Time of the Dragon Complete Series Boxed Set

Earth is dying, and humanity is unaware.

The last of the dragons have charged themselves with protecting the planet. They’ve enlisted the help of other magical creatures to aid them, but not everyone follows the rules. Kelsey is living her life oblivious to the magic around her, no different from any other human in the world. A chance encounter changes her whole world.

Can Kelsey help the dragons save the world? Grab this complete series boxed set to find out!

What do you do when you know the world is ending?

Earth is dying, and humanity is unaware.

The last of the dragons have charged themselves with protecting the planet. They’ve enlisted the help of other magical creatures to aid them, but not everyone follows the rules.

Some have a code of their own.

One of the last dragons born on Earth, Grey isn’t happy with his life.

None of the dragons believe that the world can be saved, so why not go out with a bang?

Kelsey is living her life oblivious to the magic around her, no different from any other human in the world.

A chance encounter changes her whole world.

Kelsey sees something more in Grey, but can she adapt to this new world? Does she have what it takes to survive a danger she shouldn’t know exists?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dragon’s Code
  2. Dragon’s Inquisition
  3. Dragon’s Redemption
  4. Dragon’s Revolt
  5. Dragon’s Summit
  6. Dragon’s Reckoning
  7. Dragon’s Exodus
  8. Dragon’s Extinction
  9. Dragon’s Time

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Light My Pyre

EVERWOOD FALLS… a small supernatural community tucked up in the Colorado Rockies where witches, werewolves and vampires can live without fear of discovery, and those with curses they can’t control are sent to keep the existence of magic from being revealed to Mundanes. As a prince of the fae High Court, Asher Heath has always been caught between two worlds—the kingdom of faerie where his fire magic is unparalleled and the human realm where he works as a firefighter. But two months ago, he lost control of a blaze his fae magic was supposed to contain, with tragic results. With his magic poisoned by a demon curse, he can’t risk getting close to anyone… including Gwyn, the fierce and beautiful dragon shifter he encounters out in a thunderstorm in the woods. But trouble has followed Asher to Everwood Falls. An arsonist is setting fires around town using demon magic to possess their victims—and their targets get bigger every time. Gwyneth Drake doesn’t need a prince to save her. She shifts into a twenty-foot fire-breathing dragon who can fight her own battles. A fierce advocate for the dragon community, she was forced into hiding when an ex tried to sear her dragon from the skies. Now dragon blood has been found at one of the arson sites and she and Asher will have to work together to stop the arsonist before they strike again. Someone from Gwyn’s past may have followed her to Everwood Falls, and they’re too close to the case for comfort… With a herd of enchanted elk, carnivorous spruce trees, and sentient pumpkins that stalk the local landscaping, Everwood Falls is a quirky mountain town where scales and fur mean found family.

Meet Kat Kinney

Author Kat Kinney lives with her family and three extremely pampered guinea pigs who do not like werewolves, vampires, or dragons and wonder why their human insists on writing about things that like to eat them. When she isn’t writing about things that bite and howl, Kat can be found knitting crazy socks and plotting out future books!

Dragon Apparent Complete Series Boxed Set

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardian missing and strange events happening wherever she goes, she is forced to confront the truth and accept her true nature.

Will she become what she needs to be?

Hunted and adjusting to a new reality, can Scarlet find her friend and companion? Or will she be too late to save him?

Grab this complete 9-book boxed set to find out!

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dragon Missing
  2. Dragon Seeking
  3. Dragon Revealed
  4. Dragon Rising
  5. Dragon Defying
  6. Dragon Crowned
  7. Dragon Defending
  8. Dragon Unveiling
  9. Dragon Transcended

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The Chronicles of Caelum: Book 1 Whispers of Destiny

In a world shattered by dissonance, where music once bound realms in harmony, a young woman named Anya awakens to a melody of discord. Gifted with the Aethersong, the power to weave the world’s music, she embarks on a perilous journey to mend the fractured note that plunged Caelum into chaos. Guided by whispers of the wind and echoes of fallen heroes, Anya confronts corrupted guardians, navigates treacherous landscapes, and unravels the mysteries of the Sundering. With each harmony restored, she unravels the secrets of the Aethers, a celestial race who held the world’s balance. But forgiveness and unity face their greatest challenge in the Shadowmaster, a fallen Aethers consumed by rage, who seeks to drown Caelum in an eternal symphony of discord. Will Anya’s song, woven from empathy and the echoes of a fractured past, be enough to restore harmony? Join her on a thrilling adventure through soaring towers, sun-drenched ruins, and frozen wastelands, where the fate of Caelum rests on the melody of a single heart. This book, the first in the Chronicles of Caelum series, is a story of music, nature, and the power of unity against overwhelming odds. It invites you to explore a world where every note resonates with meaning, and every victory sings a song of hope.

Meet Celia H

My name is Celia and I am a published author mainly focusing on my young adult Fantasy readers. I am a lover of all genres but fantasy pulls at my heart and mind more than any other.

The Journeyer and the Pilgrimage for the Origin of Magic

“The Journeyer and the Pilgrimage for the Origin of Magic” chronicles the adventures of Gai Laguna and his trusty dragon ally, Gimchi. Their mission, given by their sensei, is no less than to find the origin of magic itself, a force potent enough to combat the destructive power of Nae, who has torn a void in the sky. Their path is guided by ancient bonfire stories that lead them towards primordial essences of extreme magical potency. However, gathering these essences is not without peril or ethical quandaries. Through their struggles and triumphs, Gai learns to embody the purpose and meaning of each essence.

Throughout their journey, they commune with the spirits of fallen champions in the hero’s graveyard, discover magical weapons that sprout from the earth, and converse with deities that can raise entire cities into the air. Meanwhile, their world teeters on the brink of oblivion as Nae’s sky void devours more of Arkadia’s history and people. Can Gai and Gimchi harness the origin of magic in time to save their world from an apocalyptic fate? Embark on this journey of courage, wisdom, and magical discovery to find out.

Meet Benjamin T. Dudley

Born in 1982, Benjamin T. Dudley is a North Carolina native with a rich academic background, holding degrees in Economics, Philosophy, and Composition, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing. Now residing in Tianjin, China, he leverages his diverse knowledge and global experiences to inform his storytelling. Currently, he imparts his writing expertise to students at Hebei University through its partnership with the University of Arizona, while also engaging in travel-blogging. His life’s journeys, both literal and academic, shine through his writing, creating rich, immersive narratives.

Forged In Dragons’ Breath

In a world scarred by the aftermath of the Purging Wars, the struggle for control over the Territories rages on.

Little is known about the enigmatic dragons, once companions to mankind. But within the depths of history lies the key to ultimate power—a lost artifact that can heal the world or corrupt the one who possesses it.

For millennia, the Orb of Power has passed through the hands of countless men, its influence shaping destinies. Legends speak of its mythical companion, the Scepter of Might, whispered to be joined with the Orb only once in the annals of time.

Through the ages, the Scepter has remained hidden, reduced to mere legend… until now.

When Kheldour stumbles upon the elusive Scepter, he unknowingly becomes a target for the last Orbwielder, a man lustful for power and dominance. Arlent seeks to claim the ancient relics for himself and wield them for dominion over all the Territories. Holding something dear to Kheldour, he sends the warrior on a quest for the Scepter as ransom.

Kheldour and his wife Maryna must unite the Orb and Scepter in a desperate race against time, but Maryna holds her own secrets. The first to claim the ancient relics will determine the destiny of both men and dragons.

Will Kheldour and Maryna triumph over the forces that seek to destroy them, or will their quest for redemption be their undoing?

Meet Michael Lomonte

Michael Lomonte has been a writer for as long as he can remember. Forged in Dragons’ Breath is the “rst novel he has completed for publication. Inspired by having edited a friend’s science “ction novels and given encouragement by his wife and several friends, he “nally put in the work to complete this book, where earlier works were left incomplete. In the interim, several short stories and numerous poems made up his work.
He resides in Hollis, New Hampshire with his wife, Bridgette Baker and their cat. He is thankful every day for his three children, Shiraz, Amber and Alex, who have grown up to be excellent adults. When he is not writing, he enjoys concerts, cornhole, craft beers and the company of his friends and family.
Feedback and correspondencen can be sent to- [email protected].

Windcatcher – Book I of the Stone War Chronicles

Unable to fly and with their enemies closing in, the newly-hatched Galirras will have to put his trust in Raylan and his friends as they desperately search for a safe way home. But will they make it? After all, the Stone King is ruthless and he wants his dragon…

Meet A.J. Norfield

A.J. Norfield lives with his loving family on land but below sea level. He tries not to worry too much about climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps. His wife and two rascals of children keep him engaged and grounded in life while he pursues goals of publishing a story that has been stuck in his head for years. As a longtime forest and mountain enthusiast, he often wonders about his flat surroundings and how to escape them. In his free time, if available at all, he enjoys a wide variety of gaming, reading/writing, drawing and socializing. His interest in (dragon-fantasy) novels has followed him throughout his life ever since he was young enough to read. It was this interest–with a number of broken nights thanks to his daughter’s sleeping schedule–that eventually lead to his current undertaking to write his own dragon-fantasy series ‘The Stone War Chronicles’ and put it out into the world.

The Shadow’s Dragon

A cozy tavern on the edge of the empire holds a deadly secret. When Treylen’s mentor died, and his bonded dragon failed to grow like the others, he feared he’d be stuck forever at the mountain abbey where the queen’s assassins train. Fate has other plans for him. A message arrives ordering him and his dragon, Rime, on a dangerous mission to kill the glyph scribe who is enchanting weapons for the enemy army. Infiltrating the enemy city requires a mastery of disguise, deception, and interrogation. Treylen must learn these skills quickly from his new spymaster if he hopes to locate his target. But the comforts of the Dragon’s Hide Inn make it a favorite watering hole of enemy rangers and a deadly training ground. All his training may not be enough to stop the wizard intent on destroying everything Treylen cares about. The Dragon’s Hide is the start of an exciting new fantasy series!

Meet Dustin Porta and D.K. Holmberg

Dustin Porta is a writer, editor and artist. Born in rural Pennsylvania, he landed on the Gulf Coast when his boat broke down in Fairhope Alabama. There he lived in a marina and sold art from Pensacola to New Orleans, while writing science fiction and poetry. After that he lived in the Florida Keys and wrote nautical fantasy. Now he’s in the snowy north and the writing has never been better.

Dragons in the Dungeon

Goats have proven the grass is greener on the other side of the fence even if it is barren ground and they stand in lush pasture. Humans have a similar mentality. So, it is no surprise when Ryan McCormac, long-time player of Mediaeval Dungeon Adventures, stumbles upon a spell that transports him into a campaign that he believes life will be better.

Any guesses on how it turns out? You’re right. He discovers life is no better in the fantasy realm. Sure, the ex-girlfriend isn’t there, but neither are the friends he gamed with every Friday night. He quickly learns the world is horrible. Every day he fears for his life. The people are soulless, the landscape is colourless and the magic is nowhere to be found. The only way home is to find another like him and sacrifice them.

After five years, he’s finally found someone from his world. Now he just has to get her to the wizard who can perform the spell. Simple right? Except she’s a gatherer and before he reaches the wizard, she’s gathered several friends who plan to save her.

If you played Dungeons and Dragons in the 1980s, you’ve got this. You know the feeling of joining friends on a quest, choosing your race, be it dwarf or elf, your profession, possibly fighter or thief, gathering your gear and exploring endless dungeons. This story is a tribute to those days when life was good, music was better and days were endless.

Interested in learning more about Diane McGyver and the books she writes? Check out her website: dianelynnmcgyver.com. Or follow her on Twitter: @Dragons_Novel.

Meet Diane McGyver

Lady Diane McGyver fell in love with the fantasy genre when at the age of 13, an awesome Dungeon Master introduced her to Dungeons & Dragons. From there, she landed in the world created by Terry Brooks and then the ones by Mercedes Lackey. By the age of 16, she was truly lost to other realms and dreamt of one day living in one or two.

Her future goals are to write fantasy stories in a peel tower near the Atlantic Ocean where she’ll raise chickens, vegetables and Trouble.

Of Cinder and Bone

After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extinction. That is, until Dr. Rhett “Jack” Jackson and Dr. Kamala Anjali cracked the code to bring them back. Through their research at MIT, they resurrected the first dragon anyone has seen alive since the 15th century. There’s just one problem. Someone stole it. Caught between two ruthless yakuza clans who want to clone the dragon, Jack and Kamala brave the dangerous streets of Tokyo to steal their dragon back in a race against time before the world is taken over by mutated, bloodthirsty monsters that will raze it to ashes.

Meet Kyoko M

Kyoko M is a USA Today bestselling author and a fangirl. She is the author of The Black Parade urban fantasy series and the Of Cinder and Bone science-fiction series. The Black Parade has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews. Of Cinder and Bone placed in the Top 30 Books in Hugh Howey’s 2021 Self Published Science Fiction Contest. Kyoko M has appeared as a guest and panelist at such conventions as Geek Girl Con, DragonCon, Blacktasticon, Momocon, JordanCon, ConCarolinas, and MultiverseCon. She is also a contributor to Marvel Comics’ Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda (2021) anthology. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Lit degree from the University of Georgia.