Angel from the Rust

They say Earth was a place of wonders, where towers pierced the clouds, cities lit up the night, and flying machines streaked across the sky. It was magic. But the magic conjured the End War. Fire fell from the sky, and metal beasts leveled the cities. That was six hundred years ago. Now the ruins of the Ancient world are buried or overgrown. And the technology of the past is feared as forbidden magic. Corvala, a young musician on the run from the law, never intended on getting mixed up with history. But when a murderer falls from the heavens and sets himself up as a god, she’s driven into the wilderness and discovers the secret of her bloodline: a code of immense power embedded in her DNA. The code could save thousands—or plunge her into madness. To defeat the tyrannical false god, Corvala must do something more terrifying than confront the demons of Earth’s history. She must confront her own.

Meet Jason Link

Jason is a high school English teacher by day and an author by night (if by “night” you mean the early morning when it’s still dark). A bestselling instructor on Udemy, Jason has over 13,000 students from all over the world enrolled in his writing courses. He lives with his family in beautiful Nicaragua—the land where he once proposed to his wife on an active volcano. (It erupted a week later, but he had nothing to do with that.) You can learn more about his writing projects at

Sword of Light (The Four Keys, Book 1)

Sword of Light (The Four Keys Book 1) - ASIN B088DKTL4C

“…You must find the four Keys to keep our worlds from burning…” Magic and mayhem, witches and werewolves. Take a journey with Andie as she and her friends search for the first Key. 
Andie didn’t expect to be orphaned, and she doesn’t want to leave the only house she ever lived in. No parents, no Nan, no one but Anne, a weird woman who carries on conversations with old books and empty purses.

When Anne drops her off at her new home in a small town in The Middle of Nowhere, Texas, Andie is at a loss. Her new guardian, Celeste, claims to have been a lifelong friend of her nan, and is one eccentric figure among many others who live in the small town, all of whom seem to know something that Andie doesn’t…

One evening, when the woods behind Celeste’s house spirit her away, Andie discovers a secret so incredible she can scarcely believe it: she’s half-Fae, half-Witch, and it’s her destiny to find the four Keys that will save the Tuatha De Danann from annihilation.

Worlds collide when two of her new friends from school, the sweet, helpful Teagan and the rude bad boy Hunter, join her on her journey to reach the mysterious place known only as Finias. There, they’ll find the first Key: the Sword of Light.

As they flee the wicked Fomorians and do battle with the Witch Freya, Andie and the boys forge new alliances and make some more adversaries. Will Andie and her friends rise to the challenge, or is the magical realm as good as gone already?

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The Abomination of Yaultan


He has become everything he hates. Now he must run from everything he knows.

17-year-old Edin longs for adventure. Languishing in his little of Yaultan, he is desperate to become one of the Por Fen–monks of the church whose sole job it is to hunt down and destroy magi also known as abominations for the evil their magic is.

One day, Edin is attacked by a monster. In a desperate attempt to save himself and his best friend, he produces a magic barrier, demonstrating to everyone that he himself is a magi and bringing down the wrath of the Por Fen on himself and his family.

He is soon forced from his home and must embark on a deadly journey through a wilderness full of monstrous beasts, both man and animal–with commoners and nobles alike ready to slay him at every turn.

Edin will need all his skills–even magic–if he’s to survive in a world bent on destroying him.

The Abomination of Yaultan is the first book of B. J. Hanlon’s new Legend of the Ecta Mastrino Series. If you love your fantasy adventures with just the right dash of lightheartedness, pick up your copy today!