Prayers Against Water Spirits

Are you living in defeat? Do you feel like the power of darkness is in control of your life? If the answer is yes, then the blood of Jesus is your answer! The blood of Jesus speaks better things! Marine demons and water spirit can only be defeated by God. Only God matter when dealing with marine kingdom. It is one of the dangerous kingdom upon the earth. We don’t fight as someone who is beating the air. We fight spiritual warfare strategically, allowing the spirit of the Living God to lead the way. I hope this prayer book will inspire you. And lead you to breakthroughs in you life.

Meet Johannes Tefo

Before he started writing Christian books, Johannes got a graduate degree in Film and Television from university of Johannesburg. After that, just to shake things up, he went to equip himself with religious studies, particularly Christianity, just to have knack about the world beyond the curtains of time. And how this body of Christ has transformed millions of people around the world, not neglecting how sadly the movement has been persecuted from time to time. He now writes full time.