Make Me THIN Again

“A no-nonsense diet guide from a regular guy whose commonsense approach to weight loss is both relatable and not intimidating. This just may be the book that helps shed those stubborn pounds once and for all.”

The strategy outlined in this book can be used to lose just a few annoying pounds or many pounds. Just follow the process until you reach your goal, which could be a couple of weeks or six months (as my case in order to lose 40lbs). This helped me lose a little less than 2lbs per week. By losing only a couple of pounds a week it will be easier to maintain your weight loss in the future.

Meet John Zur

John Zur is a retired engineer from the tech industry and has been applying science, logic and common sense all his career. He used that same approach with the “Make Me THIN Again” guide.

He is currently retired and does volunteer work for veterans, animals and the arts.

Over his career he saw the world three times over, having been to almost every major city. His best memories are not from the new technology he helped develop but from meeting so many people from different cultures and spending time in their wonderful countries.

He can be contacted at: [email protected]

Why keto? As you will be able to see while delving into the various pages of this book, there are many health benefits of this specific diet your body will strongly appreciate. Not only it will improve your health, give you an energy booster on an everyday basis and help you lose weight, but it will also provide you with plenty of great recipe ideas as well as some potential healthier versions of some traditional meals you got used to.

EASY KETO will provide you with some quick, delicious and easy-to-make ketogenic recipes as well as some additional cooking facts you might find useful. The author kept in mind there are many people with a different taste as well as medical conditions, which is why Carine also added some egg-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options. Even if it sometimes seems a particular recipe is not meant for you, please, check the substitution tips because you might find a variation that will suit you better.

So, what will be things you will specifically love about this cookbook?
You will:

– Discover some new tasty ingredients you haven’t used before

– Find interesting and easy-to-follow recipes adjusted to everyone who is willing to try out some new meals

– Get plenty of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts & many more occasions

– Learn which ingredients you can replace in order to make your meals keto-friendly

Well, don’t hesitate – get your copy today and start with a new adventurous journey of discovering new meals, healthy ingredients and some quite appealing combinations that will quickly become an inevitable part of your daily routine!

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