Orcs in the Mist

Legends say a mythical tribe of orcs live deep in the misty jungles of Orison. Raz, the strapping, intrepid explorer from Whitebridge, has been sent into the jungle to make peaceful first contact. Whitebridge scholars call it a fool’s errand; Raz alone has the conviction to thrust into the unknown. In the dense forest, he finds Violet, a curvy, secretive orc with plans of her own. As Raz immerses himself in Orison, their ideas about first contact clash, and Raz sinks deeper into orc culture. Will he make it home, or will the jungle change him forever?

Meet Raven Angstrom

Raven studied writing and theatre at Drake University and graduated around the turn of the century. Through theatre, they traveled to New York, New Orleans, and throughout the Midwest. But something was still missing. After trying (and failing) to fit in the business, real estate, and retail worlds, Raven fell into writing and made their own world instead. A student of science fiction their entire life, they enjoy the works of Ursula Le Guin, Phillip K Dick, and Octavia Butler. They live in the Chicago area with their beautiful wife and loudmouth cat.

Devyn Me: A Billionaire Romance Novella


As owner of my own B&B, I’m a busy woman. I’m also a good girl, and no matter how many hotties walk into my lobby, my grandmother told me to never give my heart to a man on vacation. So far, I’ve stayed true to her word. Until Devyn walks in.

Will this curvy girl be able to resist the billionaire hottie love of her life?


I’m on vacation with my brother when I walk into her lobby and her life. I can’t take my eyes off of this stunning beauty. I know she’s the only one for me. She’s my curvy obsession. But I’m a busy man with a brother that has his own agenda.

Will I be able to prove to Julie that my heart is hers forever?

This is a steamy and sweet romance novella between a curvy woman and the hot alpha who makes her his forever. HEA guaranteed!

Meet Harper J. Woods

Harper J. Woods writes contemporary NA romance with a splash of the divine.

Her quickies are short, steamy and sweet romances where there’s a sassy and smart heroine and her hot brooding alpha who makes her his forever. HEA guaranteed.