The Science of Energy

“An excellent and engaging overview of milestones and key discoveries in science… The author effectively tees up his compelling metaphysical premise, that ‘conscious experience is not spooky or mysterious. It is part of the natural order.’” Kirkus Reviews

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Exploring the profound connections between subjective experience and the universal order.

Discover a groundbreaking exploration at the crossroads of science and metaphysics. Accessible to scholars and general readers alike, Sattari’s lucid prose invites readers on a journey where ancient wisdom and modern rationalism meet to reveal the intricate fabric of reality.

In this volume, Sattari presents a profound metaphysical system—a unifying framework for integrating conscious experience with the material world. The book traces humanity’s evolving concept of reality, from early worship of deities believed to maintain order, through the Scientific Revolution, and the development of modern science. Discussing topics from quantum mechanics and relativity theory to the basics of biology and neuroscience, it unravels the complex interplay between our subjective experiences and the physical world. Beyond theoretical discussion, it emphasizes the practical implications of our understanding, providing a guide to our place in the cosmos and a pathway to peace in the human experience.

Some highlights include:

  • Insights into the relationship between subjective experience and the natural order
  • Exploration of consciousness’s impact on physical and biological systems
  • Discussion of the contrasts and unity between living and nonliving entities
  • Examination of the evolution of consciousness in nature
  • Thought-provoking discussions on the nature and purpose of consciousness in the cosmos

“The Science of Energy” is an exploration of the whole order of reality, uncovering a basic duality at the heart of our universe. By treating reality as a singular entity, it avoids the trap of specialization prevalent in many academic circles, revealing important interconnections between various disciplines. This has led to the development of a new philosophical approach called “Ontology Metaphysics.” Embark on this exciting adventure that will arm you with the tools you need to deal with some of life’s most challenging questions and leave your perception of reality (and therefore your life!) transformed.

Meet Payman Sattari

Payman Sattari stands at the forefront of metaphysical and scientific exploration, offering deep insights into the nature of reality. In his debut “The Science of Energy” he draws on a decade of dedicated research to offer a visionary perspective on the universe’s dual nature, inviting readers to explore the profound connection between our inner experiences and the natural world.


In a vast and intertwined simulated universe, a holographic matrix transcends the simple binary of life and death, unfolding a future deeply entangled within the intricate webs of digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and quantum evolution. This scenario goes beyond the mere initiation and cessation of existence, engaging instead with a continual interplay of sophisticated holographic data streams that originate from the Source Core—a reservoir of limitless possibility residing at the very crux of human consciousness. These holographic projections are not mere illusions, but rather tangible manifestations of individual essences, exquisitely crafted and interacting seamlessly with both human consciousness and the fabric of the multiverse. Within the boundaries of “HOLO SONIC,” the fates of humanity are intricately linked with the progression of digital and artificial intelligence, fundamentally redefining the essence of what it means to be alive. Initially celebrated as a dawning age of digital democratization, this new digital paradigm quickly devolves into an arena dominated by economic powerhouses and enigmatic elites. These groups exploit virtual currencies, not for the stabilization of society, but as instruments of subjugation, Furthermore, they exploit women and children for their nefarious cult Devil worshipping and hybrid breeding agenda. Despite early promises of enhanced equality, the emergent technologies catalyze an era dominated by an extreme form of capitalism, where the powerful mine deep into the bedrock of privacy, extracting data and progressively stripping away freedoms under the deceptive guise of autonomy. Amidst this vast, manipulated multiverse, the very dynamics of reality are controlled by those who command the digital infrastructures, crafting an existence where artificial intelligence blends indistinguishably with human life. This convergence threatens the collective identity of humankind, placing human consciousness at risk of manipulation, hijacking, or complete erasure for darkly manipulative purposes. Society, now closely monitored and guided by pervasive digital networks, finds its essence of personal identity and liberty increasingly diminished by these invisible governing forces. From the depths of this oppressive existence, a formidable resistance emerges, led by a courageous woman, flanked by her ex-military allies and supported by a decentralized international movement. Together, they launch a revolutionary campaign of bravery and valor to thwart the deployment of an advanced, weaponized technology designed to enslave human consciousness. Their struggle challenges the digital overlords, drawing upon the primal energies that resonate within every human being, aiming to shatter the digital shackles binding the spirit of society. “HOLO SONIC” is not just a story; it is a clarion call for a resurgence of freedom, and a collective awakening to reclaim our intertwined destinies. Dive into this narrative of resistance, where the transient and eternal concepts merge, where the lines between the digital and the bodily realms blur, and where a global community rises to redefine the forces that mold their existence. Witness the Phoenix, the emblematic of renewal and rebellion, prepared to eliminate the shadows of oppression and illuminate the road to a new, equitable future. Prepare to be captivated and moved as “HOLO SONIC” invites you to partake in a profound journey of conviction, self-discovery, and a revolution that traverses not only the digital landscapes but the very core of our existence. This is your call to arms, an invitation to move beyond the illusions, reach a new level of consciousness so you can break free, and spearhead a renaissance of genuine freedom and equality within this intricately connected cosmos.

Meet Ellie Nelhams

Ellie is an emergent voice in the realm of speculative fiction, blending an academic background in Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism with her hands-on experience as a cyber security consultant in Australia. With her extensive travel around the globe, Ellie brings a distinct insight and broadened perspective to her storytelling. Her debut novel, the first installment in a planned trilogy, is a unique fusion of dystopian and cyberpunk themes with elements of science fiction, women’s empowerment, spirituality, history, and visions of the future. Ellie’s career and travels have not only provided rich material for her creative pursuits but have also shaped her into a fervent advocate for freedom and equity. Her writing is fired by her passion and her visionary outlook, urging the reader to explore complex worlds and challenging ideas. This bold narrative is just the beginning of what promises to be a compelling journey through the vivid landscapes she creates, all inspired by her own life experiences and the diverse cultures she has encountered. As a debut author, she writes with conviction, inviting readers to dive into a story that challenges the conventional and enlightens the spirit.

Lost in My Soul: Conversations With the Deepest Parts of Me

Are you searching for answers to the big questions in life? Do you often feel like there must be more to your existence? If these thoughts resonate with you, then my book is exactly what you need. My name is Sergio, and I was born on the last day of 1978. Ever since I can remember, I have been on a quest to find meaning in my life. I’ve had a journey that’s been full of highs and lows, moments of clarity, and times of confusion. But through it all, I have gained valuable insights and a deeper understanding of myself. In my book, I share with you the conversations I have had with my soul. These are reflections that I decided to jot down, and I’ve compiled them just for you. I don’t claim to have found all the answers to the questions I seek, but I have come to realize that the journey itself is just as important as the destination. In fact, the journey is where you will discover your purpose and your true self. My hope is that my book will inspire you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery. I want to encourage you to explore your own sense of being, connect with your soul, and discover the power of introspection. In my book, you’ll find inspiration, guidance, and encouragement to pursue your own path of self-discovery. Join me on this journey of self-discovery, and let’s explore the power of love together. Let’s discover that we are all connected and that we are all one. My promise to you is that this will be a ride you won’t soon forget. So, come along with me, and let’s start this adventure together.


Hi, I’m Sergio Rijo, a passionate writer with a love for storytelling. With 20 years of experience in the industry, I’ve written numerous books in a variety of genres, from spirituality to fiction. As a writer, I strive to create engaging and captivating stories that will transport readers to new worlds and keep them hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of spirituality or simply enjoy a good story, I’m confident that you’ll love my work. So, come along on this journey with me and let’s explore the wonderful world of storytelling together!

Dream Physics

“The value of these experiences in the first person, is fundamental to expand knowledge of our true nature and the essence of our Consciousness.” 
Dr Patrizio Tressoldi, Science of Consciousness Research Group, Department of General Psychology, University of Padua, Italy

“I never thought lucid dreaming could be an area of scientific interest. This book brought up new insights and opened up a new dimension of thinking. Motivating me to think of possible applications of lucid dreaming in my field of study. It’s so impressive how the author has used simple similes and metaphors to facilitate understanding of complex psychodynamics.”
Dr. Indika Neluwa-Liyanage, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medical sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

Dream Physics is a guide book for extraordinary times.

In Dream Physics, Damian Amamoo shows you how to explore your consciousness and connect with your own lucid inner truth.  

Dream Physics is a road of discovery that demonstrates we are all unique and have a human heritage that is able to tap into transformational opportunities and literally discover new worlds.

Dream Physics begins by taking a look at problems facing modern science including difficulties accepting odd phenomena and the quest for a Grand Unified Theory of everything or GUT.

In search of answers for the world beneath matter, Dream Physics tours the human brain, memory, consciousness, time and gravity offering perspectives on how we can break down the barriers to GUT success.  Dream Physics prepares you for a journey of consciousness by introducing a framework for “Creative Science” to familiarize you with some of the environments that are accessible via lucid dreaming. We will cover

·      Interpenetration

·      The Multiverse

·      Parallel Worlds

·      Probable Realities

·      The nature of time

·      Planes of existence

·      Subtle body vehicles of consciousness

Drawing on nearly 20 years of original research, Dream Physics places you on our shoulder as we use lucid dreaming to change form, fly, analyze, wonder, shrink, expand, move things about and conduct experiments using mobile consciousness that is part of our lucid truth. Lucid skills that are available to everyone who cares to learn including scientists, quantum physicists, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, therapists, philosophers and above all you.

“We are going to give scientists new tools for thinking about matter, consciousness and physics. We are going to give you new inner tools to explore your lucid truth and draw greater pleasure from your waking and sleeping experiences.”

To help you get started on your own Lucid Dream adventures, Dream Physics will introduce a “Lucid Checklist” and then we will revisit the “Hard Problem of Consciousness” and preview some topics to be included in our next book Creative Science and Visualization.

Dream Physics also includes a Glossary of frequently used terms for your easy reference.


Meditation for Beginners: Inner Nature : How to Empower the Mind to Connect with the Present, Achieve Energizing Sleep, and Eradicate Anxiety for Good


For those of us new to meditation, the biggest obstacle is understanding what it is and where to start. Meditation is our tool to deal with the complexed nature of life. It is a portal to a deeper comprehension of ourselves and the world through introspection and inner peace with the present moment.
With meditation we can sit in the awareness of life without being consumed by our anxieties or overwhelming thoughts. We can use it to calm ourselves into a restful state of tranquility, greatly benefiting the quality of our sleep and our ability to be proactive in our decisions.

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In this book you will learn the meaning and goal behind meditation and what you can expect during the practice. We also provide several different exercises where you can begin to immediately feel the effects on your mind and body. This walks you through how to be aware in the present moment, identify the true force behind your anxiety, and techniques to sedate your mind and body for adequate sleep.

Here are just a few topics discussed inside…
•The True Goal and Application of Meditation
•How to multiply the benefits of meditation
•The different states of Awareness
•What is Mindfulness/Mindfulness Exercise
•How to become the observer of your Consciousness
•What affects bad sleep patterns
•Beneficial Brain waves formed from meditation
•Techniques to Fall asleep immediately
•How to observe Anxiety without being overwhelmed
•How to understand the root cause behind your anxiety
•The body’s ability to reconfigure itself using meditation

Download your copy today, and begin to take control of your mind, focus, anxiety, sleep and awareness to successfully master your life.

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