Kay-9 The Robot Dog

Ryan is lonely. He’s an only child and his dad is away serving in the military. He can’t have pets and all he wants is a dog. So he decides to make one

Meet J.M. Gulmire

J.M. is a kid at heart and private educator with a house full of critters and elves. Also a screenwriter and claymation animator, Gulmire is the Amazon Bestselling author of “Kay-9 The Robot Dog,” and “A Vacuum for My Birthday.”

Puppy Prankmaster

A laugh-out-loud story about the Puppy PrankMaster, Nix. A comical book that all dog lovers will enjoy, especially if they wish their pets could talk and play silly pranks! An early reader chapter book for children aged 5-8, grades 1-3. Aran’s long-awaited wish finally comes true, when his puppy, Nix arrives. But soon he realizes Nix loves to play pranks. Find out what crazy adventures Aran ends up taking because of the pranks that Nix loves to play. EXCERPTS from the book … They are pretending to play drums with spoons, pots, and pans! “What’s happening in the middle of the night?” Aran screams. “We wanted to play you a lullaby!” Do you like silly pranks filled with humour? Read along to enjoy the tricks and playfulness of Nix, the talking puppy!

Meet Arushi Bhattacharjee

Arushi started writing her first book when she was five years old. Her book “T-Rex Trouble” is a 1st Place “Firebird Book Award Winner”! Arushi was inspired by her older sister, Anushka, a child author herself. Both girls are avid readers, so it’s no surprise that they’re so excited about writing books! Canadian winters bring some of Arushi’s favorite adventures: Decorating Christmas trees, building snowmen, and going tobogganing with her sister. Arushi also loves taking ballet lessons and has become a great fan of dance and music! The author sisters are very active in their community. They donate part of their proceeds to charitable organizations like the “Durham Children’s Aid Association”.

Jackson the Space Dog Issue #1 of an ongoing adventure series.

Jackson the Space Dog is a quirky, and ridiculous mix of talking animals, strange worlds and ridiculous circumstances that would best be described as, “What?!” Jackson the Space Dog is heavily inspired by comedy movies of the 80’s like Airplane, The Naked Gun, or Young Frankenstein. Jackson the Space Dog is a talking dog who travels the cosmos in his spaceship shaped like an electric guitar. He travels to different worlds and sometimes battles vacuu-bots (evil vacuum cleaners) sent from his arch nemesis, Appendix. Jackson is accompanied on his adventures by his ship mates who include: Kevin, a dolphin from the planet Kevin who only says, “Hey” or “The Building!” Matt, a yellow bunny that Jackson always mistakenly refers to as Skippy. And Nichelle, a penguin named after the great Nichelle Nichols. Jackson also jams with The Barking Spiders who hail from the eighth dimension and comprise his back up band. He has recorded a full album of 18 songs including titles like, “Guess What? Chicken Butt,” “The Earth is Round,” and “How Many Times Do You Fart in a Year?” Some of these songs can be heard on Jacksons Youtube channel “Jackson Animation.” Jackson also has a line of action figures for the character Admiral Potato available at any grocery store.

Meet Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is brand new to creating graphic novels. He has been creating 3D animation for two Youtube channels “Mr. Griffin’s Math World” and “Jackson Animation” for several years now. Both channels feature Jackson the Space Dog, a talking dog who lives on a spaceship shaped like an electric guitar. Currently Peter Griffin teaches 8th grade math and records rock music that is performed by Jackson the Space Dog.

The Adventures of Mat Rufs: Mexican ‘Jewel’

Voted ‘Fiction Book of the Year’ by Corporate Live Wire!

Mat Rufs loves to hop on a plane and travel to a destination—by himself and on the spur of the moment—to explore and immerse.

This time he is lost in a Mexican cave, near the Volcán de Colima, and finds himself amid a heart-racing thriller with a historical twist and an international scope that will keep you up at night.

This book is about travel, adventure, unexpected turns, ancient customs, intuitive decisions, pandemics, international business, and life as it happens!

So are you ready for a thought-provoking adventurous journey?

Then grab your copy of The Adventures of Mat Rufs, and hop on and join the ride!

Meet A. Liachenko

Anna Liachenko is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and author of The Adventures of Mat Rufs series which has won the Fiction Book of the Year award from the Corporate Live Wire. Alongside her writing, Anna leads Montreal-based marketing agency ZZINC health marketing inc. as its Chief Executive Officer. She is also a real estate investor, a mother of two wonderful boys, and an enthusiastic world traveler, having explored more than 30 countries with her partner, alone or with her family.