Zara leads a simple life as a homemaker, taking care of her loving husband Peter, gardening, reading, and playing guitar. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she reads a book called The Diary. It comes to Zara as a shock to see that everything written about the female protagonist was straight out of her life.

The mystery gives her sleepless nights and she decides to get to the bottom of it by looking for the author of the book. At the same time, tension brews between Zara and her husband, as Peter decides to leave for a work trip to Australia leaving an unwilling Zara behind.

As Zara goes on the quest to unravel the secret behind The Diary, Peter goes missing, further worrying her.

What happened to Peter?
Will Zara be able to uncover the mystery of the book?
Is there any connection between both the events?

Read The Diary of Anonymous to find out…

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