Crimson Shadows: A Harper Mystery

In “Crimson Shadows: A Harper Mystery” by Raine Sterling, Detective Evelyn Harper unravels a web of deceit in a city shrouded in mystery. When art collector Victor Sinclair is found dead, Harper delves into high-stakes art dealings, confronting her own demons as she navigates a labyrinth of lies to bring a killer to justice.

Meet Raine Sterling

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of darkness? Dive into the gripping world of “Crimson Shadows: A Harper Mystery” by Raine Sterling, where intrigue and danger lurk around every corner. Get ready to be swept away by a tale of mystery and suspense as Detective Evelyn Harper unravels the enigma of a renowned art collector’s untimely demise. Follow Harper’s hazel-eyed gaze as she navigates a labyrinth of secrets and deception, uncovering hidden truths that threaten to shatter the fragile facade of a city cloaked in shadows. Feel the adrenaline surge as you join Harper on her quest for justice, captivated by a narrative teeming with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding world of “Crimson Shadows: A Harper Mystery.” Grab your copy now and prepare to be enthralled by Raine Sterling’s masterful storytelling.

A Fiery End (A DI Fiona Williams Mystery)

Driving home late at night, DI Fiona Williams comes across a vehicle engulfed in flames. The driver is at the wheel, oblivious to the inferno surrounding him.There is no explanation for why the vehicle was on the road or why the quiet tradesman was murdered in such a macabre way. The only witness to the fire, claims she saw nothing. Whatever she did see goes to the grave with her when she is brutally strangled. Frustration grows when the driver’s daughter disappears.With time running out to find the daughter alive, Fiona is drawn into a web of powerful men determined to keep their deadly games secret. Juggling a family crisis and a growing suspicion her boss is corrupt, her judgement is hampered by her attraction to the man central to everything.

Polar Bear Dawn


Murders happen. But not with employees of the same company in Oil Camps in the high Arctic and Northern Canada. Two detectives, one from Alaska and one from Canada are given the case. They find the murders are connected. Now, they have to work together to find out why the victims were silenced. What secrets did their deaths conceal?

Frank Mueller, the Alaskan Detective is close to retirement. He’s been through three marriages and two stints in rehab. He is on probation with the force. He knows the Anchorage Police department has given him this case because they don’t want it investigated fully and there’s no booze in the Arctic oil camps.

Bernadette Callahan, the Canadian Detective, is in her mid thirties with a lot to prove on the force. She is Cree Indian and Irish, raised on a native reservation in Northern Canada. She’s been ingrained with the ways of the ‘people,’ by her grandmother that have given her instincts.  Her instincts tell her there is something more than four dead people—someone is settling a score. The real crime will happen soon.

The oil companies think the deaths are bad for publicity they want them solved quickly. The detectives are under pressure to come up with a verdict they know is wrong.

Callahan begins to unravel a series of unlikely suspects. A Chemistry Professor with a grudge against big oil, a Mexican low life gangster and Wall Street Executives. How are they connected?

Something is about to happen to oil supplies in the Arctic. The two Detectives can sense it. They know it’s real—can they convince others to act?

This novel is the first in Bernadette Callahan Detective Mystery/Thriller series. A female detective in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where being a hardheaded woman who uses her instincts is not always welcome.

5.0 out of 5 starsA chilling story with a hot ending!

February 13, 2017

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

WOW! What a book! I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Nicholson and this book. The pace is good, the suspense is good and it has some great twists and turns. For those of us who have never traveled to Alaska and Canada, it was a refreshing venue. And best of all, the ending really caught me by surprise.