London Oxford Press presents Book One of The Silly Series, Covid Kiss: A Very Silly Very Short Story. Written by number one international bestselling author, Joel Schueler, in this ‘covidy’ — where Covid meets comedy, Danny and Lula must survive Covid at all costs if their love is to stay alive. They go to the forest where they think they will be safe, but will they? Then there’s the rest of the world to consider too…

The Silly Series continues with Book Two, Jim & Martha: A Novel on Eco Living

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Quarantined for a fortnight: CORONAVIRUS

Based on a true story.

In March 2020 Dr Prav was in the UK when the Corona pandemic started to hit its peak all around the world. So he decided to retrace to his home at Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was never an easy task as he was subjected to a mandatory quarantine period of two weeks in a military camp situated in the middle of a tropical rainforest in rural Sri Lanka.

His bizarre camp life was superlative and filled with wild adventures which made it an unforgettable experience and became a virtual excursion in the woods.

However, it did not just end as a vacation. While at the captivity he also met a group of wonderful souls who changed his life forever. With the acquaintance fetched he started to explore life from a different angle and had an opportunity to observe this prevailing corona pandemic in an extraordinary perception. Furthermore, he started to embrace the nature and impacts of Coronavirus which leads him to a whole hidden world.

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