The Phoenix Conspiracy. The Recruitment.


Fans who love The Hunger Games and Divergent will be captivated by YA dystopian adventure, The Phoenix Conspiracy.

In this new release by K. Barnett, friendships and alliances are tested when the powers that be recruit teenagers against their will, to either become an army, or a peace corps in search of new land.

The Phoenix Conspiracy puts a new spin on a popular genre with fascinating characters and mysterious motivations.

This absorbing tale depicts a potentially real set of circumstances in which humans have destroyed Earth through global warming.

Set 380 years in the future and with a genetic twist, readers will discover who and what parts of society survive the apocalypse.

The future of mankind depends upon genetically modified humans who can fly, and a girl who will stop at nothing to be truly free. In a world consumed by water, there are those that believe beautiful and vast lands still exist somewhere beyond the storm ravaged oceans around their little island known as Continent One.
Alya and her friends abide by strict rules managed by a strong enforcement agency of Patrol officers that monitor and restrict their desire to fly, that is until they discover secret plans to conscript an army of their peers who will be forced to travel across the raging weather systems of Earth, in search of the new continent.
Along with shocking recruitment revelations comes Alya’s recognition of her evolving abilities to outfly her peers. So begin some dubious theories that she may have been illegally modified as part of the conspiracy to find new land by any means necessary—even if that risks Alya and her friends’ lives.

The Conspiracy Theory delivers on all fronts for adventure and mystery and will align with readers that enjoy characters in the midst of discovering their own fortitude and resilience.