Feeling like a Mom Devotional

Motherhood is hard. But parenting, housekeeping, and making ends meet are only half the struggle. There is a hidden battle raging in your heart between loving your kids and hating how motherhood makes you feel. You never expected that raising your little bundle of joy would lead you down a road of negative emotions like shame, bitterness, and jealousy.

Don’t settle for feeling like a bad mom. Christ wants to rescue every struggling mom from the “dominion of darkness” and bring her into his kingdom of love (Colossians 1:13). This thought-provoking and encouraging 40 day devotional for moms will help you stop making excuses for your emotions.

Receive God’s word. Connect with Christ’s truth about the purpose of emotions by examining iconic moms in the Bible. Margaux Krause will minister to your heart with relatable Bible stories, applications to modern motherhood, and beautiful prayers. She is author of the blog A Momma and her Flock, member of Inspire Christian Writers, and a trained Bible study facilitator.

Experience emotional transformation. Allow Christ to reshape your heart and cultivate the fruits of the Spirit through this daily devotional for mothers. Where there is worry, invite his perfect peace; where there is loneliness, invite his awesome love; and where there is sadness, invite his everlasting joy.

Meet Margaux Krause

Margaux Krause is author of the blog A Momma and her Flock and member of the national organization Inspire Christian Writers. She also serves on the leadership team for the moms’ ministry at her church. Margaux and her husband are raising their two daughters in Southeast Michigan.