“An exciting conspiracy thriller charged with intrigue and action”

-Susan Sewell

Everything’s under CTRL. 

A Storm gathers. The lines between fiction and reality blur.

Small-time blogger Jane Harlow doesn’t want to believe. She lives in a world of hard facts, but when a mysterious stranger arrives alleging shocking secrets about her father’s murder, Jane’s life quickly unravels. She is in danger. Friends and family are indistinguishable from agents of a shadowy Cabal. 

She must choose–believe or die. 

Businessman John McCarthy wants the simple life–fishing in the tropics. But no matter how far he runs, he can’t escape the controversy over the company he founded. Halfway around the world, a disaster unites him with a young woman who could open his eyes to the truth, or she might be the death of him. 

The harrowing trail of clues left by a killer leads Jane on a desperate chase to the ends of the Earth–and to the part of her past she can’t escape. The FBI and one determined detective pursue her every step of the way. Each revelation is more unnerving than the last. Each one challenges the reality they think they see. Everyone is a threat now.

The world is coming apart. To survive, Jane must reckon with the greatest lie in human history. 

Everything she thought she knew was wrong. Where one goes, they all go. 

The Sunless Sea will reveal the truth.

“An engaging story with a complex plot that kept me guessing until the very end…The plot’s pace and intensity build as the story progresses, snowballing to a smashing finale.”

-Readers Favorite Reviews

Meet Luther Banks

Luther Banks is a television producer and lifelong storyteller who now devotes his energies to fiction writing. His stories aim to capture the human condition in all of its aspects, including those that mainstream literature conveniently ignores. In his free time, he enjoys the beach, spending time in nature, and doing the three W’s of life: woodworking, wine tasting, and writing (and wizardry). He is the author of two books in the “Dick Wiener” series. His latest work is entitled “The Sunless Sea.”

Judas Blaze: A Jago Hale Thriller (Jago Hale Series Book 3) - ASIN B08JJC9X1P

Trust is a word rarely used within the murky world of Espionage and Secret Intelligence.

In this conspiracy thriller, the final part of the first Jago Hale trilogy, the action moves from Argentina to the West Coast of the USA and finally back to London, where Jago aims to confront the traitor within the UK government and finally establish the identity of the killer of his wife and unborn child.

With the help of his two colleagues from the CIA and Mossad, Jago closes in on the criminal organisation they call Chetwynd. Following an undercover entry into the estancia of the financial mastermind of the group, he and his special-forces team are forced to fight their way to safety. From the information they acquire there, they fly to California to stop an act of terrorism to destroy the US Navy fleet based in San Diego designed by Chetwynd and their associates within the Chinese government, but little does he know that the mystery female assassin that has been killing Jago’s colleagues is hot on his heels. As well as becoming fixated on Jago, a journalist and undercover spy for MI6, the bisexual killer also has her own reasons to find the identity of the man who put out a contract on her life. 

For fans of Clancy, Le Carre, Baldacci, Patterson and Fleming, this action packed story of organised crime is guaranteed to keep you reading to the last page. 

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Meet Tomson Cobb

Tomson Cobb has a background in international marketing and trading, with extensive experience of import and export, mainly in electronics.

He respects entrepreneurs who’ve taken risks with their own money to build businesses from scratch, rather than corporate executives with huge salaries that haven’t.

He lives in London with a very civil female partner. Both love dogs, but currently don’t have one. He likes running, fitness training and playing competitive sports. He doesn’t like politicians, bureaucrats or corporate criminals.

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Tomson Cobb

This is an amazing book, written for people who want to explore the secrets of the world around them.
This book has a very serious message for humanity.

In this book you will find answers to questions bothering humanity for centuries, including:
? What’s our purpose Here on Earth?
? Why we Exist?
? Our beginnings, as a human race.
? Why does our world exis?

The book consists of three parts.
Part 1 is the original record of an alien interrogation
Part 2 is some information about the Blue Book project

The third part is the analysis of each part of the interrogation – that is, all the things the alien talked about, and finally also the interrogation as a whole.

If you like the so-called conspiracy theories, or are you curious about the answers given by the alien to these questions, do not hesitate!
You will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the answers to these questions, so don’t hesitate a second longer, and order this book now!

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Memories Never Die

Thirty years ago, Jim got away with murder. Today, his victim came back — and he brought trouble.

The dead farmer whom Jim thought he had left behind in Vietnam has revenge on his mind, and Jim’s wife and son are his targets. Unless the threat the farmer imposes — and possibly the man himself — is only a figment of Jim’s PTSD-driven hallucinations.

While Jim races to protect his family, he battles the mental demons that the farmer’s re-appearance rekindles. Will he be able to save his family before his memories destroy his mind?

Don’t miss this page-turner from C. Thomas Cox!

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The Marlow Project

A fast-paced, fascinating medical thriller set in the near future where the use of technology comes with a dark side. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror.

Dr Marlow pioneers an unusual procedure which involves the brain transplant of terminally ill patients into the bodies of death-row prisoners. 

But what happens when demand exceeds supply?

What happens when ethics become hazy?

What happens if there are other reasons for wanting a new body?

How far down in this murky, underworld will Dr Marlow be dragged before he takes drastic action?

Packed with twists and turns, read now to uncover the shocking truth.

What readers are saying;

“Fast-paced and an easy read.”

“A real roller coaster of a tale…”

“A classic page-turner…”

“I loved the characters and the entire book…”

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Tyranny Rising – The Collapse of America Series – Book 1

The FBI was his dream job, until they tried to kill him. Rookie Agent Billy Thompson is fresh out of the academy at Quantico when he gets assigned to the Domestic Terrorism Unit in Washington DC. He’s looking forward to a career full of action and adventure, serving his great country by keeping Americans safe from terrorists.

Billy’s dream job quickly becomes his worst nightmare when he uncovers a false flag terror attack being orchestrated by the highest levels of the FBI. Now he must choose, to be a team player and go along with this sinister plot to murder Americans, or risk his life and everything he’s worked for to stop the bloodshed.

This gripping conspiracy theory action thriller is Book 1 in The Collapse of America Series, which explores the darkest depths of government corruption.

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A must read book to understand current events.

Arthur White takes us through the mechanisms of propaganda and indoctrination from the past and used in today’s social media. Sometimes reality is far more terrifying than fiction.

Arthur White gives a daring look to how freedom is stripped away. A society indoctrinated since birth, a world of fashionable morals.

Arthur White guides us through the tools used in everyday life to deceive mankind, divide and keep people in an invisible prison.

The magic trick is not stripping away free will from society. The real magic trick is doing it in a way that people willingly surrender free will and they do it with a big smile.

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