Daddy’s Hot Friends: A Reverse Harem Story

V-CARD FOR THREE – This standalone novel is a filthy, fast-burn instalove erotica

Lizzie is young, shy and her V-card is still not broken.
But she knows exactly what she wants. Or rather, who.
Kyle, Hunter & Cyrus.
These men are much older than her, rich, handsome and sexy-as-sin.
Too bad they are her dad’s best friends.

The last time she saw the trio, she was small and chubby.
Now, she’s all grown, and her fantasies have grown, too.
Naughty, filthy desires of being shared between them.
When the trio flew in for her parent’s vow renewal,
They accidentally discovered Lizzie’s most coveted secret,
No one expected the betrayal, lies and jealousy that came next.
Now Lizzie’s friendship, family, and dreams are on the line.
Despite being shy and untouched, will she chase the hot, dirty fantasies she’s harbored for years,
Or will she let these sexy studs slip through her fingers the second it becomes hard?

To readers: All entries are used including ‘the back’ in this sizzling, off-limits romance story.