from laying asphalt to working in corporate America, the one constant in his life was writing. It still is. A lifelong Midwesterner, he lives in suburban Chicago and, like everyone else who lives there, complains about it being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

gog and magog

Gog and Magog Genre-fiction, Comedy, political Satire, Bizarre leaders, Fake Media, Unscrupulous Politicians ,Hollywood Superstars. https://youtu.be/SIZmx0t1JhQ SHORT ANIMATION LINK Gog and Magog Bizarre politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war! In the nearest future, on the land of the hot wide desert and in the two capital cities of the two lunatic presidents. The two superpowers’ leaders with inflated egos and madness of aggrandizement, and the madness of controlling the world are dragging the world into a delusional, crazy, and uncontrollable doom war. Two conflicted presidents, each driven by delusion and greed, dream of ruling the globe. To meet their goals, they resort to fraud, bribery, and corruption. Alexander Monroe – the president of the Democratic Organization, and Suleiman Assad – the president of the Free Islamic Forces, find themselves dragged into an inevitable war. Barney Chaplin the entertainer, the nerdy minister of education who opposes the idiotic war. He became Monroe’s deputy and was sent to the front lines in the Peta Morgana desert to entertain his troops, while clearly risking his own life. The performance of President Monroe and the members of his government is examined by the government psychiatrist Professor Cheers, and everyone understands that it is better that someone supervises her as well… During the illusory war, well-known Hollywood actors who have passed their time are forced to function as deadly commandos and go beyond enemy lines. Meanwhile, Barney is captured and looks to be executed until Monroe produces a plan to save him. Other countries and international organizations are restricted from intervening in this dire situation. Both leaders were charged with war crimes. To escape the consequences of their actions, they wield the Doomsday Device to hold the world hostage with incredible results.

Meet itzhak begerano

Itzhak Begerano – [email protected] I am a disabled author and screenwriter with a penchant for writing psychological thrillers, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction, and Satire. I studied Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious College of Film and Television in Israel. I’m now retired, but still write as a hobby while living with his wife and four kids in Israel. Also interested in inventions and patents.I have a provisional patent for an invention in the automotive field

The Chameleon

When a series of appalling murders leads the local sheriff to conclude that the perpetrator may not reside in the mortal realm, he recruits washed-up horror novelist Philip Solomon to offer insight into the investigation.

Meet KC Anderson

KC Anderson is a pseudonym for a best-selling author who shall remain nameless. He loves reading, writing, and never leaving his house.

NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!

NOW FREE: Strap yourself to your seat as this fourth edition story takes you on a rollicking ride to Mars and back. But be forewarned as Joksey, NASA’s backup, street-smarts astronaut, and his indigent pals, Gnidek and the Professor, speak to each other in gritty, earthy language that some may consider too colorful. “NASA’s 1st MISSION TO MARS – FOR WHAT?!!!” won 1st PLACE IN READERS’ FAVORITE 2019 NATIONAL COMPETITION/tall tale category. This is the ADULT fourth edition version. It contains some profane language and new, entertaining content. The twists and turns in the life of Joksey (Stanley Marczek) and his pals never ends. Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. How is it possible? Why would NASA select a civilian, non-career astronaut for the mission? Obviously, living in a confined space for nineteen months for the journey to Mars, is one consideration. Another, his screening test results prove to be exceptional, better than all other candidates. And this is a man of grit and incredible courage. He accepts NASA’s offer, seeing it as an opportunity to remake his life, earn a cool three million bucks, and return to Earth a hero. But the story isn’t just about Stanley Marczek, (aka Joksey), and the mission to Mars. It is also about his relationships with his loyal friends: Gnidek, a Viet Nam veteran, his dog Chichi, his girlfriend Hannah, and all his friends at tent city. His journey is clouded with almost insurmountable personal and technical challenges, and it is his friends who provide invaluable moral support; they are all in it together. But what is the catch? There has to be a catch. The catch is that Joksey is a man of strong will who freely expresses his mind. So when the mission is complete, and Stanley Marczek returns to Earth, he publicly questions the wisdom of all manned missions to Mars, to the embarrassment of NASA. And he does not mince words. He tells it like it is, straight out! This novel features realistic science-fiction. It makes a very poignant argument questioning manned missions to Mars.

Meet Michael and Danny D’Agostino

Writing team of Michael and Danny D’Agostino specializing in sci-fi and comedy, and a mix of these two genres. Authors of over 40 projects, novels, screenplays, and video work.

Jerry for President 2024

NOW FREE: “JERRY FOR PRESIDENT 2024,” a multimedia comedy screenplay retells the exciting, hilarious adventures of JERRY the chicken, who after several painful misadventures decides to run for the Presidency of the United States with the help of his human friends. “Wow, if I’m being totally honest, this is one of the funniest scripts I have ever read. This is really a fantastic work and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.” – Carli Haney, Stage 32. Jerry will rescue America when he proclaims, “Drill baby, drill!!” (This comedy contains adult language, not for kids.)

Meet Michael and Danny D’Agostino

Michael and Danny grew up in a lower class neighborhood in Chicago’s Bridgeport community. After college (Both Danny and Michael have degrees in Chemistry.), Danny took up comedy writing while Michael was busy earning patents as a research chemist. Danny specialized in the field of toxicology chemistry, and maintained his interest in writing. By 2005, the brothers hooked up, writing at least 35 major comedy projects: plays, screenplays, a novel, an audio book, in addition to producing and directing comedy plays. Our first play was “The Dollar Store Lady,” directed by Danny, and we also produced video comedy, “SketchzillaTV,” and “Downtown Friday Night,” with Danny directing. Danny also wrote and composed all the background music for his acclaimed audio book, “Creatures.” In 2019 their novel, “NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!” won first place in the Readers’ Favorite International competition in the category of Tall Tale. They were also finalists in the Shriekfest for their novel,”Creatures.” They continue today as full-time writers of sci-fi adventures and comedy.

Paris, a novel

Miles has left his private school fractionally on the early side, after an incident involving a bottle of Green Chartreuse, or at least what was left of it, and is now determined to leave home and make his way in the world of 1980s London. But his real ambition is to play blues piano in the 1960s or earlier, in Paris, or Chicago or Berlin, and the fulfilment of this unlikely, if poetic, dream is further complicated by other factors that are currently hidden deep within him, and of which he has no idea as the story begins. “Lively, witty and always superbly engrossing. I thoroughly recommend it.” Christopher Sandford, best-selling biographer

Meet Rupert Rushbrooke

The author is an English poet. Born in 1957 in London, he has had poems published in a variety of magazines, including The Listener, The Dark Horse and the New English Review.

Welcome to Ludicrous

****Finalist in the 2018 Book Talk Radio Club Awards- Thriller Category**** All Aboard! Allow me to be your personal guide to Ludicrous, a whimsical and seemingly innocent town where not everything is as it seems. Take the butcher for instance. He’s a vegetarian. And there’s the exterminator, he’s positively petrified when it comes to bugs. However there’s also the decrepit mayor and his villainous wife with a dark secret… I invite you to follow along with Priscilla Pinwick, an uptight, rude and prideful woman, as she travels to this town. What could possibly go wrong? Includes a free preview of The Beast, a gripping and intense standalone thriller!

Meet Virginia Henderson

Virginia is a young, Christian author from Texas with a fascination for history, time travel, musicals and weaponry. She loves stories with shocking twists, believable characters and dramatic cliffhangers. As of now she has ten published books and hundreds of unwritten plots and storylines just begging to be told.

The Weighing Of The Heart: A Cautionary Tale

I Went To The Apocalypse And All I Got Was This Codpiece Hey, it’s me, your pal Thoth, ibis-headed ancient Egyptian god of writing and magic. Like any good narrator, I’m actually a part of this story. I’ve been infatuated with the bovine goddess Hathor since I can remember. The problem is, she wants nothing to do with me and my birdy self. I have my own way of dealing with rejection, but can you believe my brother Set is a frustrated incel who takes out his rage on the world? He’s bent on the destruction of humanity! He even enlists the help of ancient mummified pharaoh Djet to set off a plague that reflects the depravity of his perverted soul… Then there’s Akins, nerdy human Scribe living in Thebes who finds himself caught in the middle of all of this. A man after my own heart, he’s spent his life devoted to his craft and suddenly Set’s insanity turns his world inside and out. He’s gotta put up or… well, not shut up. More like he’s gotta put up or die. Same goes for Water Lily, apprentice to the renowned Apothecary Safiya. She just wants to learn her trade in peace. But instead of customers and mortars and pestles, the former street rat finds herself to be the last bastion of hope in the struggle for the very world! No pressure!

Meet Andrew Marc Rowe

Andrew Marc Rowe moonlights as a wizard when he is not working his desk job as a lawyer. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, with his daughter Iris and a stable of unicorns. He likes long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and betting the farm on insane cannibalism-related wagers with goblins. You can find him at andrewmarcrowe.com (sign up for his mailing list to get free e-books and e-mail lovin’).

A Sidekick’s Tale

She needed a husband on short notice to save the ranch. They needed a ring to make it official, and his best pal just happened to have a real nice one handy. And they’re all about to get way more than they bargained for. Meredith Fayett needed to marry someone before the week was out or she would lose her ranch. It sounded simple, so ranch hand Chance Stevens agreed to take on the job, in spite of his friend Marty’s warnings that it could only lead to trouble. But even Marty, a loyal though opinionated sidekick, couldn’t have predicted the mayhem that ensues when his own eccentric relatives appear on the scene, dragging Chance, Marty, and Meredith into the latest skirmish in a long-running family feud. What follows is a hilarious tangle involving an emerald ring, a fearsome aunt, a scheming suitor, and a team of runaway mules—by the end of which Chance finds that even a marriage just on paper has its complications, and that it never hurts to have a good sidekick. If you love a good screwball romp in a homespun setting—think P.G. Wodehouse meets O. Henry—pick up A Sidekick’s Tale now and start laughing!

Meet Elisabeth Grace Foley

Elisabeth Grace Foley has been an insatiable reader and eager history buff ever since she learned to read, has been scribbling stories ever since she learned to write, and now combines those loves in writing historical fiction. She has been twice nominated for the Western Fictioneers’ Peacemaker Award, and her work has appeared online at Rope and Wire and The Western Online. When not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors, music, crocheting, and watching sports and old movies. She lives in upstate New York with her family and the world’s best German Shepherd.