Escape to Osprey Cove

Meet Luisa Marietta Gold

Luisa Marietta Gold was born and educated in Pennsylvania, where she spent a large part of her adult life and worked for a large corporation. After her only daughter was born, she relocated to North Carolina, where she worked as a Realtor and began running a recreational business with her husband. She currently resides on eleven acres near a lake reminiscent of the Rideau lake chain that provides the setting for The Osprey Cove Lodge Series. The series was born from her love of that region of Canada, the outdoors, and lake life. Many years were spent enjoying the Rideau, staying in lodges, and for a time, her privately-owned cottage. Among her many interests are painting, gardening, and cooking.. And, of course, writing and storytelling. But it’s the simple things of life that bring the most enjoyment — the beauty of the trees outside the window of her writing room as they change with the seasons and watching her kitties interact and play. Nearly all of these interests and life experiences are reflected in her books.

The Empty House

Auntie’s B & B Series
Volume I – The Empty House

Shy, orphaned, raised by a maiden aunt who left her a large old Victorian and a dream for a B&B, can Gwen realize that dream?
When burglars steal her things, did they also end her dreams? A failed date has her thinking she’ll end up an old maid, like her aunt. In her journey to find her things, will she find love, or will she find her date was involved in the theft?
Will she ever feel safe again? Will she find her valuable recipes and mementoes?

To find out the answers, buy The Empty House now. Available in ebook and paperback. : Louy Castonguay The Empty House

Meet Louy Castonguay

Louy Currently lives in West Farmington, Maine, the site of this series. She has worked and lived in Central Maine all her life and brings to the novels reality, along with the fiction. The great outdoors, right on her doorstep, has inspired many of the scenes she writes about.
Louy as done many types of work throughout her life, including office work, egg processing, wool spinning, shoe shop piece work, personal care, volunteer transportation and education. She was meal site supervisor for Meals On Wheels Now retired, she has more time to write.
Two college degrees, one in Community Nutrition with a minor in Organic Chemistry and one in Creative Writing have laid a wonderful foundation for the writing of mysteries, her favorite genre. Volunteering Keeper was inspired by the volunteer work of so many keeping rural towns like Farmington community based and wonderful places to live, but also reflects that there can be dangers involved.

Love a Foot Above the Ground (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 0)


*****Voted one of the 50 Self-published books worth reading, 2015!*****
We should all have a Bernadette in our lives… Set in California and Mexico in the 1960s this tale evokes a simpler, more innocent time and place. A story of love, loss, and resilience in the face of a haunting mystery.
What readers are saying about Love a Foot Above the Ground
5***** “If you believe in love, please read this book and you will be enlightened by the power of everlasting love….Five stars to this one!”
5***** “This is a stunningly rich saga played out in the culture of Mexico’s Baja California, as a young girl learns the lessons of life, love, jealousy and betrayal. Against the odds, she ultimately finds peace and happiness, but not in any way you might expect from the intricacies of this fine saga.”
5***** “The writing style is fabulously romantic and mysterious and the scenery brilliantly described. By the end of the book I felt as though the people and places involved were actually real.”
5***** “The book was so powerful and a completely fascinating read.”

A Very British Witch Boxed Set ~ Books 1-4


When book-worm Scarlett is accused of murder, she has no choice but to take up sleuthing and find a way to clear herself of suspicion.

This boxed set contains the first 4 volumes of the A Very British Witch series:


Vampire Diaries meets Murder She Wrote. Brilliant humor, specially designed for the avid Anglophile.”

If you like your protagonists quirky and hilarious, your mysteries confounding, your vampires secretive, and weres dashing, you’re going to love everything in the A Very British Witch series.

Set in an actual village near Oxford, in England, UK, this urban fantasy has a touch of paranormal cozy mystery in it.

It also contains the occasional British expression. (There is a humorous glossary at the front to help you out with the translations.)