Dark Romance Books for Adults

Spectacular! You’ve just hit the jackpot. A thick tome, hundreds and hundreds of pages of solely dark romance stories.
NOTE: A bonus short story is included: It’s a reverse harem on the red-hot end of naughty.
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This collection contains the following stories:
BOOK 1: Dark Bully Next Door
BOOK 2: Doctor-Dom Next-Door
BOOK 3: Daddy-Dom at a Wedding
BOOK 4: Surprise Pregnancy for Villain
BOOK 5: Stepdad’s Biker Enemy
BOOK 6: Bonus Reverse Harem Short Story

All these stories are hot, spicy standalones. Five full-length romances plus your bonus short story.

Doctor-Dom Next-Door

Version 1.0.0

Elle is new to the neighborhood,
She’s young and a cam girl,
When she needed an umbrella her neighbor Bryan was right there to help,
When she accidentally slashed her hand, he was just the doctor she needed,
And more,
She’s drawn to him,
She wants him to be more than a neighbor,
He wants her to be more than a patient, but she’s half his age,
And he’s in a world she’s never been in before,
He’s a dom,
But he might just be exactly what she’s been missing in her complicated life.

Daddy-Dom at a Wedding


A night of drinking.

And this stupid speed-dating.

I’m hooked on his stupidly handsome face.

A face worthy of … doing some naughty things to.

Despite his prick attitude.

A line crossed that can’t be uncrossed.

The memories terrorizing me.

A night that should be a night of fun ended with … well, way differently.

At least he’s the perfect fake date I need for Elle’s wedding.

But then, am I only falling deeper into his world?

His dark world of control and pain.

A hot, dark romantic read with loads of witty banter.

BDSM with Doctor-Dom

Shy Eva and her friends were on college break and seeking some thrill.
The billionaire’s mansion was empty, ripe for mischief.
Their skinny-dipping escapade was caught by the stern older-man.
Eva was singled out and reprimanded,
Now, she must pay the penalty,
But what started off as punishment grew into something more,
Untouched by men, she was surprised how his rough dominance awakened her every fiber.

Surprise Pregnancy for Villain

When our eyes first met at that nightclub, I claimed her.
My clan needs an heir, and I’ve chosen her as my bride.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
The shadows mask my every move as I follow her, watching, waiting to make my move.
Until I find out who she is, that she had no business being in that club.
She’s not the typical rich, college girl.
Forbidden, that’s what she is. Her body still remains pure, untouched by any man, preserved for a special reason.
Which means there will be bloodshed if I take her. Lives will be ruined. Mafia empires will be destroyed.
But I’m already too far gone, too invested, too hellbent on getting what I want.
Buckle up, my sweet princess. I’m coming for you.

Hearts of Black

All your favorite tropes in one spicy collection! Within the hearts made of black are living souls craving salvation…. 6 full-length novels by Diana Nixon, including All My Nevers where bad boys fall for strong female leads, where hearts will be broken and put back together, where past and present will be intertwined in a heartfelt romance. Enemies to lovers, second chances, first love, age gap, suspense, romantic comedy, dark romance, family secrets and much more! A perfect read for the fans of Mercedes Ron, L. J. Shen, Jamie Mcguire, Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, Tijan and Christina Lauren. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

Meet Diana Nixon

USA Today & International Bestselling Author.

His Wicked Games

I agreed to become the billionaire’s wife, not a pawn in his twisted love games.

When my reclusive billionaire boss proposed to me, I should have known it was too good to be true.

Now he’s bound me in this gilded cage, leaving me no room to maneuver.

If I refuse to remain a pawn in his sick games, he’ll destroy my life and send me to prison for crimes I didn’t commit.

So, here I remain as his love toy, him and his identical twin brother’s.

Each night I must choose which one of them will ravage me until I’m breathless.

In return I’m offered a life of great wealth and privilege.

My own body betrays me as it grows to crave their heated touch, especially that of the brother’s.

But this twisted game won’t turn out the way they planned.

One of them is destined to become the great love of my life.

And the other will end up…dead.


*His Wicked Games is the breathtaking first installment in The Wicked Billionaires Club series. It’s a stand-alone billionaire boss, enemies to lovers romance, complete with a happily ever after and no cliffhangers. A dark romance with adult themes, His Wicked Games may not be suitable for sensitive audiences. Definitely, no one under the age of 18 should be reading this novel.

Mafia’s Dirty Secret

Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance.
But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster.
The one person that she loved but never loved her back.

Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better…
She met a mysterious out-of-towner.
She ignored her mother’s advice: to never speak with any man, that all men are bad.

This beautiful stranger showered her with gifts, kindness, and attention.
He gave her the sort of love that she had never experienced before in her life.

What Marie didn’t know is that this gorgeous man—a mafioso—had a reason to get close to her.
He was on a special revenge mission—and she was his target.

Warning: This story contains strong language, adult scenes, and some domestic abuse. Intended for adults only.

Meet Summer Cooper

Besides (obviously!) reading and writing, Summer also loves cuddling her dogs, shouting at Alexa, being upside down (aka Yoga) and driving her family cray-cray!


Ledalina is the reconstructed text of a late nineteenth-century journal, written by an unnamed Dutch scholar, telling of dark and mysterious events that allegedly occurred in Durban just before the turn of the century, parts of which are as upsetting as they seem unusual for the period.

This fascinating journal has been translated to English and made available to the public for the first time since its discovery.

“But what is even more consuming than my fear, is my curiosity. I am still in the possession of Ms Ledalina’s letter, and the only way forward and the only way to ease my mind is to at least solve as much of this mystery as I can from my present position.”

Meet Ishmael O. Ross

Ishmael O. Ross is an author, technical writer and software architect. His stories appear in The Scarlet Leaf Review and The Opiate, and his first novel Dire Redemption has been published by The Unseeing Eye. Call him Ishmael.

AVENGING ANGEL: Love and Death in Old Brooklyn

A riveting tale of revenge, survival, and redemption, wrapped around an unlikely love story, and set against an urban backdrop marked by bigotry and misogyny.

Following a racially motivated rape by three Ku Klux Klansmen, 12-year-old Cassandra Monroe vows revenge. After eight years of training, now a strikingly beautiful assassin, she accomplishes her mission.

Her campaign continues with solitary walks through dark city streets, hoping to be assaulted by men with bad intentions. Those entrapped by her spider’s web pay dearly for their efforts.

Surrounded by three armed men one night, she’s rescued by Mike Borelli, an Italian-American passerby. A stormy, up-and-down relationship ensues. Ultimately, as her rage matures into purposeful action, and as he begins to see the world through her eyes, they become a team.

Along the way, they encounter serial killers, wife-beaters, actual and would-be rapists, gangsters, crooked cops, a kidnapper and a pedophile priest, as well as numerous women in desperate need of their help. Beneath all the action, though, is the blossoming of a most unlikely love story.

Meet Charles S. Isaacs

Charles S. Isaacs has been a schoolteacher, a college professor, a community organizer, a Congressional consultant, a social activist, a gambler and an occasional journalist. He has written opinion columns and feature stories for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times Magazine. During recent decades, he has been a consultant to dozens of non-profit organizations operating in the social justice arena. His recent published work includes fiction, poetry and award-winning non-fiction.