Ex-Husband’s EX Best Friend, A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance

Grateful for my arrogant and undeserving ex-best friend. Whose actions drove his wife away. I found myself in the right place at the right time. Opening my arms for her to find solace.

On a break from my narcissistic, cheating husband.
Finding comfort in the only place I knew, my mother’s arms.
The beach’s scenic beauty was complemented by the presence of a captivating local lifeguard.
Oh, save me PLEASE.
Hi, I’m Brodie” I can’t speak. My thoughts vomit out faster than my own words.
I will call this man anything he wants.
His understanding gaze acknowledged the defeat, hurt and anger in my eyes.
Brodie’s impromptu request for a night on the town has me excited yet melancholy.
Walking into the event I found my husband, who wasn’t alone.
Unbeknownst to us, this night solidified my next move in life. Divorce.
I find myself drawn to Brodie on so many levels.
He may have lost one of his best friends that night, but he made one thing clear.
He wasn’t done with me yet…

The Divorce Upside: Finding You After Losing Him

Shift your mindset and start seeing divorce as a gift of self-discovery—even if right now, it feels like your world has been turned upside-down.

There is a reason why traditional stress scales class divorce as one of the biggest challenges human beings can face.

When divorce happens, everything you took as a given—that your kids would live in your home all the time, that you would have a lifetime companion “in sickness and in health,” your financial security—are all called into question.

What’s more, one of the pillars of your identity is being a spouse and parent, and when divorce happens, it can seem like you have no idea which direction to take.

It is so easy to judge yourself as a “failure” when in fact, half of all first marriages end up in divorce, and second and third marriages end at a far higher rate.

Know that the “happy ever after” doesn’t have to involve a prince.

Your story starts within you and you are its protagonist.

Divorce gives you the chance to discover that you—and only you—are responsible for your happiness.

You choose how to interpret life and present yourself to others, and you decide the things you give value to.

You can choose to see villains and victims in your narrative, or be grateful for what you have (and what you had) and decide to build a beautiful, complete, and dynamic life.

Consider this book as a guide, shared by someone who has been through the same rollercoaster of emotions you are going through. It contains vital life lessons and a recipe to stop seeing your divorce as a “failure” and start seeing it as one of the greatest opportunities for growth you will ever receive.

Within its pages, you will discover:

  • A three-step method for discovering and transforming yourself after divorce – plus tasks to inspire you to “act” on finding your “upside”
  • Getting real – how to boost your self-awareness, separate fact from fiction, refrain from judging others and “projecting,” and see your divorce in a positive light
  • Letting go – how to release yourself from expectations, the pull of material belongings, and envy, and embrace authentic healing and forgiveness
  • Growing on – crucial pillars for moving on from the pain, including fearlessly forging your own identity, creating new traditions, and building unbreakable friendships
  • Personal anecdotes that will make you laugh, feel connected to the sisterhood, and, sometimes, bring a tear to your eyes!
  • How to find beauty, resolution, and peace after the climax of your divorce is over

And so much more.

After divorce, you may yearn to find another love—one that will last a lifetime.

Others’ experiences will show that this is completely attainable and often, love can be lovelier the second or third time around.

However, this story is all your own. It is about turning one of the most painful stories of your life into the most beautiful you have lived, and of transforming into the woman you always wanted to be.

If you’re ready to truly know yourself, live by your values, and form part of a sisterhood of shared happiness, tears, and hope, then scroll upwards and click “Add to Cart” right now!


Feeling Overwhelmed by Co-Parenting with a Narcissistic Ex?
Struggling to Shield Your Children from Narcissistic Influence?
Seeking Clarity and Strategies to Navigate Through Narcissistic Manipulations?

⭐⭐⭐ If the answer is “YES”, then read on because this is the book you have been looking for! ⭐⭐⭐

Co-parenting with a narcissistic ex can be an exhausting, emotionally draining experience. The constant fighting, manipulation, and concern for your children’s welfare can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Whether you’re a recently separated parent grappling with the complexities of a narcissistic ex, a concerned friend or relative, or a professional seeking deeper insight into narcissistic dynamics, the challenges are real and pressing.

“Co-Parenting with a Narcissist” is more than a book; it’s a lifeline. Written by Elizabeth Morgan, this guide offers practical psychological strategies and advice that will empower you to effectively manage the challenges of co-parenting while prioritizing your mental health and the mental health of your children. It’s a comprehensive resource for anyone facing the daunting task of navigating these turbulent waters.


✅ DEEP DIVE INTO NARCISSISM: Understand the intricacies of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its impact on family dynamics.
✅ STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Learn how to communicate effectively with a narcissistic ex while minimizing conflict and manipulation.
✅ EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: Tools and techniques for building emotional strength and coping with the stress of co-parenting.
✅ CHILD-CENTERED APPROACH: Insights for protecting your children from narcissistic influences and promoting their emotional well-being.
✅ LEGAL GUIDANCE: Navigating the legal aspects of co-parenting with a narcissist, including custody and visitation.


☑️ SUPPORT FOR PROFESSIONALS: A valuable resource for therapists, attorneys, and social workers dealing with narcissistic dynamics in family law.
☑️ THE LATEST RESEARCH: Current and relevant academic content on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and co-parenting.
☑️ ALL REFERENCES: Complete bibliography of texts used to further explore the topic.
☑️ REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES: Practical examples and effective phrases to counter narcissistic tactics in everyday situations.

Imagine a life where co-parenting, even with a narcissistic ex, becomes manageable and less stressful.
Imagine empowering yourself and your children to thrive despite the challenges.

😀😀😀 This book is your guide to making that vision a reality! 😀😀😀

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What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids

We wrote “What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids,” with the intent of providing a little bit of help in one of the most stressful and infuriating forms of parental alienation. Children should never have to be a party to a divorce, it’s unfair, and it may be unlawful. We hope that you find this guide helpful in helping you discern the appropriate steps to take when dealing with an unruly ex. Our attorneys built our law practice on successfully assisting spouses to navigate the difficulties of family separation. This eBook is a healthy start to understanding key topics and terms you may encounter. Visit our website to order your free eBook today!

Meet Charles D. Jamieson

Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses, Hilarious Secrets to Heal a Broken Heart & Get Your Life Back!

Discover the One Word that will Change Your Life.

This inspirational collection of ingenious tales that include schemes for getting your life back is woven into a series of hilarious triumphs filled with love, grief, and mischief. High-spirited shenanigans will motivate you to move ahead after a loss, breakup, or divorce. No matter what you’ve been through, every reader (you) will achieve a heightened sense of happiness and a deeper level of confidence than you ever imagined. This book supersedes everything you’ve been told about healing.
Uncover unusual secrets for getting on with your life after a big disappointment or being dumped. You’ll be motivated to revitalize your life in ways you never thought of. Spoiler Alert: You’re going to learn more than how to fake your death and dance naked, with dignity. (You’ll love those chapters.)
Wine glasses raised here.
You’ll not only learn how to tie knots when you’re at the end of your rope, refocus your energy, and outsmart a bear; you will find remarkable ideas to enhance your notoriety before you croak. Begin rejuvenating and basking in self-appreciation and exhilaration. Learn how to get there in one spectacular day!
PLUS: a sure-fire plan for moving forward.
Discover the one true secret to living a meaningful life. You can laugh, you may cry, but you will ultimately be entertained and redirected. You’ll find that you’re not alone.

This Book is Full of

  • Encouragement
  • Enlightenment
  • Recipes
  • Affirmations
  • Life Hacks
  • Travel Flub Fixes
  • Fun facts about potatoes, dogs, cows, turtles, dolphins…
  • Gut-busting inspiration to create happiness all around you
  • Gleeful tactics to escape humiliation, balconies, & boredom

If you enjoyed bestsellers like Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she takes her life out of the comfort zone, you’ll love Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses‘ real-life examples of haphazard accomplishments. It’s nothing like the book He’s Just Not That Into You, where Greg Behrendt gives you the courage to walk away. You’re probably already walking. Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses is more like: Dance, Rejoice, Laugh, Live, Excel, and Get Your Life Back – no matter who isn’t into you.

  • It’s a Journal
  • It’s a Vision Board
  • It’s entertaining, comical, and inspiring

You deserve more than an old mattress and day-old coffee. Follow the 10 simple steps to getting over Richard Cranium (AKA Dick Head) and learn to live as if you’re going through Hell. Hint: Keep going.
Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses is the perfect gift for yourself, your girlfriends, and anyone who needs reassurance, a comical boost, a kick in the rear, or a reason to believe how brave, lovable, and magnificently courageous they are.
Be Brave. Scroll to the top and click the “Buy Now” button to find proof that your life can be rewarding and fulfilling!

Meet Debbie Seagle

Debbie Seagle lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia near most of the things she loves: family, friends, dirt, water, and mountain air. She has lived in several countries and all around the USA working as an airshow director, marketing director, operations manager, and Top Secret senior technical writer for some of the world’s unknown oracles.

Debbie authored a Sunday column in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, was a US Embassy newsletter author/editor/publisher, events director, teenage lifeguard, young military wife grocery-bagger for tips, shampoo girl, united airshow grunt (UAG), senior census field manager, and systems trainer to assist in finding bad guys.

When she isn’t hiding at the cabin writing to you, Debbie enjoys being with her family, scuba diving, snow skiing, sailing, gardening, hiking, kayaking, hanging with friends, and good wine in a magnificent wine glass. She once shared a bottle of $1,600 wine with a celebrity. It wasn’t any better than her favorite $28 bottle. That was a life lesson.

She has degrees and certificates for various other obscure vocations, but her lifelong endeavor to become an accomplished juggler has not transpired – yet. Someday she will DOiT.

Random Facts about me (from Debbie Seagle):
1. I’ve jumped out of an airplane 3 times (with a parachute).
2. My Indian name is “Little Whirlwind.”
3. I played the clarinet in the high school concert band.
4. Colonel Sanders touched my boob.
5. Don Hoe grabbed my butt.
6. Bill Clinton winked at me.
7. I had lunch with Nicholas Sparks. He talked to me.
8. I hung out all day with Jeff Foxworthy (once). He signed my sign.
9. Davy Jones & I spent a day at his horse stall. He sang a song to me. My life is complete.
10. I still sometimes twirl a fire baton.
11. I was married to a US Marine and moved 42 times.
12. I’ve been interviewed on TV and radio 72 times.
13. I’ve been to Camp David twice.
14. I planned an international gala ball in the Eiffel Tower.
15. I have 3 sons and 8 grandchildren (so far).
16. I once could do back walkovers on a balance beam.
17. I call my bathroom The Jim. I go to The Jim every morning!
18. I’ve touched 4 US Presidents (I shook their hands, ok?).
19. I’m an expert in fitted-sheet folding.
20. Bananas make my throat itch.
21. I love my truck.

They Can’t Eat You for Supper

“…an emotional read.” Reader review ★★★★★

Kristin Murphy doesn’t like change.

When a lavish lifestyle and controlling marriage left her broken, she traded the pressures of perfection for her sanity. Today, her southern farmhouse can’t compare to the mansion she left, but her family has peace. Until she’s blindsided.

The fog lifts, and she’s separated from two daughters she swore to protect. An ill child relies on Kristin’s medical skills, while luxurious promises lure her teen out of reach. Fighting to remain relevant to them wasn’t something she prepared for, but she’s here now.

It’s a familiar psychological hell. Only this time, the stakes are higher.

Can Kristin return to being the mother she always wanted, or will she give in to a twisted family past she vowed to bury?

Meet Roxanne Remy

Roxanne’s debut novel, They Can’t Eat You for Supper, is receiving high praise from readers all over the world.

So You’re Divorced, So What?

So You’re Divorced, So What? is a pragmatic and uplifting guide to recovering from a divorce and claiming the life you’ve always wanted. Shaunna Lee has successfully recovered from divorce three times, and candidly shares her experience in navigating these wrenching events. All three times she’s found strengths she didn’t know she had, and has emerged as a clear-eyed and compassionate coach for women navigating their own life journey.

This is not a “How to Get Divorced” book, but rather an inspirational take on how to truly thrive in your newly single life, regardless of how long it’s been since the ink dried on your divorce decree.

This book is for you if you are…

  • Ready to shift your feelings of loss and chaotic emotions into a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Ready to transform your relationship with your ex into one that is easy and smooth.
  • Ready to become the most supportive mother possible for your children.
  • Ready to let go of your anger and shame once and for all.
  • Ready to take action and create a life of your dreams.

Meet Shaunna Lee

Shaunna Lee is an author in various genres with So You’re Divorced, So What as her debut self-improvement book. She is also a life coach for divorced women who creates digital content in the self-help space. She currently lives in Round Rock, Texas with her only son and youngest daughter after successfully launching two daughters into adulthood. She writes about parenting, positive mindset, and provides inspiration for living your best life despite your relationship status on her blog.

You can find out more about Shaunna and sign up for her newsletter at shaunnalee.com.

A Manhood Doctrine:A Survival Guide Versus Societal Shifts & Ideological Subversion


In 1963, The Feminine Mystique was published. The second wave of Feminist goals followed from its publication.

A Manhood Doctrine discusses the origins, results, and ongoing malaise facing not only the United States, but also the majority of the Western world. The author presents the issue in three parts: societal radicalization, family history, and individual responsibility and action.

From the family story of a left-leaning son, of a single mom, to facing the future individually, the author provides a theory of self-development approach and insights from forty plus years of “failures” and more recent improvements. Derived out of Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid, the keystone habits of health and energy form the foundation and supports one’s trek to growth. Career, knowledge, finance, relationships, and legacy lead to a path of self-fulfillment. This is meant to thwart the ideological pushes of the 21st century. Men must weigh out their future interactions in a different light and assess risks therein.

Mr. Powers provides the links to the history, his intimate path trekked, for good and ill, and a better way ahead as surmised in a Self-Fulfillment model.

A Manhood Doctrine does not speak for all men. But it hopes to dent the psyche of those that wonder why this reality is not as expected from the years of social conditioning. It serves up data to buttress the argument against much of what has been taught and a way out to a better you.

Mr. Powers holds an MBA from Valparaiso University and an Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University. He lives in West Lafayette, Indiana.

No Fences in Alaska (Bargain Book $0.99)


Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award – Young Adult Social Issues
“A love letter to family relationships and Alaskan life, No Fences in Alaska is a gratifying young adult novel.” -Foreword Reviews

“All told, readers will find No Fences in Alaska impossible to put down.” -BlueInk Starred Review 

“Gorgeously written… dazzling… masterful!” -Authors Reading 

Their worlds are about to come crashing down…

At sixteen years old, Harper Lyon’s life is spinning out of control. She threatens her parents with suicide unless she can meet her drug-dealing boyfriend, a college student who doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Cooper Lyons, her estranged grandfather, lives in rural Alaska with only his dog and cat for company. He has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and he doesn’t plan on letting the disease run its course. Harper needs to escape her parents and decide what to do about the baby. She and her grandpa are worlds apart, but they may be exactly what the other needs. When Harper calls her grandfather, he welcomes the opportunity to help her and redeem his previous failure with his daughter Heather, who died from a drug overdose years ago.

Can they save each other?