David DeLee Starter Pack Box Set

This first in series bundle contains the first book in each of David DeLeeā€™s thrilling, edge-of-your-seat series featuring bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, ex-DEA agent Nick Lafferty, and NYPD detectives Frank Flynn & Christine Levy. Join them as they deal with the worst society has to offer. As they track down criminals, solve vicious murders, and bring the offenders to justice without losing themselves to the darkness in the process.

Meet David DeLee

David DeLee is the author of the award-winning Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series, the Nick Lafferty thriller series, and the Flynn & Levy police procedurals, among others. Of David’s work, Grace deHaviland’s been called “original, interesting, and a fascinating point of view character” and SUSPENSE MAGAZINE called Crystal White “…a dark portrayal of the evil that men–and women–can do.” David is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a former licensed private investigator. A native New Yorker, David currently resides in New Hampshire. For more information join his mailing list: https://www.subscribepage.com/daviddelee

The Hills Be Shaken

DIE HARD meets MACGYVER The attack caused a dam to collapse, killing thousands. It was only the beginning. The FBI needs help. They need an engineer. They need Mose Haley.

Meet Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart came here to listen to the Cranberries and write books . . . and he’s all out of Cranberries. But seriously, that is not all he does. In Stew’s spare time he earns Nintendo world records, including such classics as Back to the Future. LGN never sounded so good. His father always told him as a kid, “Stew, if you’re going to break a world record, do it in style.” Stew resides amongst the tallgrass of the Kansas prairie with his beautiful wife and six kids. Yes, you heard that right, she is truly beautiful. They enjoy 8-bit video games, Chiefs football and long walks on the beaches of Kansas. Stew looks young for his age and blends right in with his five boys; looking for him in their family photo is like reading a Where’s Waldo book. “I’m not going to say my books are better than Where’s Waldo, but I’m not going to not say it.” – Michael Stewart Oh, and if you like holograms, check out Stew’s TED Talk, it’s about holograms and fuel tax . . . I know right, that lazy topic again, but this time it’s from the perspective of an engineer, so you know it will be hilarious. He eats apples in one bite, like a horse.

The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice

*** A Tense Political Thriller About Getting Vigilante Justice *** Two murders are responsible for an innocent man getting sentenced to life in prison for their crimes. An inept defense attorney and a crooked prosecutor let these criminals serve short sentences with a bogus plea deal. The four of them have been lured inside an abandoned warehouse, where each of them will have to play a terrifying game with traps for what they have done.

Meet John Mathews

John Mathews is a lover of psychological horror, riveting suspense, and action-packed thriller books and movies. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now resides in Rome, Italy. After having a more traditional career, he feels the desire to break out of the mold and delve into macabre psychological thriller and suspense fiction novels which focus on the dark side of human nature. He writes captivating books with the goal of pulling the reader into the plot through the minds of unforgettable characters. Complete with lots of action, unpredictable plot twists, and shocking scenes, his stories will keep you guessing until the very end.