Dumb Dog

While strolling down the block, stray cat Zoe smells blood on a backyard fence. Within moments, a mangy pup named Rex is begging to join her on the streets. A cat babysitting a dog? Preposterous. As Zoe tries to shoo him away, she realizes that there may be a more unsettling reason why Rex doesn’t wish to stay home.

Meet A. J. Agreste

A. J. Agreste is an accounting major, animal lover, and author. She has been writing stories since she was in elementary school. She’s written stories for her little sister to read or to present during show-and-tell. She’s always been drawn to the supernatural. Fantasy and Science Fiction are capable of transporting you to a different world or bringing the unreal to ours. But she also has an affinity for the here and now. Tackling the modern-day challenges we face every day is the backbone of contemporary fiction. She hopes to succeed in immersing her readers in both worlds.