Murder at Macbeth

Whose deadly secret has taken centre stage?

When a talented, young actress unwittingly stabs herself live onstage after a prop knife is tampered with, suspicion immediately falls on her eclectic band of castmates. But who had the motive to kill the show’s leading lady?

As the insightful, yet disillusioned, Detective Inspector Finley Robson and his shrewd partner, Detective Sergeant Nadia Zahra, interrogate the seven key suspects, secrets unfold to unveil a web of scandal, blackmail, and deceit. Bitter rivalries, secret trysts and troubled pasts are just the beginning of the story…

Set against the backdrop of a gritty London theatre production of Macbeth, this compelling novel explores a dark world of mystery and intrigue. All is not as it seems…

A hugely gripping police procedural full of unpredictable twists and suspense,Murder at Macbeth will captivate you from the very first page and keep you guessing right until the end.

With an intriguing plot and distinctive characters, this English murder mystery is a compelling whodunnit which is perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins, Joy Ellis, Karin Slaughter and LJ Ross.

International Flash 500 Novel Award Longlist


“I loved this book. It’s a really great read; a proper whodunnit! As a debut novel, this is a cracker!”
No.1 bestselling author of the D.I. Nikki Galena series

“A classic whodunnit that entertains in true Poirot style. It read like a really good episode of a prime-time crime series.”
author of the Britannica series

“Excellent writing, with a strong, compelling hook.”
author of the D.I. Sterling crime series

“An amazing, suspenseful debut novel.”
author of The White Sirens and The Serpent Girl

“One of the best mystery novels I’ve read this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I literally could not put this book down.”
Bekah’s Bookshelves Blog(Five Stars)

Murder at Macbeth is active, suspenseful and utterly thrilling; I couldn’t put the book down!”
Write Read Talk Live Book Blog(Five Stars)


The astute Detective Inspector Finley Robson leads the murder investigation. Smart and resourceful, he has an uncanny ability for getting to the bottom of the toughest cases. However, he is also struggling to overcome his own troubled past and finds the unusual theatrical case resonates deeply with him.

Detective Sergeant Nadia Zahra is his tenacious, no-nonsense partner who has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the youngest detectives at the London Metropolitan police force. Fiercely loyal, she maintains a healthy disregard for bureaucracy and is a force to be reckoned with.


Nestled in the heart of London’s East End, the vibrant Shoreditch is the setting for this perplexing English murder mystery. Achingly trendy, the area is renowned for effortlessly combining contemporary events with traditional, refurbished venues and so is an ideal location for an edgy, modern production of one of Shakespeare’s classic plays.

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