‘Character Creation For The Creative Writer’ equips the creative writer with an alternative approach to creating original and specific characters for their novels or plays. The process is easy and includes a combination of four new methods for character creation: (1) Inner- and Outer-Self of a character, (2) a central core of truths, (3) a ‘chain of events’ behaviour prediction, (4) a scale I call the ‘Awareness Level Scale.’ At the end of this easy to use process, a whole new character emerges each time ready to make their debut into the story line. All writers of novels or plays should add this book to their reference book shelf.

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The Ridgestone Way

Follow our protagonist through his time in and around the Docks of Ridgestone, each passage leaving you yearning and wondering where you’ll be taken next.
You’ll be instantly drawn into this tale of the hardship and futility, yet for one, there is another narrative.
This short story isn’t exactly as first meets the eye, just like the way in which it is written.
All will be unveiled in the most extraordinary of approach, but alas, it is The Ridgestone Way.

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