Stacia and Marco have just gotten engaged. Marco has been offered his dream job, which means that they have one month to plan their wedding before leaving the country.
It seems like nothing is going according to plan. There have been issues with the wedding planner, Stacia’s mom, a cupcake incident, a wedding dress snafu, and a drunken wedding rehearsal disaster.
Will they be able to pull everything together for their perfect day?
Join the cast of Bee’s Flowers and Bee-Coming for this fun novella, part one in the three-part wedding series.

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Bonnie is a young woman, engaged and passionate about her new job, her feminist ideals, and her friends. Bonnie is also single and looking for a soulmate. Her last boyfriend dumped her after she supported him through law school. Her new boyfriend is nice, but a little boring and they’re not attuned politically. Then Bonnie meets Jane. She’s a little older, experienced, and compelling. They share a commitment to feminism and social justice. Unfortunately, Jane is married. Still, Bonnie finds her attraction growing. She denies it because Jane is off limits, but Bonnie is compelled and sure the attraction is mutual.

Set in 2016, the election is a backdrop to Bonnie’s turbulent year of searching for love. This is a story of growth and maturation told in a voice that grows from timid to hopeful to confident and explores the complexity of relationships as well as themes relevent to the current times.

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Meet Alice Benson

Alice Benson lives in Wisconsin, with her partner and their dogs Max and Oliver. She loves to read, write, cook, watch movies, and take long walks. She loves watching baking shows but hates to actually bake. Alice recently retired from a job in the human service field; previously she spent over thirteen years working with a domestic violence program. She’s excited to be working on her third novel.

LOVELY: Seeking Prince (not the end)

“M,” I screeched. Deadly silence followed. I dreaded to even move. “Nooooooo…” I clutched my cringing tummy. I could make no further sounds as all air from my inside was vacuumed out. I struggled to suck some of it back to my lungs, my bulging eyes adjusted to the dark now spotted M lying on the floor.

LOVELY—Seeking Prince is the second book in NOT THE END CHRONICLES by ANITA S J.
A teenage romance blooms in the midst of a pursuit which turns the trail into an adventure of a lifetime.
The other two books in this series published till now are:

“Simple language….Humorous…lot of heartwarming situations.
A very mature romantic story…reminds you of Hrishikesh Mukherjee or a Basu Chaterjee film story. Keeps you engaged with its dramatic twists and turns. A very good read….Paisa vasool…..”
—Goodreads review for EXPIRY DATE-NOT THE END by ANITA S J



A high school ruled by small-town politics.
A rural community ruled by rumors.
The truth may set them free. But are they ready for it?

The residents of West Lake are resistant to change and afraid of confrontation. They’re happy to punch in and punch out and complain about the boss man. They’re friendly to your face but spiteful behind your back. They have their farms and their football, but, underneath that small-town veneer, there’s envy and self-hatred and greed.

Principal Janet Wilcox is a modern-day Machiavelli of small-town politics, playing the school board and the community like a banjo. Coach Rick Barnett finds himself squarely in her sights when an up-and-coming quarterback challenges her son’s starting position.

Gwen Townsend’s the new teacher in town. She’s a beautiful woman with a secret. She picked the wrong place to hide from her past. Caleb Miles is her star pupil, a brilliant young writer, questioning his sexuality in a town lacking tolerance. Gwen needs to hide who she was, and Caleb needs to hide who he is.

In a town run on rumors, nobody’s secret is safe.

Adult content and language.

What readers are saying.

“Another great book by one of my favorite authors! I loved reading the different points of view of the main characters. I think the author did a great job making them all feel real and true to life.” – Rachael M. ?????

“Rumors tells the story of lies and manipulation. It is a story played out in our lives every, single, day.This is a book that I couldn’t easily put down. When I did have to put it down, I was thinking about it and anxious to get back to it. Williams is a masterful storyteller. It’s difficult not to become emotionally invested in his characters.” – Kendra M. ?????

“I loved this book and had to put it down to sleep at one point and raced through the next day’s events just so I could finish it! I’m used to the author writing really realistic characters in very believable situations that often scare the hell out of me because they could really happen!” – Teresa F. ?????

Bee’s Flowers


Most everyone has gone to a flower shop and purchased a bouquet or a gift. Have you ever taken the time to ponder where the flowers are going and the story behind every purchase? Welcome to Bee’s Flowers where there is a story behind every bouquet. A place where customer’s and owner’s lives intertwine. There will be love, and there will be loss, there will be laughter, there will be tears.
Meet Grandma Betty, the original owner of Bee’s Flowers, who wants to pass the flower shop down to her granddaughters to travel America with her husband in their new RV.
Meet Rachel, one of Grandma Betty’s granddaughters who is facing an empty space in her life, and her heart, while her husband is deployed and she is left caring for her twin daughters.
Meet Stacia, Grandma Betty’s other granddaughter who is left wounded from a recent break-up. She runs heavy on sarcasm and coffee.
Meet Scarlett, she moved to Colorado to be closer to Children’s Hospital where her daughter is currently being treated for cancer. Tevin, her husband, loves his girls and having fun with them, despite the obstacles they are continually dealing with.
Meet Eleanor, a pediatric oncology nurse. She suffers from a tragic past but is trying to be the best person she can be. Her fiance Kai is a lawyer and frustrated about his stressful job. Will they be able to come together despite Kai’s anger?
Together, the cast of Bee’s Flowers will make you rethink the way you look at flowers, and the reasons people turn to them on multiple occasions.

Kaleidoscope Summer, Samantha’s Story


Samantha Forrester has it all together. Deafness at age fifteen has not hampered her success. Life, although predictable, has hit a comfortable stride.

Her world crumbles when secrets of the past are brought to light. She travels to Serenity Cove to settle her birth mother’s estate and search for her true identity. Samantha soon becomes enamored with the town. And then there’s police chief Logan Delatorre who startles her pulse, and grandparents who refuse to acknowledge her. More mystery unfolds when an attack is levied against her—someone wants her out of Serenity Cove.

Samantha’s faith is called into question when she stumbles over the need to forgive. Can Dr. Ellie Clarimonde help her connect the pieces of her past and learn the power of forgiveness?

The Moskowitz Code


Awarded an Honorable Mention for Humor in the 2017 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Just When You Thought it was Safe to be Healthy…

When his doctor mistakenly types the wrong code into his electronic medical record, Myron Moskowitz—Mike, to the entire world except his mother Celia—finds life, or at least the one he’s grown used to, suddenly turned tush-over-teakettle. With that single dodgy digital diagnosis, a chain reaction is set in motion leading Mike to lose his job, accidentally get all trace of himself wiped off of every computer in the known universe, and seriously contemplate buying a Harley. And Mike isn’t exactly what you’d call a motorcycle kind of Moskowitz.

Somehow Mike must find a way to get back on the grid and get his old job back, all without his wife finding out about any of it.

Joel Bresler’s writing style can be referred to as literary silliness—the experience of reading the prose is more fun than anything the prose might be leading up to. Stories are all well and good, Bresler believes, but they’ve all been done already anyway, so why let something as trivial as a plot interfere with a good read? After all, nobody ever bought a P.G. Wodehouse novel just to see if Bertie Wooster gets away with it this time.

Deja Vu


If you are looking for a book where you can fall in love with the protagonist and escape reality, this is NOT the book for you. There are no aliens, no heartbreaking alpha-males, no beautiful women waiting for a knight on a white horse to come rescue them.

Chances are you won’t like Rose, the main character. Why? Because Rose is not a nice girl. She is jealous, she hates, and she is unhappy with her life.


Maybe each of us experiences the exact same feelings? Maybe that’s why it’s hard for some of us to read and realize that we have part of Rose inside of us …

However, Rose was given an unusual opportunity to relive her life and examine her emotions and decisions.
Come and read what happened to her and what she found out about herself and her environment.

Maybe you’ll find out something about yourself…

Déjà Vu won the Israeli Nanowrimo contest, receiving these comments from the judges: “A real ‘page turner,’… honest and free from self-righteousness… centered around a fascinating concept. The writer has a rare talent for telling a compelling story.”