Dark Shadows Over Salty Shores

Bill Higgins had a secret to die for. And he did. When the captain is found murdered during the annual Lobster Festival, bookstore owner, Abby Vaughn, turns amateur sleuth to find the killer! What was his secret and why did it cost him his life? Fishing for clues, Abby pulls in a tangled net of secrets, lies, greed and murder that will have her questioning the motives and actions of everyone in town. With her one-eyed cat, Pip, and her friend Bea by her side, this trio is about to dive headfirst into a whirlpool of deceit where a fine line exists between friend and foe. As she claws through the case, she soon finds herself in the deep end of a mystery she must solve before becoming the next victim. As the dark clouds gather, Abby’s hunt for the truth leads her to a revelation that could shatter the tranquility of Salty Shores forever.

Meet E.J. Mastsers

Emily Jane (E.J.) Masters was born and raised in western New York in a small village non-skiers may never have heard of. Only an hour drive south from Buffalo, her hometown of Ellicottville is known for two ski resorts; one being Holiday Valley. Outside of ski season, surrounded by nature, she often enjoyed long walks on the trails of the nearby state forest admiring the wildlife and fully enjoying her serenity. If you didn’t find her there, you might try the Village Park. She loved picnics and would spend hours sitting under an oak tree reading cozy mystery novels, and writing her own. In her school days, she would always take Literature classes and even joined a Mystery Writers club. While she liked all types of stories, a good whodunnit gave her the most satisfaction. As she got older, she would often find herself drawn to television crime shows. Playing detective with her own amateur sleuth skills, E.J. would usually crack the case before it was solved on the program. Now married with a young daughter, E.J. lives the family life in southwest Florida with their two cats, Lizzy and Gracie. She turned in her ski lift ticket for a bathing suit and palm tree. Loving the warm climate, she is able to spend more time outdoors experiencing nature and Florida wildlife which greatly motivates her to write. Inspired by life itself and the many works in the suspense, mystery, and thriller genres, she continues to dream up new exciting mysteries for everyone to enjoy.

The Secret of Rosalita Flats: A Blacktip Island novel

It’s easy to lose your way on the quirky side of paradise.

Most people dream of being stuck on a tropical island, but Cal Batten just wants to sell his dad’s ramshackle, football-shaped house, fly home and pay off his creditors. Problem is, his dad’s will’s gone missing, what passes for an attorney has his own agenda and the whacky locals may tear the house apart to get at the gold and jewels they reckon are hidden inside. There’s also his childhood former-best friend, now a beautiful scuba instructor, who just might drown him out of spite. Cal has to dodge sharks—on land and under water—if he’s to unload the house and escape the crazy little rock.

The Secret of Rosalita Flats is a smart, funny tropical misadventure for anyone who’s ever dreamed of chucking it all and running off to the Caribbean. From the author of Blacktip Island.

Meet Tim W. Jackson

Tim W. Jackson’s first taste of scuba diving came at the age of six when he sneaked breaths off his dad’s double-hose regulator in the deep end of the pool. Later, as an ex-journalist armed with a newly-minted master’s degree in English, he discovered he was qualified to be a bartender, a waiter or a PhD student. Instead he chose Secret Option D: run off to the Cayman Islands to work as a scuba instructor and boat captain by day and write fiction at night. Two decades later, he still wishes that was half as interesting as it sounds. Or even a quarter . . .

Jackson is the award-winning author of the comic Caribbean novels Blacktip Island and The Secret of Rosalita Flats, as well as The Blacktip Times humor blog. His “Tales from Blacktip Island” short stories have been published in literary journals worldwide. He is currently concocting his next Blacktip Island novel and still enjoys scuba diving with his dad’s old double-hose reg.

The Old Wolf

A former hitman is forced out of retirement when his local Post Office if robbed, with him in it, and his favourite teller is killed. The Wolf reunites with his ‘team’ and goes on a trail of revenge that puts him in the crosshairs of both the government and a private security firm. From the author who brought you ‘You’re Gone’ comes a murderously dark action comedy.

Meet J.S.Morton

The Hidden Pull: Adventure Tales of Forbidden Harvests, Uneasy Money, and Learning to Tie My Shoes

uffocating from boredom and bureaucracy in a low-level corporate job, he was starved for adventure. By fate or happenstance, a hidden door led him into a secret underground room the likes of which he had never imagined possible. Surrounded by cascading waterfalls of reflected light and oddly sentient plant beings, he knew he’d found his new obsession. There was just one problem: it was all against the law.

What follows is a decade-long coming of age journey in an obscure and forbidden industry: sometimes breathtaking, at times heartbreaking, occasionally profitable, and always with the mandatory sense of impending legal doom. As he struggles to support his medical patients, haggle prices with shady types and barter with loan sharks—all the while flying under the radar—he is forced to confront an uncomfortable truth: this wasn’t actually what he wanted to do with his life, after all.

Ultimately over a hundred grand in debt, he’d need to fight to salvage friendships, take foolish risks just to keep the lights on, and wrestle with doubts and impostor syndrome to finally discover the real reasons behind this bizarre career choice. As with his illicit harvests, he’d once again have to start from scratch, find his voice, and take another kind of risk: cultivating his first words.

Set as a true crime memoir, The Hidden Pull is full of rebellious adventure, humor, and youthful self-sabotage; an entertaining and sincere account of growing up and learning the painfully necessary lessons of finding and following one’s true path.

Meet Theo Polo

Writer, traveler, twice immigrant, new(ish) dad, lackluster drone pilot

Murder in Black and White

First book in the High Country Mystery Series! Sheriff Jeff McQuede becomes suspicious when a robber breaks into the Coal County Museum and steals only one item – a black-and-white class photograph. Under the name Jerome Slade the photographer had printed two ominous words: never graduated. When a body is unearthed beneath the newly demolished school, McQuede realizes Slade had not left Black Mountain the night of the spring dance. McQuede soon uncovers hidden rivalries between Slade and his classmates. When he discovers that Heather Kenwell and the woman of his dreams, Loris Conner, were rivals for Slade’s affection, McQuede fears finding out the truth. Theft, blackmail, and another brutal killing lead back to photographs taken by Black Mountain’s eccentric photographer, Bruce Fenton. While others see an innocent collection, McQuede sees murder in black and white.

Meet Vickie Britton

Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton, sisters and coauthors, are drawn to out-of-the-way places, old mining towns, and vast rangelands where the legends and history of the past live on. Inspired by the rugged mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, they find the lonely, high country region a perfect setting for their novels. Both writers now live in Kansas; Loretta in Junction City, Vickie in Hutchinson.. Others include their mysteries Arctic Legacy, Path of the Jaguar, and Nightmare in Morocco and The Luck of the Draw Western Series: The Devil’s Game, The Fifth Ace, and The Wild Card. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Gods of the Underworld

Gods of the Underworld
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride through the heart of danger in “Gods of the Underworld,” the electrifying second instalment in the Charlie Glass crime thriller series!

FBI agent Charlotte Glass is back, and this time, the stakes are higher, the dangers deadlier, the treasures more precious and the murders more mysterious than ever before. Death and destruction lie in wait as Charlie and her elite team race to protect priceless golden treasures hidden for centuries in the white-hot crucible of the ancient Iraqi desert. Alliances are forged and bonds are shattered as she battles to prevent a catastrophic terrorist event and uncover the enigmatic secrets of ancient gods.

Will Charlie Glass emerge victorious, or will the underworld’s secrets claim her soul? Find out in this gripping, high-octane thriller that will leave you breathless until the very last page.

Follow Charlie’s adventures !
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Meet JJ Carson

J.J. Carson is an accomplished author with a passion for storytelling. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the craft. As an award-winning leader he has operated on every continent from an array of businesses from high-tech start-ups to billion-dollar multinationals. An Honorary Fellow of St Andrews University, he is proud to devote time to supporting local education and youth development.

A proud Scot, he cites Ian Rankin, Val McDermott and Robert Burns as his literary inspirations. With a number of quality reviews and a growing reputation as a crime fiction writer the Charlie Glass Thrillers represent his first full foray into professional writing.

A passion for travel and culture has propelled him to visit over 120 countries. JJ has interviewed a mass murder psychologist, rock climbed in the Andes, dived on shipwrecks, jumped out planes, swam with sharks, crashed race cars and ran with the bulls, but he cites professional writing as the scariest thing he’s ever attempted!

“This while my notion’s taen a sklent, to try my fate in guid, black prent.” ~ Robert Burns

Saturday’s Angels: A 1990s thriller

Finn is a tennis player in the 1990s, battling to qualify for a prestigious tournament and under direct threat from his former crew. His cousin Clayton is pursuing matters of unfinished business following the death of Uncle Derek, and it can only be a matter of time before worlds collide… As well as decoys and twists aplenty, Saturday’s Angels touches upon a multitude of issues which are pertinent to a young audience today, including mental health, substance abuse, sexuality, rivalry and belonging. Saturday’s Angels will entertain, educate and excite a young adult audience (16-24), as well as resonate with an older audience (25-50) who remember the 1990s vividly and would recognise the numerous cultural reference points from the decade (music, technology, fashions, TV programmes, well-known people etc).

Meet R.O. Canebreak

Anyone interested in buying a copy will receive a free 1990s playlist, with a selection of different themes available!


A mass shooting at a Chicago beach leaves several dead and dozens injured. Four suspects. One shooter. Discover who and why.

Meet Greg Hickey

Greg Hickey is a former international professional baseball player and current forensic scientist, endurance athlete and Amazon-bestselling author. His previous works include the novels Parabellum, The Friar’s Lantern and Our Dried Voices, the latter of which was a finalist for Foreword Reviews’ INDIES Book of the Year Award. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter.

TEAM AVENGING ANGEL: Love & Rough Justice in Brooklyn

A kick-ass female anti-hero spreads her wings, delivering justice for victimized girls and women.

She is an African-American survivor of a racially-charged childhood rape, who grows into a strikingly beautiful assassin. He is the Italian-American private eye with Mafia connections who loves her. Together, they take on serial killers, sex traffickers, kidnappers, child molesters, rapists, wife-beaters, predators and exploiters.

Along the way, women they’ve protected join them in their quest. Frustrated and threatened by a corrupt criminal justice system, though, the team is forced to work outside, and often against, the law.

When she finds herself pitted against a unit of the Haitian secret police, and he finds out why he is being framed for a series of murders, the stakes could not be higher.

Meet Charles S. Isaacs

Charles S. Isaacs has been a schoolteacher, a college professor, a community organizer, a Congressional consultant, a social activist, a gambler and an occasional journalist. He has written opinion columns and feature stories for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times Magazine. During recent decades, he has been a consultant to dozens of non-profit organizations operating in the social justice arena. His recent published work includes fiction, poetry and award-winning non-fiction.