The Culture Book V1: When Culture Clicks

Are you struggling to build a culture that attracts and retains the right people and delivers strong financial results? Learn how 32 companies including Netflix and Southwest Airlines have turned culture into a formidable competitive advantage.
Culture is the operating system of a company. It is the way people behave with each other when you aren’t looking, and it can be the difference between a company that grows and thrives, and one that sputters to a halt. Book co-Author Culturati has been hosting annual conferences on culture-building for five years, curating the very best thinking on how to build strong, resilient and vibrant workplaces. Co-Author Weeva helps companies like LendingTree and Zappos create gorgeous company culture books.
In The Culture Book, we debate: 

  • Who owns company culture? Is it the CEO, the C-suite or everybody or nobody 
  • Is culture all about values, or behavior, or something else 
  • Does culture have an ROI or is it just squishy? 
  • Can you copy culture? Can yours be copied?
  • How do you get a handle on what your culture IS, versus what you think it is or wish it were?

You’ll learn from 32 masters including: 

  • Patty McCord, former Chief People Officer of Netflix and the author of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility
  • Kim Malone Scott, author of the NYT and WSJ bestseller Radical Candor, and a former leader at Google and Apple
  • Tamara Fields, Accenture’s head of diversity and inclusion 
  • Lanham Napier, former CEO of RackSpace, now co-founder of venture fund BuildGroup 
  • Mark McClain, CEO of SailPoint, and GlassDoor’s #1 rated CEO 
  • Ginger Hardage, former SVP at Southwest Airlines, leader of their Culture and Communications Group, now the founder of the consultancy Unstoppable Cultures

And many more!

Meet Weeva and Culturati

Culturati is a community of CEOs, people leaders, investors, scholars and change makers who practice & study culture building and who share our playbooks. We host open, candid conversations around North America during the year. We commission research and publish thought leadership: The Culture Book, Vol I: When Culture Clicks; The Culturati Magazine; and the On Culture Newsletter.