Mastering Self-Discipline: How to Develop Good Daily Habits and Curb Procrastination - ASIN B08HN5BCVQ

Discover How to Get Things Done in a Timely Manner

It’s not enough to be passionate or motivated about reaching your goals. Your emotions fluctuate on a daily basis. Break the habit of being productive on some days and feeling sluggish on others.

Mastering Self-Discipline will help you:

  • Delve into the psychological causes of procrastination and self-doubt
  • Eliminate the temptation to be complacent at the moment
  • Learn how to ignore distractions such as television and social media
  • Instill a mindset that anything worth achieving in life takes time and consistency
  • Organize your priorities to see what gets done first
  • Manage your time efficiently to complete short-term tasks and make room for long-term goals
  • Maintain focus on one objective at a time
  • Develop good habits that allow you to execute without conscious thought

These techniques are not emphasized enough, and yet they are so vital to the quality of your life. Self-discipline is imperative to getting things done when you don’t necessarily feel like it.  

Whether it’s starting a new exercise routine or working on a project, get out of your emotions and start acting with a purpose

How well you do so can affect your career, relationships, and most importantly, your confidence.  

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Meet Robert K. Gilbert (Pen Name)

My name is Brian Jung. I just started publishing ebooks. This is my first one. I plan to publish a lot more. I love sports, music, politics, reading, and writing. I currently work at a hospital in a mental health inpatient unit. I hope to become a full time online entrepreneur someday.