The Pigeon Hole - ASIN B087WQKW6T

“All we need to do is get back to the Pigeon Hole. We’ll be safe there. Safe from society, safe from the law and safe from retribution.”

The Pigeon Hole explores twenty-first century life, through the lens of the good, the bad and the ill-informed.

When a curiously violent crime strikes the suburbs, society’s attentions shift towards unearthing the villainous perpetrators. However, upon closer inspection, things aren’t entirely what they seem. A microscopic examination of the suspects results in a search considerably closer to home…

A neoteric take on the stereotypical crime novel, The Pigeon Hole will compel you to question everything about your social standpoint.

Think you know the world from top to bottom? We’ll just see about that.

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Illusive Storm: A Murder Mystery Thriller

A storm, a group of strangers, a murder, and one question—who’s next?

Forced into a motel to shelter from a storm, the group couldn’t be more different; a family on the brink of collapse, a man with a dark secret, a bankrupt private investigator with a gambling problem, a priest searching for his brother, a couple of friends, the counter clerks… none of them seem capable of murder. But with a body on the floor and suspicions mounting, it’s time to figure out who the killer is before someone else winds up dead.

Is the heavily tattooed and pierced up man the killer? He’s clearly hiding something.

Everyone turns to the P.I. for answers. With the cell towers down, her best advice is for everyone to stay in their rooms until the storm is over and they can call in help. So when hormones take over and a tryst leads two of them to make out in the lobby, the pair is stunned to see familiar faces on T.V. Apparently they also have armed criminals in their midst…

When the storm passes, it will all be much clearer — or not.

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Broken Days

Broken Days - ASIN B087F14998

A serial killer. A troubled young woman. An unlikely suspect.

Minneapolis TV research assistant, Gina Adams, devotes her life to recognizing patterns and anomalies and providing feedback on that. When she spots a woman clad in vintage garb that’s out of the ordinary for a Minnesota winter, her curiosity is piqued. What she soon discovers, however, upends the experienced researcher’s life.

Detectives Vilnas and Renford pride themselves on their investigative skills. That’s why they’re the perfect candidates for an FBI task force assigned to root out and apprehend an elusive serial killer who has gone to great lengths to cover their tracks.

When the detectives stop by headquarters for an impromptu holiday visit, a simple favor for a colleague opens a Pandora’s box of strange coincidences and their connection to a troubled young woman and her psychiatrist—the psychiatrist who also is a member of the task force.

As seemingly unconnected events come to light, the detectives’ investigation leads them in a new direction, where they’ll need more than analytical skills to solve the case and bring the vicious serial killer to justice.

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“With plenty of action, twists and turns, Death Investor is authentic, with a real sense of place.” LA Naylor

5 Stars!!! “The pace was quick and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.” – Amazon US review

Brilliant web developer Peter Maher developed a million-dollar idea, using anyone’s private and intimate information-and was murdered one sweltering summer night in Sydney.

Experienced and instinctive Detective Mark Kidman, with developing and skilful Detective Rebecca Reid, investigate the death of the talented technology genius. 

Maybe it was the property developer, with political ties, and a dubious past. He has the most to lose, and behind his smile lies a tiger in waiting. 

Or what is Peter’s connection to an old decrepit pub, run by an underworld heavyweight past their prime?

Around the harbour city the detectives and their team chase down the leads, as witnesses, connections and violence reach a deadly climax for one detective.

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Athena: Tales of Love, Magic, and Sheer Madness

At last, it’s here!

The very first anthology of Dastaan World …

Sixteen of the finest and most underrated writers gather from around the world. Each of them weaves a tale that would entangle you and not let you go till you’ve devoured every word of it.

Intriguing characters, shocking plot twists, and climactic endings will leave you playing these stories out in your mind for days after you’ve read them.

•What secrets await Effigy after her father loses her in a game of poker?
•Why are Alijah’s parents disgusted at his plans to save his family from the Magi?
•How will Norris deal with his wife’s dead body in his car?
•And much more …

This collection of short stories features both real-world and fantastical settings, ranging from the Appalachian Mountains in North America to the Faraway Hills of Africa to realms mankind has yet to discover and explore.

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An Expendable Spy

Jack Tate wants his old life back. Five years earlier he’d been shunted out of MI6 and into a British Intelligence backwater, where instead of running high level East German agents he’s reduced to snooping night after night on trade unionists and minor public officials…none of whom he believes are a particular threat to The State.

But now he’s been offered a way back into the Service. His superiors are willing to sanction his return to MI6 field operations on one condition; that he proves himself worthy by tracking down and eliminating the leadership of a Moscow funded terrorist group and exposing the identity of their KGB handler.

Undercover and working alone Tate knows he’s vulnerable. He knows he’ll have to kill if he doesn’t wish to end up dead himself. And he’s also beginning to realize that events and rivalries are conspiring against him and that time isn’t on his side. . .

Gritty yet hauntingly evocative, An Expendable Spy is a classic Cold War tale, set in the late nineteen seventies, that twists and turns from the canals and seedy bars of Amsterdam to the grim backstreets of London to the wilds of the English countryside while always keeping the reader guessing.

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The Murder Club

Frank Doyle is dead. If he wasn’t the postmortem would have seen to it. The classic MG he was working on had fallen on him. An accident? Routine police work had Detective Sergeant Powell not discovered the Murder Club. That changed everything.

Kaleisha Powell had often thought of writing a detective story. Would there ever be a better time than when faced by the combined forces of Holmes, Poirot, Morse, Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple, Maigret and Vera? Did one of them kill Frank Doyle?

Another corpse – in a locked room. Connected, but off limits. Not her case. Tantalizing though.

Challenged by the Murder Club, Kaleisha begins to write. A girl and her dog disappear from a village and no one sees anything. It’s not easy to keep the worlds of fiction and real investigation separate. She was finding the writer was less in charge than she had thought.

Then there is the fact that Sergeant Kaleisha Powell herself may not be all that she seems.

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The Widow’s Husband

The Widow's Husband - ASIN B07P6T1P4B

Allan Tuttle’s wife identifies his body, the victim of a homicide, and no one is more surprised than he is.

The simple task of proving he isn’t the dead man turns into a challenge when the police decide to look at him as a suspect in the murder.

Despite obstacles every step of the way, Allan sets out on an unintended journey of self discovery in the hopes to reclaim his identity and maintain his freedom.

Lori Daniels Mystery: Lover Come Back

Lori Daniels Mystery: Lover Come Back - ASIN B082MT29X3

“Prior fans of Lori Daniels who want a tense, gripping thriller exploring her social, political, and investigative interactions will find her latest story a winner…” –Midwest Book Review

Lover Come Back is the second book in the opening trilogy for the Lori Daniels Mystery series.

Police Sergeant Daniels leads a team of detectives that uncovers a plot by a corrupt city official, who uses murder and intimidation, to try to take control of both city hall and the largest crime gang in the city. Witnesses are refusing to talk and the body count is rising, while the team methodically zeros in on the diabolical mastermind who will go to any extent to win power, including arson, torture and mass murder. No one is safe from violence, as the villain resorts to desperate measures to keep from being caught.

Jack by the Hedge (Jack of All Trades Book 4)

Bricklaying in a park is not the pastoral interlude Jack hoped for. Possibilities of love with Liz, who runs the greenhouses, are thwarted by Ian, the bullying park manager, who has his own schemes afoot. Or there’s Rose, Liz’s sister, made homeless and sleeping secretly in the bowling green pavilion. But for the park workers, it’s all hands on deck as they prepare for the coming of the Mayor. Until murder intervenes, with Jack too involved.