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Don’t worry, you don’t need to be LGBTQ or a SCUBA diver to enjoy this story. It’s a fictional suspense story about a group of friends trying to make a difference in a conservative Caribbean island nation with a romantic subplot. Some of you may have even lived parts of this story. I am a new author, but I am not inexperienced. Please check it out.

Meet Gary Fitzgerald

Gary Fitzgerald has lived in the four corners of the United States and many places in-between, but the majority of his time was spent in Texas and 5 other states in the southern U.S. He is a U.S. Navy veteran of 6 years, serving as a nuclear Machinist Mate on a fast attack submarine, and spent 6 more years in the commercial nuclear industry. Gary later got his degree in mechanical engineering, where he met his husband and worked as an explosion hazards risk consultant, traveling the world for 22 years. In that time, he authored over a thousand project reports and industry publications, becoming a well-known expert in the field of vapor cloud explosions. He and his husband fell in love with SCUBA diving on a trip to Australia in 1999 and have been avid divers since, often going with groups of other gay divers. Currently retired in Southern California, Gary is enjoying a slower pace, spending time volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Back on Bonaire: Rediscovering Diver’s Paradise as a Father

A small Caribbean island. An underwater explorer turned father. Can he rediscover Bonaire through the curious eyes of a child?

Gem-clear water, warm tropical trade breezes, and graceful sea turtles soaring through a brilliant theater of kaleidoscopic coral. It’s the place that avid scuba diver and famed Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton described as “a world of riotous, outrageous color” during his visit here decades earlier. This is Bonaire, and with its protected nearshore reef system and sweeping conservation efforts, the small Caribbean island has earned the title it boasts on its license plates: Diver’s Paradise.

Drawn to Bonaire in his twenties, Andrew Jalbert transformed a passion for travel, scuba diving and the natural world into a career as a writer and underwater photographer. But when he was unexpectedly gifted with fatherhood at age forty-three, he faced the challenge of merging two seemingly incompatible lives. Determined to pass on his appreciation for this tropical paradise, Andrew annually took his son to the place he’d come to love. And over the course of their week-long excursion when the boy was five, the doting dad found the isle’s magic renewed by an insatiably curious child.

Told in lyrical prose, Jalbert recounts both his early days exploring Bonaire’s underwater treasures and the wonders of his kindergartner’s fascination. Along the way, he relates the island’s natural and cultural history, illuminates the critical need for conservation, and realizes life seen through the eyes of the young is among the greatest visions imaginable.

If you like evocative descriptions, exploration, wisdom conveyed with humor, and educational asides, then you’ll adore this expertly woven travel memoir.

Buy Back on Bonaire and discover the book Indie Reader calls a “wise and witty travelogue”.

Meet Andrew Jalbert

Andrew Jalbert is an award-winning photographer, writer, and doting father. Throughout his twenty-five years as an archaeologist, scuba instructor and dive guide he has traveled extensively, publishing work on prehistoric sites, shipwrecks, travel, dive safety, and marine conservation. Jalbert lives in Monona, Wisconsin with his wife Becky and their son Luc.