The Index of Alkeme

When thieves attempt to steal a mysterious package from Forthwick University, Addison does the unthinkable—he takes it himself and is propelled on a journey of a lifetime. With a self-made scientist, an ace fighter pilot, an expert codebreaker, and a renowned author at his side, Addison must solve the clues that lead them to the fabled Index of Alkeme, an object said to unearth ancient technology far beyond their own. Now, the intrepid group of adventurers race across a world of steam and diesel on the brink of war to uncover the Index before fanatics can use its secrets to subjugate humankind. Readers who enjoy dogfights with air pirates, encounters with mystical monks and daemons, and braving the dangers of a dieselpunk fantasy world in a high-stakes action and adventure will love this book! The Index of Alkeme is the novel you’ll want to read a second time.

Meet R. David King

R. David King lives near Seattle where he works for an international tech company by day and thinks up stories to tell at night. Somehow, in between, he helps raise smart and creative kids and the best aussiedoodle alive. When the occasion permits, you might find him enjoying the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest, curled up with a new and exciting book, or binging the latest science fiction or fantasy show.