Side Hustle 101: 100+ Ideas on How to Realistically Make Six Figures with Part-Time Gigs

In this comprehensive book, you will learn everything you need to know step by step on how to earn 6 figures part-time with side hustles. The key areas this book will cover will include choosing different side hustles, how to find passive income opportunities, and how to grow and expand your side hustle business. This book will teach you how you can take random things like a spare closet and rent it out for an easy passive income of over $500 a month plus many other similar things you never thought of. In addition, learn how to take an existing skill to make $10,000 a month or how to buy and sell things for large profits. Learn from the top Side Hustle & Career expert, Steven Mostyn, CEO of Career Agents. For over 25 years as a consultant, career coach, serial entrepreneur, and side hustler Steven Mostyn has successfully built many businesses and has coached many people on how also to build a successful side hustle business of their own. Steven has his MBA from Centenary University and is a 5-time best-selling author. In addition, he has written for Forbes, Fast Company,,, and many other forms of media.

Meet Steven Mostyn

Steven Mostyn, MBA, is a 5-time bestselling author. He has written Eleven books and over 100 articles for leading sites such as Forbes,, Fast Money, Paradise Media,, and other forms of media. For over 25 Years, Steven Mostyn has built a global reputation as a serial entrepreneur, career coach, and owner of multiple consulting companies, including Alpha Recruitment, LP Writers, ML Consulting, Super Star Resume, Career Agents, and Career Boost Group. Steve earned a bachelor’s degree from York University and an MBA with a focus in HR from Centenary University.