A laugh-out-loud queer rom-com like no other! After a disastrous and publicly humiliating rejection at a cosplay convention, naive yet hopeful romantic Paula Suarez is left with another crushing failure in her quest for love – and her dream of becoming a costume designer. But when she stumbles upon feisty mixed-race journalist Nita Funmaker, a friendship blossoms which may soon grow into something much more. Embroiled in a bitter divorce and immersed in pursuing her latest scoop, Nita isn’t sure if she’s ready for another try at love. But with her father’s paper on the ropes and her ex still hounding her, maybe a bit of fun and relaxation is exactly what she needs. Drawn together by a series of increasingly amusing and absurd events – from Paula joining an underground drag wrestling show to Nita’s secret passion for ice skating – Paula and Nita must navigate their increasingly tumultuous emotions, help each other face their deepest fears, and maybe even find true love along the way. As a fun and light queer romantic comedy with a dash of banter, a few spicy scenes, and plenty of laugh-out-loud hilarity, Pivot is a delightful and emotional read that’s perfect for fans of authors including Casey McQuiston and Karelia Stetz-Waters.

Meet Anna Pulley

Anna Pulley is a queer, multiracial (white/Native American/Latinx), and deaf/hard of hearing author. She wrote The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!), (Flatiron, 2016), which Tegan and Sara said was “an adorable and hilarious way to start the day,” Cheryl Strayed called a “must-read,” and actress Jennifer Tilly said was “thoroughly charming.” She writes a weekly sex and dating advice column for The Chicago Tribune and has been published in New York magazine, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, San Francisco magazine (the issue she contributed to won a National Magazine Award), Vice, Salon, BuzzFeed, and many others. She was also named a Top LGBTQ Writer on Medium. Her writing has been excerpted/quoted in Esther Perel’s book, The State of Affairs. She’s been a repeat guest on Dan Savage’s podcast, Savage Love, on Daniel Lavery’s “Dear Prudence” podcast, and on the 99% Invisible podcast (waxing on, of all things, flannel). When she’s not writing, you’ll find her editing cookbooks, reading feelings poetry, or trapped under a cat, probably.

Making A Difference (M.A.D.)

Everybody loves Jay. He’s that humanitarian PR guru who doesn’t live like the rich and runs a profitable company so that he’ll have more resources to help people. Ironically, he’s engaged to a gorgeous CEO whose purse collection could feed the homeless in NYC, but he’s only human. Jay’s protégé/new partner Zoe finds it hilarious. They get along great, but they have a big secret. 5 years ago, they fell hard for each other. She was a student at NYU where Jay was a lecturer. Jay would never risk his reputation by dating a student. Moreover, he’d die before he let Zoe ruin her career. She was furious he didn’t take the risk for them, so she left the company (and the country!) to get over him. Now, she’s happily coupled up with lovely writer Colin. Colin detests Jay, and he doesn’t even know the entire story. Zoe’s upset Colin’s turning into a whiny jerk, but he’s the first guy she has felt strongly for in a long time. Jay can no longer dismiss his feelings as nostalgia, but Zoe’s still mad. And the last time he tried to fix things, she walked out of his life. Will Jay be able to follow his heart when even improving the world seems easier? Making A Difference is a contemporary workplace romantic comedy drama set in New York City.

Meet Pinar Tarhan

Pinar Tarhan is a romcom novelist, screenwriter, and freelance writer. She loves creating passionate, romantic, and escapist stories. In addition to writing and reading obsessively, she loves watching movies, learning new languages, traveling abroad, beach vacations, and dancing. She’s obsessed with glam metal, and she doesn’t care it’s not the 1980s anymore. You can catch up with her on Twitter at @zoeyclark.

Adore Me

The last thing Tessa Rogers needs or wants, is a hero. When single mom Tessa’s apartment burns down, she’s left with nothing but ashes and nowhere to go. Hunky firefighter Damon Jackson has been battling depression since his wife’s passing, but he still has an enormous heart and offers Tessa and her daughter a place to stay. Neither of them is looking for a relationship, but the proximity has them quickly falling for one another, flaws and all. Tessa always promised herself she’d never fall for a firefighter – not after losing her dad to that heroic profession. And Damon is afraid to open his heart again. Will she be able to help Damon, or will the depression and grief be too much?

Meet Ashley Zakrzewski

USA Today and International Best Selling Author Ashley Zakrzewski is known for her captivating storytelling, sultry plots, and dynamic protagonists. Hailing from Arkansas, her affinity for the written word began early on, and she has been relentlessly chasing after her dreams ever since.

Commanding Sia

Separated by loss. . .reunited by duty…

When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involved in an F-18 Fighter Jet accident that took her brother’s life six years ago. But when another incident aboard the carrier involves the death of a senator’s son whose plane crashed into the deck on a routine training mission, she’s now required to return to the carrier with Chris in tow to face a cunning and dangerous foe. Bombarded both personally and professionally, Sia must trust her instincts and suppress the feelings that surface for her enigmatic and sexy partner.

Meet Zoe Dawson

Zoe Dawson lives in North Carolina. She discovered romance in her teens and has been spinning stories in her head ever since. Her heroes are sexy males with a disregard for danger and whether reluctant, gung-ho, or caught up in the action, show their hearts of gold.

Her imagination runs wild with romances from sensual to scorching including romantic comedy, new adult, romantic suspense, small town and urban fantasy. Look below to explore the many avenues to her writing. She believes that it’s all about the happily ever afters and always will be.

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Jillian Magee, a fifth-grade math teacher who loves Christmas, has a freezer filled with Christmas cookies, all her Christmas gifts wrapped, and the red scarves all knitted for her caroling party. Unfortunately, the universe seems bent on depriving her of joy this season, even when it supplies her with a well-intentioned celestial do-gooder—a quirky female version of Jacob Marley.

Tristán Solano, famous as Trystan Sol in the rock music world, grew up across the street from Jillian Magee, his first friend at five years old and the woman he left in order to grab the brass ring. After eight years with a popular group, earning more money than he can possibly spend in one lifetime, he longs for his old, uncomplicated life. As Christmas approaches, he leaves the band and heads home with his four-year-old daughter.

Will Jillian have her heart broken again, or can she and Tristán overcome the past and keep each other warm this Christmas?

Meet Annalisa Russo

Annalisa Russo is a Midwest girl who grew up in an overpopulated first-generation Italian family in the burbs of Chicago. Along with a passion for reading and writing, Annalisa enjoys gardening, cooking for company, and frequently invents reasons for traveling. The mother of three grown children, she now shares her home with a narcissistic cat named Buster who really runs the show.

Since Always

Neither of them have forgotten the one forbidden night that could have cost them everything. Now, 37-year old Owen and 22-year-old Cassidy must confront the thing they’ve been trying so hard to avoid the past two years. Senator Owen Blaze may be known to the world as the rising star of his party and one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, but that will never be how tech heiress Cassidy Sloane sees him. To Cass, Owen has always just been her much older brother’s best friend and the off-limits man of her dreams. At least, that’s all he was—until one fateful night two years ago when those limits were tested and everything between them changed. They have spent the last two years regretting that moment and avoiding each other at all costs, knowing the secret they carry between them could destroy both their lives. Now, here they are, face-to-face and staying under the same roof for a full week over New Year’s. Will their past stay in the past so they can become friends again? Or will their feelings once again be too hard to fight, even with everything that’s on the line?

Meet M.L. Gray

ML Gray has dabbled in several careers over the years, but books kept calling her back. At some point, that nagging voice got annoying and she gave in and here we are. She lives in Northern California with her husband, bonus kids and one very elderly Ragdoll cat. She spends every spare second with her nose in a book or perfecting the next great vegan meal, and was a homebody long before the pandemic made it necessary.

Fated Accident

Escaping her father’s tyranny was the goal. Laying low in a small town in the middle of nowhere, was the plan. Literally walking into some douche and making a fool of herself wasn’t part of the plan. What’s even more off plan is how he makes her feel. Now she has to decide whether to stay or to run, because surely, her past will catch up with her and she wouldn’t want to put him in danger, though it seems Caine has some secrets of his own. She finds new information that makes her question everything she knew and realized that the little world she’s built for herself might be in more jeopardy than she thought. Will she succeed in hiding forever, or would she be dragged back to confront her past.

Meet Sylvia Godwin

Hey I’m Sylvia, book lover, hiker, chocolate cake and icecream eater, and a cat named Tommy who swears he owns me.

A Summer Fling with the Cowboy

It was only a fling for the summer. But they fell in love anyway… *** Ainsley Moore just wanted a peaceful vacation in Wyoming. Instead, she finds herself rescued by a handsome cowboy from the threat of a protective mother bear. When Tripp Hansen stumbles on Ainsley in the woods, he can’t deny the immediate attraction he feels towards hers. But it turns out she’s only visiting for a few weeks. He’ll never see her again after she returns home to San Francisco, worlds apart from his rugged cowboy life. Despite their better judgment, Tripp and Ainsley agree to a steamy summer fling. But when their time is up, can they part ways as planned? Or will their fling lead to something more between them?

Meet Audrey Bell

Audrey Bell writes sweet and quick romance with a dash of steamy goodness because life is too short so let’s get to the good stuff!

Shots: Tell It Slant

If it can happen, I’m just writing… ‘SHOTS’ captures a gamut of human emotion. Set in Indian settings, these slice-of-life shorts are masterfully woven into the tapestry of issues and conflicts everyman is wired to encounter. The twenty-five stories of this collage explore the nuances of sexuality, love, lust, society and whatnot. Flash is a popular choice of attention-deficit times and these haikus of short stories exactly deliver the punch in a few heavy hits. This disturbing little book of sharp and crisp flashes illuminates human condition in ways that impel one toward self-examination. Heartbreaking and joyous at the same time, this is an unsettling debut collection. Don’t miss it!

Meet Rupali Saini

Rupali Saini is a poet, activist, author and wanderer who prefers to ramble in the world of her imagination. Alone but never lonely, Rupali calls herself God’s favorite. She is fond of tapping her feet with a story in her mind, and a random choreographer. When she is not penning the subtleties of human heart, she is an assistant professor and a passionate teacher who loves to promote learning through questioning. Her work has been featured in various journals and anthologies.

Spring in Colorado

Tansy is the heart and soul of the diner, but this spring her heart just might be stolen… Scorned by love and promises made long ago, Tansy Bryant has learned not to count on anyone but herself. She runs the White Horse Diner with an iron fist and a heart the size of the Rocky Mountains, but at night she goes home alone. It took a heart attack for John Miller to accept that his high flying career as a corporate lawyer was never his dream. Determined to slow down and to follow his own dreams he heads to White Horse Creek. He didn’t expect a turf war over his new diner with a fiery redhead. He also didn’t expect her to be the first woman to capture his heart. Can Tansy and John move past the challenges love brings to find happiness together?

Meet Milan Watson

About Milan Watson Milan Watson is a fresh new voice in contemporary romance. Her stories are fun-loving, imaginative and humorous whilst at the same time touching day to day challenges all women face. She is the mother of two little boys and wife to a supportive husband, who doesn’t mind doing the dishes when she finds herself lost in a story. She spends most of her days dreaming up new characters and bringing stories to life, surrounded by her family and her two dogs Wendy and Duke. She loves creating characters you can identify with and writing stories that will have you laugh, cry and smile at the same time. For free give-aways and to join her mailing list you can visit her website at www.milanwatson.com